Saturday, May 26, 2001 { 02:38 p.m. }
Erk, Pei Yi, I never thought I'd say this, but I recommend Brinkster. Ever since it's horribly long downtime, it's been working perfectly. And! The best parts are that it offers 30mb free space, no ads or banners, allows large zipped files (i.e. mp3s) and has a file manager. The not so good part is that your url will be pretty long. But you can easily solve that with redirection services like DizNU and CjbNET. ^_^ Hope that helped!
*waves to Toshi* Ay ay, you saw the movie ending to CCS?? *_* What a coincidence! I just saw the movie, but I think the movies we each saw were different...hmm. Cos I don't remember seeing any Suppi-chan, just a hyper little Kero-chan. ^.~;
Gah, maybe I should link all my sites from this blog...they're getting an awfully pitiful amount of hits. ;_;

Saturday, May 26, 2001 { 02:09 p.m. }
Yoshi!!! *claps hands* I just realized that my PC can play VCDs!! O_O! Before you start laughing at my ignorance (^^;), I just wanna say that I did try playing VCDs on compie-chan before, but for some reason, it didn't work. o.O Anyhow, I wasn't motivated to continue trying, and left it at that.
Now however, I've finally discovered the beauty of watching anime on the comp without my dad wanting to barge in on some important scene every minute or so. ><; Anyhow, I've now rewatched a few random eps of HYD, the entire RK OVA, the first 6 eps of Ah My Goddess! and Card Captor Sakura the movie. Sugoi ne! ^_^v It's Weiss Kreuz next.
Mm, Card Captor the movie was really nice! *_* Rather surprising, since I've never felt interested in little children with magical tarot cards (or anything along those lines for that matter) enough to actually read/watch it.
I'd bought the movie a looong time ago, so I thought why not? Sakura turned out to fantastically unimaginably KAWAII!! **O_O** I love love love it when she goes "Dare...?" in the dream sequence with that freaky Hinoto-lookalike. :3 Her tiny little mouth kinda drops open after her sentences, so it gives that cute innocent "nani kore?" look. XDDD!
And I'll be damned if Tomoyo has the most annoying voice on the planet--the universe even! O_O Much much worse than that Tsubasa girl in Karekano, though I didn't even think her voice was all that bad at all. And what is up with her and Sakura?! ><; Are they like young lesbians or something!??! o.o;;
Syaoran didn't make as much of an appearance as I'd expected. o.o Though he is cute. And is Sakura's brother named Touya? Cos I recognize him from Tin's past layout along with that Yukito guy, whom Sakura has the hots for right? ^^;; Wai, CCS is next on my list after HYD manga!!
Oh yeah--Rose! Congrats on PMNet's opening! *beams* The new layouts are awesome, and so are the sites! *thumbsup*

Friday, May 25, 2001 { 01:59 p.m. }
Hi there, I went in your blog and found some kawaii little RK dolls. If let say, it's taken, can we still take it, just for an doption?
Err, let me think. *fingers chin* Hmm...NO. O_<;

Friday, May 25, 2001 { 01:52 p.m. }
Bleh, I feel like I should be working on my sites, and yet I can't bring myself to. -_-; I'm just really tired and want to rest today. The holidays are here and I'll have quite a bit of time to relax now. ^_^v
Agh, my dad went to the "Meet the Parents Session" at school today, and it seems very much like the teacher just fired complaint after complaint about me to him. In short, she made me look bad. T_T It seems I talk to Angie too much during class, I always hand up assignments late, I hinder her from completing her job...etc. Geh, I'm too exhausted to even curse. *LOL*
Nehehehe!! I can't stop playing the opening theme of HYD (*huggles neesan*) "An Ordinary Sunday" over and over on Winamp. :D Stepping out...futsuu no nichiyoubi nu! *hums*
My tutor gave me some time off today! *grins* I'm going to work on my Shiso and Ceres shrine now...ja ne! (Well by now you would've guessed this to be a "I have nothing to blog about so I'll be unecessarily genki" post. XD)

Thursday, May 24, 2001 { 05:08 p.m. }
Geh, I've been completely immersed in three sole activities these past couple blogless days... =_=; Reading my rented shoujo manga, completing my maths tuition homework, and sleeping on my maths tuition homework. No kidding, I spent the entire morning and afternoon plotting graphs and squinting at the tiny graph squares, trying to somehow craft a straight illusory line out of some very obviously crookedly drawn crosses. O_<;;
All this being after the damn exams, mind you.
My tutor wants me to complete all the maths chapters I've learnt these past two terms in the 10 year series (it being a book containing questions from O Level exams of previous years) before the friggin holidays. And during the holidays, I'll have to work on the test papers of other schools. T__T
And my maths exam results weren't even all that bad. I passed both maths subjects, getting 50 (^^;;;;) for one and 83.5 for the other. A tremendous feat for me, I tell you. Blaah, I can't believe I haven't gone out at all except for Kino since my exams ended. How sad is that...? ;_; *LOL*
Weeell, onto other happier things. As aforementioned, I rented more manga! ^__^v The complete set of 6 volumes of "Tokyo Baby Game" (hey, the owner recommended it okay?! XD), plus a 5 volume set of a manga by Yoko Kamio (author of Hana Yori Dango), as well as the first two volumes of DNAngel~~!!!! You cannot believe how absolutely long I had to wait for the shop to stock that. *rolls eyes*
The sad thing was, I didn't get to rent Hana Yori Dango. The even sadder thing was, that the moment I stepped in and asked for it, a woman (middle-aged and with her husband too... XD) swept away the 27 available volumes. ^^; I have the worst luck, when it comes to manga. Well, the owner was kind enough to promise to give me a ring when the volumes are returned. :3
Hmm... "Tokyo Baby Game" is a really fun manga! I finished all of it last night, and really liked it. It's about a 15 year old aspiring actress, who undergoes all kinds of problems with her roles, but somehow always manages to "discover" the character she's playing and turn up with a superb performance in the end. With every excellent manga must come a bunch of great looking dudes, and this manga certainly isn't short of them! Let's see...three guys end up liking her, one is gay, one is dying, and the last, the one she ended up with, is a director. ^^;
Eh, I'll have to say I was pretty disappointed with the Yoko Kamio manga. =( The girl reminds me a lot of Hinata from Suki Dakara Suki, she being pure and innocent and crud, and also not the *coughs* best looking. =/ I like my heroines to be good looking, if not at least interesting. ;D She ends up liking some dude (who looks like WET-HAIRED DOUMYOUJI -TM-!!! ...except not as cool of course. ^.~) but it turns out he's bisexual. At least that's what I inferred when he said "I like anything cute, whether male or female." I wasn't motivated to finish it at all...I guess I'll just have to wait for HYD.
And! DNAngel reminds me so much of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and the other CLAMP series...what's the title...damn... ><;; The one that's pretty unknown and features some dude with two mothers who insist on him stealing some valuable work of art every night or so...LOL Yes, this was a CLAMP manga. Anyway. I just got started on the first volume but I think I'm really gonna like it! ^__^v What do you know, there is a rabid fangirl in me after all.
Oh yeah, I've also been rewatching every single episode of HYD (courtesy of my rich in anime and generous friend *hug* Hehe.) and loving it more and more. I can't say exactly just what draws me to this anime, it seems like it's got such a thin and weak plotline. Girl goes to rich school, girl gets bullied, gets helped by rich dude, falls in love with rich dude, they get together, the end. It sounds like the typical shoujo anime in a nutshell, but it sure as hell isn't! ;D
IloveitIloveitIloveit. I'm going to raid the HYD Fic ML archives now...ja!

Monday, May 21, 2001 { 06:31 p.m. }
Hmm...okay, I have a lot to say to a lot of people. Sorry for making this entry one big fat BBS. ^^;;;;
Tin-neesan!! *boings all over the blog* Can't wait~can't wait~can't waaaaaiiiit~~~! o.O; Gehehe...if you have time to spare we could even drag you to all the manga laden treasure troves on the island. I know the one at Tampines Mall is really good, they're the only chain I know which carries RK doujinshi. (yes, the ones I were lusting over a couple archives before) Neeee, Shi-chan? :3;;
*inhales deeply and exhales* Kitsune-neesan...I WANT. ;_; I would be eternally indebted to you if you could make those mp3s available. *_* Really, I would. *serious nod* Also... =_= I'm afraid I can't let Aoshi up for adoption right now, he currently resides here under the alias "moody dork-sama." But! I can give you Battousai who is apparently homeless now that evil Tin-neesan has decided to cold heartedly kick him out the back door. >_>;; *Tin clutches hair and wails at her loss* Uh, kidding? ^^;;;
Ah! Has everyone suddenly upped and noticed my humble little RK chibi adoption centre? o.O; I got two emails regarding it, and some more people want to adopt. o.o Hmm, first of all, Aisyah, the chibis are not for adoption anymore. I apologize but they've all been taken up. When I revamp the centre though, I'll be adding four blinking gifs of Kenshin, Kaoru, Sano and Yahiko, so maybe if you're fast you can get them...? ^^; And! Lin-san! Thanks ever so much for your email, I'll be getting back to you soon! ^.~;
Also, fantastic new layout jobs popping up all over. ^o^ Patrick, I like the lovely reminiscent yallow layout. Very sweet! (And oh man...the pancreas... *falls over and dies laughing*) Taryn-san, me likes the new Gravitation layout loads. *thumbs up* I've never watched it though I've listened to the opening theme... ^^; It's very...upbeat. XD! Jessica! I like the new look very very much! Once again, I express my admiration for people who can manage non-anime images the way they can. ^^
Gah, someone who doesn't like AnC??! ;____; Kris-san, (you prolly don't read this but what the heck) people's opinions differ and I'm not some raving AnC fangirl who wants to force AnC down the throats of every unsuspecting non-fan (o.o), but really, AnC is just TONS better than FY. Aya (though maybe not as likable, like you said) is just definitely much smarter than Miaka could ever try to be. And even though she gets on the nerves of a lot of people (me included), maybe you could still give the series a try? The supporting characters just totally kick ass, Ceres being right at the top of that list. Ayashi is really a series full of well-developed characters and amazing plotline, if you simply ignore the two main characters that is... *twitch*
Heh, and lastly--Garion! You finally have a blog! ^____^ I'll link to it when I change the layout kay? ;3 (Gah, I have a lot of links to add...yeah, and I will get down to replying to that email soon! *_*)

Monday, May 21, 2001 { 12:01 p.m. }
Ahhh...weird searchengine referrals of the day:

"love hina sadness" (O.O;; A-ara? Sadness? Not ecchiness?)
"I want to disappear" (Yeah, I do too.)
"pics of squall and gackt together" (Whoo~! If you ever find those, get back to me willya?)
"gackt squall" (Okaay...has something happened between them that I don't know about? Hmm.)
"seifer sneeze" (AHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Ugh, shouldn't be blogging about my searchengine referrals. I have so much else to much to do...ahh, I'll get on it later. =/

Thursday, May 17, 2001 { 10:58 p.m. }
All of a sudden I can't get my hands on enough Hana Yori Dango! o.O; I managed to catch a chinese dubbed episode on TV yesterday, and completely fell in love with it again. Doumyouji is just so cute with straightened hair...and Hanazawa Rui is perfect in every possible way... *____* *sighs* And for once the female main character doesn't get on my nerves! ^o^
Makino is such a cute headstrong girl. ^_^ And how on earth do the students at Eitoku Gakuen have so much time to go "hazing" or beating up every single person who has a red card pasted in their lockers? :D I'm raiding all the HYD sites at anipike for the opening and ending mp3s but can't seem to locate them... =/ Can anyone help me?
HYD is such a lovely anime! I can't wait to get the manga! =D I remember taking one look at the art in the beginning and not liking it in the least, thinking it to be one of those boring and overly shoujo series, which I don't like. But, like my local shop owner said, it's not about the art at all, while the plot is just superb.
Ah! This is a little late (since when it is never? ^^;) but Jessica:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Jessicaaa~~!
Happy birthday to you!

Whee! Hope you get all the stuff you've wished for! ^___^
And V-chan! Congrats on getting the job you wanted! Hehe, must be my good wishes. ^.~; Do us proud now! XD;

Wednesday, May 16, 2001 { 04:15 p.m. }
Whee! Ruby's alive and kicking (blogging) now!! *BEAMS* Just as I mentioned you too Ruby... *points below* My, I must be psychic. ^.~; I like the pretty new layout too~! ;D
Jessica, you should see my referral search queries. o.O;; I've had "woman fucking dog" about twenty times since my Alpha Camp entry (looong story...see the archives), then there's "old woman fucking dog" and then there's always "dog fucking woman." Wow, I am impressed at the many variations of the same utterly sick thing. =_=
V-chan! I'm glad to hear that you liked READ! ^__^ I know you were a fan of Hanakimi since quite a while back cos I remember you mentioned my (disgustingly) blue Gilbert layout once at your blog. ^^;;; It seems that more and more people are getting into it huh? *victory sign* And congratulations on graduation being a couple days away! ^____^v Am crossing my fingers for you to get the job you want!
Heh, the layout at Vee's blog is just amazing. *_* She's also updated YumemugendaiNET with some really great layouts as well! =D I've always admired designers who can combine a great amount of filter/effects usage while not compromising the image's simplicity in the least, instead enhancing its beauty and elegance. I liiike... ^o^
Lastly, Joey, those are scary template layouts... *runs off laughing her ass off*

Tuesday, May 15, 2001 { 06:40 p.m. }
No problem. ^__^ If you like, you can wait until I revamp the adoption centre and add the blinking chibis ( which are kinda annoying... =/) and then get yourself a Kenshin chibi. XD
Mmhhh...I have come to the sudden revelation that I cannot for the life of me make decent wallpaper, and I shouldn't even try. XD; And skins! Skins! Don't even get me started on em! O_<; Spending a couple of hours staring and squinting and prodding the exact same graphic is not my idea of contributing to--well having fun while fueling the lust of fangirls who want bishounen everywhere on their damn computer including the damn winamp which has so damn many buttons which in turn have so many damn variations!! *pants* Damn.
Well okay, I'm off to make better use of my abundance of free time. ^.~v Errr, and on a last (rather scary note): God help us all!!!! LOL, naw. I'm just being my usual obnoxious self. *twitch* No flames?

Monday, May 14, 2001 { 06:57 p.m. }
Erm, hey there. ^^;;; I noticed that you have the chibis Aoshi and Tomoe at the side of your blog and I was wondering if you'd read the rules at the adoption centre?
You have to adopt a chibi before you put it up and right now, none of the chibis are available for adoption. I'm really sorry, but you'll have to take those down. ^^; But thanks for linking me, I hope you're reading this.
Mmmmm...poot, the only things I got at Kino were three ASUKA issues. ><; They were more expensive than I thought and I am poor...
And what is wrong with businessmen these days?! It seems their asses have grown so much larger that they simply cannot avoid bumping into me every single time the bus makes a slight swerve. >____<; And the toothless old men! Grinning at me in the scariest ways possible. o.O;;; Bloody friggin pedophilic pricks.
=_=; Ugh, didn't mean to make this entry so unpleasant. Argh, I'm going off to read my ASUKAs (or flip through the pretty pages and ogle at the pretty boys at least, even though I can't understand a damn word). I'll be back as soon as I'm in a less crappy mood. ^^;

Monday, May 14, 2001 { 03:13 p.m. }
The exams are over! *NIKO* I'm going to Kino in about half an hour (I wonder who put that thought in my head? XD! Naw, jk.) to pick up my ASUKAs as well as hopefully some manga and maybe even an artbook! :D I know I know, I should be saving for Tokyo but ahh...I have been Kino-deprived for the longest time now... ;_;
Well, before I go, I just wanted to write something I thought about last night. I visited Ruby's blog and she's still not blogged...ahh, but I still hope. The Web is just such a temporary place where things come and go...people, trends, popularity and fame...of course things are like that everywhere in the world, but still.
I remember Souhi. I heard of her just as I was starting out in making sites and though I never knew her personally, I felt kinda sad that life pulled her away from all this. I'm not assuming nor trying to sound as if I knew her and missed her (because I sure don't) and neither do I think that her life right now is not as good as her online one, because I'm sure that she's enjoying herself very much now.
But I do know there were friends she knew and who miss her and that the Web, especially the blogging community, is so close and tight-knit that one can't help missing another who has left because rl issues (which are definitely more important than online ones) have taken top priority.
I don't know what I'm writing this for, it just struck me as something sad. We make so many good friends here, and perhaps some of us can even say the people who know them best are their online friends, and yet it's just so much easier for them to just leave us. Well, just something to think about. ^^
Mm, I'd better go get ready. *smiles* Be sure that I'll blog later!

Sunday, May 13, 2001 { 01:13 p.m. }
Whee! I finally got IE5.5! Whee! Coloured scrollbars everywhere!! WHEE! XD
Selene, mm... I do frequent Kino more than is probably good for me. ^^; And if you see one of those giggling schoolgirl groups in the manga section, that's probably me too. *sweatdrops* I'm usually only with one other friend, since everyone else in class is just plain reluctant to tag along on my wild manga buying sprees. *_* I haven't been there for a while though, and Kino has been calling me about collecting my ASUKA issues, because of the exams but now... *innocent smile*
I've been busy clearing up my hard drive which is just brimful of JUNK. o.O; My images folder is chockful of images I've already used for layouts, as well as stuff which is just plain ugly (but which caught my *koff* fancy ions back). Ugh, my recycling bin has now almost 100mb worth of crap. I'll get round to clearing it later. =/
Ahhh, two more exams to freedom! *inhales deeply* And then the Shizukesa update and a new layout! *beams* (Gah, why hasn't anyone been on AIM lately... ?_?)

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