Friday, July 27, 2001 @ 06:35 p.m.
# 1 Himejima Masao
# 2 Nakao Senri
# 3 Nakatsu Shuuichi
# 4 Akiha Hara
# 5 Yuujirou
# 6 Ashiya Mizuki
# 7 Kayashima Taiki
# 8 Nanba Minami
# 9 Sano Izumi
# 10 Umeda Hokuto

Ohhh bane of my existence....I am HIGHLY dissatisfied with the results of this test the link of which was taken from Emi's blog. ;___; Will blog more soon; just got back from another manga renting trip. **^___^**
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Wednesday, July 25, 2001 @ 06:30 p.m.
As you all have no doubt heard of the *coughs loudly* madness the three of us had cooked up yesterday, from Tin-neesan's's the unedited uncensored full-blown version:
Never in my life have I been subjected to such--scary ole fangirlish fun. With Anna running the show (and dangling the bishounen by the skin of their--fundoshi) and the rest of us horrified and--well, enjoying it. A lot. ^^;; Geez we even had Nakago's pants down to his knees---! o.O;; So! Uh, click at your own risk eh? Ehehe. ^^;;;;
Urk, got tuition tomorrow. Was supposed to prioritise my on my homework...haven't done both...urk. X.x;
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Monday, July 23, 2001 @ 12:29 p.m.
Haahaa! Toshi, I was laughing as I read your entry!! You are SO right! o.O;; We really do sound like a product! XDXD;; I didn't see "the preferred choice" thing though...where was it? It does make us sound like cake huh... "Angie's the preferred choice." XDXD!! I guess we are used to different principals though...cos I thought Winnie Tan was scary (though extremely dedicated) and I really don't mind Mrs Lee. She's okay, really. As good as principals come anyway.
AAHHH! What a beautiful abstract-ish layout. *_* And I sure know what it's like to have spent hours at the pc, Vee. XD;; The whole woozy "ugh, I'm gonna trip on my toes as I get up" wave of nausea routine... o.O;;
Angie is coming over later to study for the two tests we have tomorrow...oh woe is me. It'll be fun, though I think it's highly improbable we'll actually get much done. XD; And I really should archive shouldn't I...? It's just, I'm so lazy to even touch Photoshop, and I'll have to make one of those arrow thingys... *rolls eyes* Look at the quivering blob of procrastination I am, yeah.
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Sunday, July 22, 2001 @ 03:56 p.m.
Toshi, I know you didn't mean anything by that entry, but it kind of made me mad. You don't have to pity us really, we're doing great. Yeah, I suppose it's only natural for us to feel proud of what we've achieved, and hope to achieve, but surely we haven't proclaimed our autonomy as much as you claim, I mean, XingHua (was it?) had banners outside their school too...I really don't see anything wrong with being proud of finally being recognized by the government as a good school. You, as an ex-PL-lite of all things, should understand that.
Yeah, now don't I just sound the ultimate hypocrite, defending my school when all I've been doing lately is complaining about homework and school. ^_^;
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Sunday, July 22, 2001 @ 03:17 p.m. sudden manga overload yesterday was great! I haven't spent hours in my room on my bed, just reading and reading volumes on end since a looong time. ;_; Hanakimi 10 was soooo was sooo satisfying! Volume 9 wasn't really much, and there wasn't a lot of action in there if you know what I mean, but number 10 was just great. Will have to write up a summary and work on more translations for READ.
The 7 volumed series was fantastic! o.O;; It was so romantic, the typical shoujo manga! XD;; It's about this girl who falls for the "hua hua gong zi" (most popular flirt, or "flowery prince" when translated literally XD) of the school, and they eventually get together. It seems that both of them are pretty popular in school though, so there are a lot of third parties turning up left and right. It's great though, so much good ole WAFF and sap. XD;
And GALS! 4 was sooo much fun to read! GALS! has got to be one of the most enjoyable shoujo mangas I've ever come's so full of humour and pretty fashion (*_*) and it never gets old, the plot never seems to fade or dry out. I can't wait for number 5 to come out.
I wonder if Angie can come over tonight to watch "Meteor Garden" the LA series with me? :D I really hope so, I'll have to call her. We've both been obsessing over the series lately, and she's been lamenting about her father ending their cable subscription so much...she hasn't even seen an episode!
Yea well...and tomorrow's a holiday! Woa, you have no idea how happy this makes me. I think I'll go stop by the manga store again, I can't believe how fast I digest all the manga I rent! o.O;
*glowers threateningly at neesan for not seeing the doc sooner* Neesan, please for gawds sakes take care of yourself! ;___;
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Saturday, July 21, 2001 @ 05:32 p.m.
*____* I picked up Hanakimi 10 today! o.O; Wow, you cannot imagine how ecstatic I was...! I was just wondering when number 10 would come out when it did! I also rented GALS! 4 and a 7 volume series which the owner recommended. XD
More later, I hafta get back to reading. :D
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Saturday, July 21, 2001 @ 10:59 a.m.
Blogging from school again...just completed the 5 items (that's standing broad jump, inclined flex pull up(?), shuttle run, situps and sit and reach. =_=;;) and WOWWIE, I passed! o.O;; What a surprise that is. XD;
Yeah, so I'm hot and sweaty, wearing my stinky PE shirt (i'm gonna change soon! really!) and alone in the class, waiting for Angie's CCA (compulsory curricular activity I think, she plays the Guzheng--a Chinese stringed instrument) session to finish, so we can make my trip to the manga store!! GALS! 4 is out, and so's GMC7!!! *___* Ugh, and for anyone who's wondering where the GMC translations went, my renting deadline was reached and I had to return it. I might borrow it again though, or even purchase it.
I'm so glad I made you smile, Joey! ^_^v I was feeling odd and wistful when I wrote that entry but I'm glad I got it out of my system. It's been roiling around in there for months I think. ;_; Yeah and I'll support you all the way with Jonathan the service desk guy! *waves banner*
Random happy thought: This is one of the rare periods in my life I feel there's more to life than what it is. I'm feeling so fulfilled right now, even school and tuition homework can't dampen things. I mean I have a wonderful rl bestfriend who I love beyond words and whom I can relate to more than even myself, I have online friends who I love very much as well and enjoy talking to all the time, I have family who dote on me and give me $$ and nag and nag (but that's what family do), I have things to keep busy with and hobbies I enjoy...I love writing and I have a vague original fiction idea stewing in my head right now, I have my ambitions and dreams which I don't necessarily have to stick by but still love pondering and fantasizing about, a trip to the local manga store to look forward to, so many things I have...OH BEAUTIFUL WORLD~! *___*
Sorry, this overly sugary sweet happy genki I-love-the-world-because-it-loves-me phase will pass. Yea, believe me, it will. -_-;

But what if I'm a mermaid...
in these jeans of his with
her name still on it
hey but I don't care
cos sometimes, I said sometimes
I hear my voice and it's been
silent all these years
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Friday, July 20, 2001 @ 08:16 p.m.
Wow, that has got to be the most sugary kawaii blog layout I've seen all week. *_* Purty purty job, Selene!
Toshi, I don't really harbour hopes of being able to benefit very much from the autonomous (dammit, am I spelling it wrong!? I'm such a stickler for correct spelling. ><;) status because it seems the plans the staff have are more long-term and would take something like years to achieve. Things like a move to a different place, electronic card automated locking system (or some such thing), lots of other things that sound fantastic for the school, but not much else that would directly affect us. ;_; Oh no matter, I still am glad about it. Who knows, maybe we'll finally get lockers. *_*
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Friday, July 20, 2001 @ 07:26 p.m.
Haahaaa!! XD;; I had SO much fun today!
I went to Rivervale Mall with Angie today, and bought myself a $30 Bico chain to replace the one I'd lost... *_* We spent quite a bit of time there, browsing through the manga store...I saw a Nobuhiro Watsuki Autobiography! o.O; Would've bought it if I wasn't so sure I wouldn't be able to understand a single mandarin really does suck...!
After that, as we left, the sky was awfully grey. o.O; Before we could make for the bus stop, a huge thunderstorm befell was kinda freaky, it's been so long since I got caught in a storm so big. Well, we made it to the bus stop on time, but it was a real trial waiting for the bus. =_=;; It took ages...we were drenched by then. We had lots of fun giggling over these two tiny boys struggling in vain to share an umbrella and keep it from blowing off. XD;;
I decided to drop by Angie's house to shower and change, and the dash from the bus stop to her house was just hilarious! The wind played havoc with our skirts and we just couldn't stop laughing, it was so much fun to get stuck in the rain. XDD;; Our stomachs ached for ages.
I had sooo much fun...I played with Gambit again, and kept beating Angie (HAH!) but when I tried Magneto, I nearly lost to Phoenix...Gambit's my only lucky trump card! :33;; And after that, Angie saw me to the bus stop and we talked for a loong time about parents and how they could piss us off so easily, and all the trials and tribulations they out us through...I must've skipped boarding about 10 buses...! XD; Ah well, one may delight in simple pleasures. XD;
Well, the news that our school's been awarded autonomy was really good to means, that the government has recognized our school and we'll have a helluva lot more financial resources now...about $300 a student. *_* This is the second time we tried for it, and it would've been really embarrassing had we not made it. Ah well. Well, to celebrate, the school had us wear these awful yellow shirts over our uniforms, the back of which was splayed the message in bright red: "PL has turned autonomous! To God be the Glory!" Ahhh, yeah. -_-; We felt like walking advert banners or something...!
Ah yes, and can anyone tell me what this message means, I just received about 4 copies of it in the mail...the only word that's familiar is "gracias" :

Hola como estas ? Te mando este archivo para que me des tu punto de vista. Nos vemos pronto, gracias.

It's probably a virus innit...there was an attachment that came with it. >_<; What a great day I had nonetheless, but I have a social studies test tomorrow, as well as the dreaded NAPFA!! Auuugh!! X.x;; (It's a test of your physical fitness.) Yay yay, it's been so long since I felt really genki. *beams*
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Thursday, July 19, 2001 @ 09:39 p.m. in one of my very rare spontaneous blogging moods. ^_^
I've been on aim quite a bit these few days now, and suddenly it seems like a lot of people are suffering from that ailment called love. XD; Not really love...lack of it? Problems with it?
Why? I, having no experience with this in the least, can't really say...but it sure does make me wonder. I'm a sentimental person by nature, and I like to ponder things like that a lot. ^_^; Loneliness, angst...all these things that stem from love or the lack of it...they're all actually really interesting to observe...
Ugh, I'm starting to sound like some freakish sadist. o.O; That didn't come out the way I wanted it...more like, it's one of those times you just sit down and start thinking about what life would be like if you had a better half... XD; Naw, I'm not grieving my singlehood in the least...well, maybe just a bit. ^^;
I mean, there are so many songs about many books, so many recorded experiences of it...and yet one can't help but wonder if they were true and if so, how wondrous it would be! And then there's always the yearning to experience it firsthand...
Hah, I'm starting to sound like an old person left on the shelf. I'd better stop now, I felt strangely odd today. Wordy. ^_^
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Thursday, July 19, 2001 @ 05:42 p.m.
Gehehe!!! XDDD;; My teacher called up a while ago to cancel the tuition session cos it seems her mother-in-law didn't turn up to take care of her newborn baby. (Which is the reason why I haven't had tuition in 7 weeks ^_^) I'm downloading Tori Amos mp3s like crazy and am astounded by her intensely beautiful voice. Her songs are so full of emotion...!
I'm also downloading fonts from here and here, as well as those listed here. *_* Font heaven I tellya!
I've also made a solemn promise to myself to finish up those damned test papers before my next tuition session. Hah, I'm not all that weak after all...I can manage my time as well as the next person, and I will too! ^_^;;
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Thursday, July 19, 2001 @ 12:43 p.m.
*claws for air* Okay, I've finally done enough questions to at least satisfy my teacher, along with the explanation that I don't know how to do most of it (which is true...). Well! Wish me luck, I'm usually good at acting the confused and stupid part, but one can never tell when around someone who's so nice she makes you guilty about almost everything... O_<;
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Thursday, July 19, 2001 @ 10:32 a.m.
Oh yeah, and Onnatachi's new layout is up...featuring Umeda of Hanakimi no less...Anna will be pleased. *nods knowingly* XD;;
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Thursday, July 19, 2001 @ 10:24 a.m.
Ugh, sorry, we had database problems and some people couldn't add entries for the past few hours. Fixed now, sorry about that!!

Damn right! ;__; I was a victim of that...about 3 of my entries were eaten...! Ahhh, I was mainly ranting about my tuition teacher and how she was such a lovely person I felt obliged/compelled to complete all the 8 test papers she gave me before the holiday, by today, when she arrives at 2.30pm. T__T Right now I have completed about 5, and will try to make up some lousy excuse for the last three...urk, you can't imagine how much I dread this.
Nice people compel me to be nice you know...? =/ Gah, I feel so sick, having spent the last three hours immersed in surds and logarithms and graphs and all those things...I can't even talk coherently now...
I did get Imadoki 2 yesterday though, so that cheered me up...ugh, but I don't want to leave the pc now, I'll just have to return to the dark black hole that is my room and the complexities of those awful question papers...oh yeah, and don't forget the guilt that comes with telling a lovely tuition teacher that you haven't completed the work she gave you oh, about 7 weeks ago... =_=;;
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Monday, July 16, 2001 @ 07:01 p.m.
Blah, just made it back from "Final Fantasy" the movie. O_<; It was awful, what a crappy movie. The animation and effects were amazing though, and sometimes you just couldn't be sure if it really was reality or computer generated. That was probably the only good point of it. Ugh, if you like mindblowing effects and things along those lines, it's highly recommended. Otherwise, blah. Little plot, many people died off like flies, little room for character development among all that scienctific lingo...kinda reminiscent of X The Movie innit? =/
Well, I have to go...looks like the Onnatachi layout will have to wait till tomorrow...a bloody Chem test to prepare for, the Physics file to complete and update, and some Social Studied mindmap thing...ugh.
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Saturday, July 14, 2001 @ 12:17 p.m.
Great, I finally updated my links list. It just grows and grows doesn't it? ^_^;; You wouldn't believe how many people have changed urls... =/
Whee! I got to talk to Phil last night. ^_^v It was great, especially when he let me leech "No Aphrodisiac" by The Whitlams from him. *beams* Kudos, Phil!
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Friday, July 13, 2001 @ 04:36 p.m.
YAY!! I FINALLY got to see the well-acclaimed (in blogs and newspapers) Moulin Rouge, and I must say, it wasn't really what I'd expected. It was better than what I'd thought though, and it made me cry. But all movies make me cry, so that doesn't really count for much. *laughs* Ewan McGregor is a much better actor than I'd thought. *looks surprised* And Toshi and Ceres are right about the wonderful music. I don't think I'd get the soundtrack though, the music is great and fits the atmosphere wonderfully, but it's not my type. =/
KYA! Emichan is back!! O_O;; For how long I don't know, but I haven't checked her blog in quite a while now...I haven't been blog-hopping much these days. I've derived many a pleasant time reading about and going "ooh! ahh!" at all the manga splurges you make, Emi. ^_^v Welcome back, even though I'm *koff* really late.
Flipper, I think the layout looks just fine, and no one should try to convince you otherwise or nag you to change it. o.O; I mean, the least important thing about blogs is their layouts and...well, I'm starting to think a lot of people are forgetting that. Who am I to talk though. =_=;; Either way, the layout is great!! *reassuring pat* ^_^; I've always liked your techie blue/grey layout style.
And life is suddenly not so grey after all! Yaha! XD;
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Thursday, July 12, 2001 @ 05:13 p.m.
Mm, the blogging community (or at least the one I'm acquainted with) has suddenly gone very quiet. =/ Not boring, just quiet. Really. Think about it. *frowns*
Gah, I got a haircut yesterday. It was about time, I was starting to resemble that bumbling dude in Scooby-doo. =_=; Yeah, the one who always pairs up with Scooby and doesn't seem to have any luck with girls. *sighs* Now it's short, cropped, depleted, diminished...whatever you wanta call it. *bawls* If our bloody school weren't so fucking uptight, hairdressers wouldn't have an even minuscule chance of coming anywhere near me and screwing with my already BAD HAIR KARMA!!!
Yes, bad hair. It always happens, every single fucking time I gather the courage and hope to step into yet another salon. Only to have my hopes dashed, my courage sneezed at. I swear, hairdressers must LOVE to watch the varying expressions of mute horror and "oh" cringes each time a lock is snipped off.
Numerous friends have taken the liberty of smiling and exclaiming "ugly? No way, pretty as ever" and even go so far as to beam down upon me and proclaim it as "cute." CUTE! Yeah, I appreciate it all, but they're my friends, they're supposed to be supportive and encouraging and all that crap...
Nrargh. *cuts back the flow of nasty curse words which has sprung up like a fountain since yesterday*
Well, I'm being quite the entrepreuneur (sp?) at school, and selling several of my old CDs. N SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Sugar Ray, Offspring, Wet Wet Wet, etc. Yes, laugh if you will. I know, some (if not all) of those mentioned are...pukeworthy. They're going dirt cheap at $4 for albums (original too!) and $2 for singles and the pirated versions, which aren't many since they suck.
But dont knock it just yet. I'm made enough money (or will make enough, since the orders are rolling in) to buy at least 2 to 3 CDs. ^___^v I finally bought REM's "Reveal" today, and can hopefully scrape together enough for more this Saturday, when I make a visit to Suntec City to check out the HYD wallscroll Candice's been talking about. ^_^
Random thought of the day: It never struck me just how awfully similar Jin'E and Gambit look!! *horror* I was watching an RK rerun (rerun? More like re-re-re-rerun) on AXN and was stunned when I saw the obvious ripoff Jin'E was pulling on our lovely sexy Cajun casablanca. It never occurred to me then, since I was never really that into X-Men... ^^; But still. *snorts disgustedly*
Hrm, and finally, here are the lyrics to the Olympic Dream (or Olympic Platinum...bad named mp3 ^^;). Enjoy! Isn't it funny? XD XD;
Oh right, and--just in case you haven't read it on any of the other numerous annoyed bloggers' blogs--the counter sucks.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 @ 07:26 p.m.
Heh, here's that Pearl Jam "Olmpic Dream" mp3 I was talking about yesterday. Enjoy! XD I would've put up "Tie My Shoe" instead, but I deleted that mp3 ages ago, and besides, everyone's heard it. *roflmao*
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Tuesday, July 10, 2001 @ 04:58 p.m.
Urk, I kinda ran out of blogging steam for a while there. =/ I have been working at my pc though the past week, and have come up with Shizukesa's 1st anniversary layout! I betcha no one knew we were that old at all, since Shizukesa really was unknown the first few months of its life. ^_^ Either way, I'm ecstatic that the day's arriving soon (Sep 1st) and I can't wait. *big grin*
Hmm, besides keeping busy with new layouts (STILL working on the one for Onnatachi though...argh! Anna-chama, would you mind terribly if I didn't use Nuriko or Hotohori? Grh, I can't seem to find a workable image. They're all pretty but...! O_<;) I've been downloading mp3s like some crazed alternative junkie from here. Great site btw, it's one of the few I've managed to find that don't turn up 404 errors every two clicks. >_<;;
(Oh, speaking of mp3s, I managed to turn up a HILARIOUS Pearl Jam one...titled "Olympic Dream." Haha! It's sooo~~ funny, I laughed myself out of the chair--but then I do laugh easily, as Joey Schmoey would attest to. XD I'll post it here tomorrow.)
I've also been stuffing myself full with X-Men fics from the aforementioned Hideaway (I've read every single fic there! *beams*), Valerie's page, as well as here. ^_^; I wonder how long this craze will last huh.
Mhmm...I've had an interesting fic idea running around in my head now...I've tried to spend time planning it out, but ideas for creative mutations evade me and I keep getting distracted. You should know by now I'm talking bout an X-Men fic. *rolls eyes as she hears the sarcastic chorus of Of course!* Well I was really thinking of an FF7/X-Men crossover, cos the resemblance between the past history of Gambit and Cloud is just striking. o.O Seriously, they've both been messed up in the head by some crackpot scientist and the scenes of large cylinders holding living human experiments as depicted in several X-Men and FF7 fics I've come across are just...whoa, so alike. *coughs*
I read this fic (it's at the Hideaway) that depicted Gambit as withdrawn and fearful, having lost his Cajun charm and self-assurance after his run-in (of two years) with Sinister the DNA-manipulating freak. Now that was just absolutely similar to Cloud's character depicted in this ZacXCloud fic Omnislash (it's a friggin YAOI epic I tellya!). *coughs* Well of course, you wouldn't know what I'm talking about if you haven't read those (which you probably haven't) but...just take my word for it.
I'm gonna go...lay around and force my mind to think up creative mutations for Cloud now. *glances over at Rein's mutation* Ugh, don't even think about it. XD; (Um...and I solemnly promise the next entry will not be full of full I mean...yeah. ^^;)
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Wednesday, July 4, 2001 @ 05:26 p.m.
*clutches stomach and doubles over* Go find out what X-Men mutation you're possessed of here! Mine is soapoperaism, the ability to make everything last forever. XDXD! There are a lot of good ones there too, go check out! Also, go here. XD Don't ask.
(My, what happened to neesan?? *raises eyebrows* Tsk. :D)
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Monday, July 2, 2001 @ 07:27 p.m.
Wow, I stop surfing anime collectives/domains for a while, and suddenly new layouts are everywhere! o.O (Or rather, have been for a time, but I didn't notice. =_=) Diana has a fantastic new layout (or layouts, I should say ^_^) at EScom and I had a ball sucking up all the lovely eyecandy. :D~ Can't wait for the skin page to open! =D
Ashley also has a great layout, featuring lyrics from Tori Amos' "Spark!" *gasp* And the previous layout song was "Walking After You" by the Foo Fighters, which I never seem to be able to boot off my winamp playlist ever since Royce introduced it to me. :3
*GASP* And what is this!!? TSK is ending??! That can't be true, the story hasn't even unraveled fully has so much untapped potential...lemme guess, Umi will end up saving the day in the end appearing only a couple of pages at the end, with Kyoko running off with Sakataki...and my unproven (and apparently never-to-be) theory of Jin Hizuki being the ultimate baddie in the end (see archive 11) will most likely never happen...oh the plotline had so many amazing possibilities...Umi's character won't be as well developed as I would've liked...and the bloody series which I had anticipated on being at least 7 volumes long will now end in a snap... *sniffs morosely*
But well, the reality of making the Jin Hizuki shrine is just that much closer ne? If the story had stretched on for ions, I probably wouldn't be able to gather the resources and info to make the shrine asap...mmhm, but knowing lazy unconstructive procrastinating me... =/
Ah! An interesting if not HYD-related pieces of news! (And just that should be enough to warrant enough excitement hey? XD) I heard from Angie quite a while back, that the Taiwanese (or was it Hong Kong?? o.o;;) actor who played Doumyouji in the LA drama series they're currently filming/broadcasting, got weak in the head and fell from a stage while promoting HYD. O_O
It seems he hadn't been eating well (if at all) the past 3 days due to his hectic schedule. Later on, like last Friday, I managed to catch an interview with him on some Chinese program at Angie's place. Gah, he looks so much better without the dreadlocks and overrated and LOUD Americanised clothes (that somehow bring to mind "patriotic" rather than "fashionable." XD)!!
But truly, I'll go see if I can dig his picture up. He has a very Japanese looking face I think, and his features are bony yet not unrefined. He has a lovely Grecian (I think?? ....) nose instead of the typical Chinese flat. XDXD!
I actually saw the footage of him crying out of pain and his colleagues rushing to shield him from the hungry media. ;_; He looked so vulnerable... T_T Later on in the interview, he appeared very mild-mannered and gentle, he didn't seem to want to talk about the incident much (as expected) and ended up actually sniffing a bit. o_O; I've never actually seen a man cry so easily...! He also seemed to be just recovering from a failed relationship...poor dude...I hope he recovers soon! =/
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Sunday, July 1, 2001 @ 04:11 p.m.
Ah!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pei Yi!! ^___^ Yea, I never did understand all the fuss they make. I didn't even have a friggin cake this year, but ah well. ^_^ And right, go paint the town red now hey? XD
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Sunday, July 1, 2001 @ 03:52 p.m.
I agree, that is an excellent skin. *_* And god knows what a sucker I am for Arashi. *hums as she downloads*
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Sunday, July 1, 2001 @ 03:28 p.m.
Our favourite Cajun Heh, here's a picture of Gambit I managed to grab from somewhere. Isn't he just dandy?? *_* Yesterday, I had a ball at the comic shop, the staff there were really helpful and tolerant (especially to a pitiful ignoramus of an amateur comic-collector like me XD) in particular this guy who ran back and forth just to oblige me with answers to my questions of cost, availability and several other misc info of the comics.
In the end I blew $50 (;_;) on the 7 volumed "Gambit and Bishop" limited series, as well as on a compilation of 4 chapters of "Gambit and the X-Ternals." It had a bright gold cover, which just made it that much more attractive to me. ^_^
I managed to finish all of them last night--and well, I have to say I was disappointed with the lack of Rogue and Gambit action in the ones I purchased. I placed an order for the coming Uncanny X-Men volumes, and am hoping to grab hold of those I haven't got in time to come. (Which are a lot believe me, they're up to issue 300+ already, though that shop stocked only back to 290... =/)
The art was great and all, of course, the suddenly overly brawny men and voluptuous women took getting used to, not to mention the ruthless unrefined lines and colouration, but I actually like it a lot. Especially with Gambit being a prime character in most of the issues I bought. :D
As for the plot, I didn't really think much of "Gambit and Bishop" the series, cos I find they depicted Gambit more of a moronic dopey idiot who defied all laws of the old think-before-you-act, and who stupidly took up comic space while cracking cheap jokes and cheesy stuff like that. =( It was good to see him in action though, and to read his lovely Cajun accent. :D He was much better in "Gambit and the X-Ternals" though, so I wasn't completely disappointed.

One Helluva Kiss mes amour....

I said to Angie as we left for home, "I think I'm getting into something I shouldn't be getting into." She actually agreed. XDXD; Guess this'll be putting a strain on my manga renting sprees now... =/ Ah well...jump from one obsession to another hey? Moving on is after all a facet of life. *self-satisfied grin*
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Saturday, June 30, 2001 @ 01:23 p.m.
Erk, this week has got to be one of the most hectic ones since my mid-years. O_<; I really didn't expect so much work bombarded at us, even though I should have known better considering it's the first week of term 3. =_=;
Well, besides catching up on work I haven't been doing, I've been insanely caught up in X-Men for no particular reason at all. ^^; I'm serious, all of a sudden X-Men mania has hit me really hard. I haven't been watching the animated series nor reading the comics either (I WISH!! *_*), just playing with Gambit on X-Men: Mutant Academy the Playstation game.
I don't remember the last time I've visited Angie's house so many times in a week! *LOL* She has several great games too, but I've been working on perfecting Gambit. *beams* I can do his 52 card trick now! And the Arcade mode is a breeze~~! XDXD! Ah, I'm SO infatuated with him, I swear.
And with each new infatuation/obssession must come the yearning for plot thickenings, impossible occurrences, scenes and things that could only come true in a fan's mind. Fanfics, yeah. There's The Hideaway, Gambit Sanctum, The Gambit Guild, as well as Valerie's X-Men Fanfiction.
The creme de la creme people! Read "Reflections" in the Hideaway, it made me cry, it is such a completely excellent fic in every way. Angst yes, self-renewal borne of self-hatred, very Aoshi and Misao ('cept this time it's Gambit and Rogue *_*), yet it's interesting to note that there's a third party which does not cause trouble and instead gives things that little push unlike most angst fics. Please, even if you aren't all that familiar with Gambit, go read it. I had next to zilch knowledge of him when I did, except that he and Rogue has something going on. Agh, just read it.
Then go to the "Gambit Guild" and "Sanctum" for more info! Read up on Gambit and Rogue at the guild, one of the most complete records of the events related to their painfully oscillating-between-love-and-hate relationship. Those are the two most complete Gambit sites around, trust me.
Finally, the "Betrayal Arc" at Valerie's site is superb. There are fics that are just plain EPIC and this is one of them. Not enough angst to satisfy (though that's just angst-filled me) yet action on every page. And mind-boggling screw-arounds with timelines too. It's fantastic though, really, and I'm just beginning on the second part. Highly highly recommended for Gambit fans.
Uh well, I'll catch up with the rest of the blogging community very soon! And email too, I promise! (*begs the forgiveness of Anna*) Yea, and thank you so very much for all the comments on the layout minna! You don't know how much I appreciate it. :D It's nice to have a cheery not-overly-depressing Lain layout around though? =/
AH AH AH! And I'm just getting ready to go down to Anime Fest today! ^^; Is it too late? I heard it began at 10am but I don't know when it ends...agh, if it does end early, I guess I'll just have to go sniffing around at the HMV building with the amazing American comic shop... *side grin* I have never read an American comic ('cept if you count Archie and Casper...I don't. Not really. ^^;) before if you can believe it, and I swear I will have by the end of today.
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Monday, June 25, 2001 @ 11:32 p.m.
WHAT~~~what!?! *mouth flaps like a hapless goldfish hyperventilating* Which channel!!!! My friend told me she'd seen the ad before, but I didn't know it was actually showing!!! OMG omg.... *dissolves into the most disgustingly genki pool of joy* Toshitoshitoshi, when does it start?? And which channel is it on?!?!? ANSWER MEEEE!!!! *_*
Oh and everyone, go visit Tin's newly renamed and revamped Vanity Press! (Formerly Niaiserie.) Great job, nee-san! Oh, and I forgive you for the S/A fic, and I'm surely open to any other options you might want to offer! ^_^;
Yeah, I'm really going now. Genki happy Charlene makes for overly unneccessary blog entries.
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Monday, June 25, 2001 @ 11:06 p.m.
Oh this is very interesting indeed... =/ So, absquatulate eh? *nods wisely and pretends she knows what she's about* Absquatulate indeed.... :D
*dances off lightly to finish her maths homework*
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Monday, June 25, 2001 @ 10:46 p.m.
HAH. HAHAHAHAA!!! I finally got the new layout up!!! ^_____^! Wah, I'm feeling unimaginably good right now. =D;; Yes, it's an obnoxiously bright orange cornea-destructive layout, but I like it! And it's been a while since I've liked my Spinel layouts. *rolls up sleeves* Yoshi, Onnatachi next!!
(Oh and btw, archives are at the side, the form mailer is gone, but you can still use the ones in the archives, the RK chibi centre is to be found by clicking on my little Saitou right at the bottom, along with my rings and dearest Fanel-sama.)
Today, coming home from relentlessly attempting learning Gambit's super moves in X-Men the game on Angie's Playstation, I saw a scene of utter devastation. XD
Tin-neesan, I think I can safely say I can now relate to your *koff* cleanup escapades with your mother. Cos my dad is every bit as frightening! O_O; He flushed out all the dust bunnies unimaginable in every single nook and cranny of our house with the hose and a couple drops of Dynamo. (Clothes washing liquid.... ^^;)
And man was he satisfied. I am too, kinda, the house is squeaky clean and the ground beneath me right now is still wet, very much so. ^_^;
And it's the reopening of school! I never thought I'd be happy on a day such as this, but it's Monday! And that means "Friends," "Love Generation" and "Felicity" consecutively!!!! *__* Wahahaha. Haha. Ha. *beams and hands out "People of Goodwill" balloons*
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