Thursday, March 21, 2002
*ahem* Firstly, Spinel will be temporarily shut down for a while--maybe a couple of months? And I will instead be blogging along with twin-san (XD) at Onnatachi. Sorry for the long absence! ^_^; Please keep in mind though, that this does not mean Spinel is closing or anything like's just gonna be untouched for a while. Please change all links. =D
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Sunday, January 13, 2002
Wow! She lives. (.......)
Geez, tried to blog a few days ago but the lousy server deleted my (long) entry. =/ ..... Anyhow, things have been going great with me. School has been exhausting but satisfying in a way. I just needed to get away from running errands and sitting around waiting to run errands. =/
I went rollerblading yesterday! I learnt the basics of it, but it was pretty fun. It forces your legs into such an unnatural motion (compared to walking) that it was hard getting into it at first, but talking to my friend as she subtly distracted me, my feet just fell into a nice easy rhythm. I liiiikee.... However, it took me 15 minutes to gather the courage of going down a tiny slope (it was really tiny, more like a knee-high hump in the road) and my friend had to sit down and declare that she wouldn't budge until I did it. ;__; But well, I did it (hanging onto a railing no less) and it wasn't so bad. I have scrapes on my palms and a sore ass. =/ But well, what did I expect.
I have been getting into a very scary music-cum-spending phase lately. This week alone I bought 6 albums: Starsailor, Incubus, Gorillaz, Spiritualized, The Strokes, The Reindeer Section. The guy at HMV was looking very impressed and respectful today, as he cashed in my purchases. They don't normally do that. *smirk* Spending $80 in one shot was worth it. I want Snow Patrol now though, and dEUS and Ani DiFranco and old Incubus albums and and and.... ;_;
My mom is having a group of friends over now, which is why I'm outside trying to avoid being sociable. My dad left for Bangkok on a business trip today, and will be home next Sunday. (Drgh, this reminds me that I forgot to ask him to get me something. =D)
Damn you Royce, why aren't you onliiiine....!?!?!
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Sunday, January 13, 2002
Test test?
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Wednesday, January 9, 2002
Woo! An entry! *_*; I've been online a lot more than my sparse entries might suggest, but just didn't feel motivated to blog. There isn't much to blog about anyway, considering school's started and that's about all I've been busy with these two weeks.
Wow, being Sec 4 is hard...I'm so ready to drop when I get home and even then there is tons of homework to get done. (Though I don't always do it.) I haven't bought a volume of manga in about two weeks, which is really great, really amazing. The last one I got was Hanakimi 13. *self-satisfied smirk* That doesn't mean I haven't been spending though, I bought a couple of CDs at HMV on Monday, and a pencil case with Afro Ken on it just only--he's a brown dog with a great curly orange wig. =3
Alexa's photos: Waahaha, the one of her with the hat makes her look so much like Hattie from Argento! XD I love the purple flared jeans... *_* And her new haircut looks so great. *grin*
Joey's blog: That guy is ugly. *stares* Especially when he eats!! Geez, LMAO. He's like so crazy-weird, with poofy hair and well, poofy hair. Joey will kill me now. *shuts eyes and awaits death by most horrible means* Joey, you should get Zac to get you Meteor Garden from here, where it's cheaper...I don't know if it's even available there. o_O
AAAHHHHHHAAAAA!!!! Toshi, that's THE MOST beautiful layout ever. *__*;; Really, truly. ^_^ Legolas is so gorgeous. And so is Oliver Wood from Harry Potter. Hee hee. And I don't mind being a Legolas fangirl just like almost every other girl whose seen Lord of the Rings.
Random thought: Wow, the sidebar description of the things I like is really outdated. =/ Hmm...should do something about that.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2002
Aaah, the first day of school went well. We spent the entire morning on our asses in the freezing cold hall listening to announcements on the changes implemented on the school due to the new autonomous status, my butt muscles ache to think of it. I don't think I've sat that long since...well since the first day of school last year. =____=;;;
Hee, meeting Zac and Royce was the best thing I'd done this holiday, they were so much fun. Like you may have read, we saw the movie "Spirited Away" which was fantastic. Haha!! It was so great, so hilarious. I paricularly loved the little Ebichu and his buzzing bird-fly friend and Chihiro (the heroine) was simply adorable.
And Zac, I did not remind you all day of your unhealthy complexion, and I do not sound like your mom. >___<;; Geez, even you said you looked like a bum off the streets, which you said, not me. O_O; Royce is just simply nice, it was so funny when I made him take the EQ game in his hands and man, he really did look deprived and miserable. O_o; I was trying to help you curb it Royce, really!
I loved the presents Royce and Zac got me. Royce got me the sweetest keychain, with gold and silver square beads with letters on them spelling out my name. Ah, it's so pretty. *_* *_* *_* Zac got me a "Spirited Away" postcard book, which we flipped through together. I hear they actually got three copies, one for each of us. O____o;;; These guys spend quicker and more than, than anyone I've ever heard of!! >_>; It's atrocious, really. *resentful glare*
Ahhh, I have to go now. Angie sits beside me as I talk, waiting. I'll blog tomorrow, maybe. Oh and Happy New Year everyone!
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Saturday, December 29, 2001
Suppose to get down to doing my homework, but at the rate i'm going, i guess not. Can't seem to find my pencil case anywhere, must have left in school.. Haha, some of the stupidest things i end up doing... ^-^ Charlene's dates went just as i expected.It did end up totally different from what she feared it to be, just as i thought it would. Called me up with some solemn tone, freaked me out of course. (causing me to brush Gereld off the line) Friends like her come first ne? I guess i'll leave all the details until her next entry.. which i have no idea when it'll ever come in.. But i suppose there's something else that's filling her head besides blogging right now. ^-^
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Thursday, December 27, 2001
(Gackt-san) Yea, the after linger of the festive season still hit me in the face as i went to orchard this morning. *@-@* Brought my cousin out on the 24th (promised him ages before but never got down to doing it) *charlene pokes* Went to the arcade, spent $30 (slipped right under my nose). Just realised i was pretty darn good at those shooting games.. *perks up* Won my boyfriend in Daytona racing! Weee!! Although i knew he let his car wait at the side of the track for me to pass.. I still won! Whoop-dee-doo! Yea, Gereld came along. Such a cool sport he was. ^_^V Totally made a huge effort to click with my 9 yr old cousin, which of course worked out great. Arcade games and guns do bring people together eh? Went to Toys'r'us after that, got powerpuff girl watch (blossom) for my other cousin..and a track racing thing from hotwheels for my current cousin. Yea, you know what i mean. ^_^ Gereld had to leave, and i manage to survive bringing my cousin 1 hr in a train to catch the sneak preview of Spirited Away. *pokes charlene* It's pretty darn good i tell ya. Compared to Princess Mononoke, it's development of the story is better. Very imaginative plot and beautiful. Prepare to puck you ass there in that tiny snug theatre seat for 150 minutes.. -_-" I hope i can get the vcd.. *glances at my over flowing cd wardrobe-- yea wardrobe* Today i went to orchard again.. played arcade. Got addicted to it ever since 24th. Must be one of those phases.. like IRC or weethering heights.. *gets pushed to the ground by charlene* Got ass-kicked for the first time in the disc -puck game... urgh.. by who else but Gereld. Bummer. Got a nice denim bag after for the new school term. Has the american flag on it with its rounded-end stars, and a japanese dog thing, (Sheep maybe?)on it, and says "i like it very much". Hahah. Don't worry charlene, checked for signs of engrish before i bought it. *laughs* Got a nice bracelet with blue-gemed dolphins, together with a Bubbles powerpuff plush doll and powerpuff stationery for christmas!-- from you know who. *embraces all the gifts and jumps into bed* Got ten roses for my mom and surprised her with them at her office. *evil grin* I predict a nice one week without nagging ahead of me. ^_^ Having a hard time remembering your house number charlene.. i guess the old one was better. But oh what the heck. I'll try. -__-" Just like to add that i'm truly happy for one friend in particular, for finding back her true pal, one she thought she once lost.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2001
In response to the Dec 19 entry here, the answer is 2. =_=; I swear, I have never been so busy ever, and you know that Zac, so don't blame me for being occupied with well, activities more productive than the last couple months while you yourself have nothing better to do than to awake at 12 and spend the rest of the day slinking around in Kino acting quite the suspicious character. I've no wonder they chased you out, no one I know sits on the floor and reads manga he can't afford for hours as shamelessly as you.
Er yes, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, I have been awful busy this holiday...more busy than any other holiday I've ever had. First there was moving house, then it was tuition every other day, not to mention the errands I was sent out on to get dinner for the family or groceries, etc etc...and then it was helping my aunt out with her moving...I've hardly had any time to get out! (And the only times I've been here at the cybercafe is when I'm buying dinner, and it's convenient.)
Ah yes, Merry Christmas to everyone though I am a day late. I spent my Christmas with my extended family and ate till I nearly burst or would feel the urge to puke when I saw another slice of blueberry cheesecake, take your pick. I had fun watching my cousins play FIFA on their pc, then went out with them for a while (I wanted to watch Spirited Away, but no one was really free.) and when I returned, we had a steamboat dinner and were urged to stuff ourselves with more turkey, wine, chocolates and lovely Christmas cookies. I love Christmas cookies! :9
I also baked a Banana Chiffon cake with the aid of my water-polo playing cousin, whose unfortunate duty it was to beat the eggs whites till "stiff peaks form" by hand. (No electric beater.) Ugh, my arm aches just to think of it. Well, it turned out quite alright, all the aunties praised it highly, one even going so far as to say it could compete with cakes from hotels, but my dad said it tasted like crap. =/ My cousin (the egg white beater) made a face as he ate it, even as I told him that he played a part in baking it too, and therefore would criticise his own work if he insulted the cake. He shut up.
This morning I awoke with huge cramps in my lower abdomen and crapped my guts out in the toilet. Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have taken that last slice of cheesecake.
I got plenty of pretty presents this year. Aside from getting a Boyzone CD for my dad (!!!) and a Moby one for my mom (!!!!!!!!!!!!), I didn't get anything else for my family. I received some Body Shop "Moonflower" body spray which smells wonderful, a keychain, a cordless phone, a bedsheet, a Green Day CD, a lava lamp and the Lord of the Rings book (cos I asked my dad "Hey!! It's Christmas, where's my present?!" and he was like "Isn't all that enough?!" and I had to shut up), a pretty necklace with a stone that appears dark blue and transparent at different angles, money, and (my favourite) a pair of grey leather boots with fur trimming at the top, making it look like something people'd wear in Siberia, except a lot more stylish. It came from Italy! Yay. *hearts to mom*
As a side note, I saw Lord of the Rings on the opening day, and another time later with my dad (who couldn't wait to see it). I love it! I'm close to the end of the book now. Gandalf is awesome, he really is. But Legolas outshines everyone with his lovely blonde hair and fair elvish face (hehe) and his speed and skill with the bow and his swift agile way of moving and his gentle way of speaking and his quiet thoughtful manner and his....ah yeah.
Well, some good news now. My teacher cancelled tuition for the rest of the week and my grandma went home, so I am virtually free the rest of the holiday (which isn't very much), except for getting my new school books. Which is also why I'm going to Angie's house after this to play! Yay! Yeah, I should go now. I hope everyone enjoys the rest they have left of December and best wishes for the New Year, in case I don't blog by then.
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Thursday, December 20, 2001
*opens the door and peeks* Hey! To set things straight...*sees charlene at the background eyeing suspiciously* I ain't no pretty girl who wants to love as wonderful as tome, i mean tomoe. *laughs* Nor do i like dead lizards sticking around my wall. -_-; The girl who pulled Charlene to a hord of 10hr fan waiting idiots? Yea guilty. Candice is the name. ^_^V *bows and sneaks a glimpse of the blogger* Nice place you got tomodachi..even if i visit your blog daily.. *laughs* Surprised you gave me a chance to blog your blog. (it wasn't cuz i guessed your password was it?) haha.. *laughs sheepishly at her own jokes* ^_^V Yea, heard Zac's in town, zaggety, zaggy, zagger? He seems to have fun with dividing singapore into bits and smits, but boy will he be in meloncholy swirly purple if he gets to KL. Theme park is a good idea ne? Ok, gotta go back to my job which has killed almost all of my holiday time.. Ter-rah!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2001
WAHAHAHA! XD;;; And Happy 1st Anniversary to Wire-dNET, Toshi!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I had a ball of a time having my other cousin (18 years of age) over earlier this morning. I had him watch the lava lamp with me, then I made him dress up in some of my baggier clothes (hey, he looks....good!) and then played Uno with poker cards 12 times. (No Uno on hand.) The finall score was 7-5 to me. XD; It's SO FUN to bully my guy cousins! I can make them do anything! It's like having a Ken doll.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Hrm. So it's finally done! Everyone looks fantastic! Ray looks so gorgeous, and Ailin has long hair now!! (I wonder how her exams went?) Toshi looks so grinny and sweet! Wahaha! Boy, I'm envious. XD I'll definitely have to go next year.
Alright. A lot's happened since my last entry, mostly fun happy stuff. First, I rang Candice after a long period of not doing so, and was astonished to find that she missed me as much as I did her. Well, thing is, she'd been working at her mom's office the entire holiday now, and along with her boyfriend, I didn't really think there would be any space for missing me. I was also stunned to hear she followed Spinel regularly. Yay!
We decided to go out, and we did, on Saturday, when we went to HMV, bought a couple of CDs (Greenday for me, Nick Drake for her) as well as the Dancer in the Dark VCD, since Singapore barely showed it. We went to her house and watched it and LOL it wasn't surprising that we both ended up weeping our eyes out. What was strange was that the Candice sobbed her eyes out at all the right parts (especially toward the very end, when Selma was weeping and screaming "Jean! Jean!" and later on singing "New World". I started before her and later had no more tears to cry till I was simply leaking all over her pillow. (Sorry Gackt-san.) I sound real nonchalant about it right now, but it was a horrible shock to the system to watch such a movie. It really was.

"They think this is the last song, but they don't see, it is only the last song if we let it be."

I met her again on Sunday while I was out with my 8 year old cousin Benjamin (he's really smart, sits there all day writing and reading when there's nothing to do) and my family, and took him walking with us while we exchanged our defected purchases. =_=;; (Greenday's "International Superhits!" had a torn cover booklet; Candice's Japanese car magazine for her boyfriend was a backdated issue.) We had some ice cream at Swenson's, then I dropped Ben off with my mom and went shopping for infant stuff with Candice and her mom. Then on Monday, a public holiday, I went out with Benjamin (who'd spent last night with my parents--my mom ended up sleeping on the floor cos she couldn't stand his snoring and getting batted in the face each time he moved) and my dad to watch Harry Potter (for me, the second time) and my dad got me a gorgeous lava lamp and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (I learnt that it's not exactly a trilogy, instead is a collection of 6 books) so I'm reading that right now. I don't think there is anything more lovely than lying on my bed and staring at the lava lamp when it's switched on. It has violet liquid and yellow wax, and really is beautiful.
And something happened too, that made me miserable on Sunday, and thank god Candice was there. I'll see if I can write more about it soon. (I wouldn't be comfortable announcing it here like nobody's business until I got a reply from the cause of the misery.) ^_^;;;
Yep, that's it. Ah yeah! I gave Candice my password, so if any strange unidentified entry turns up, it's probably her. Heh. And thanks, Lex, for the recommendations. Yep, I've definitely heard Anna rave about Saiyuki, and will pounce on it when I locate its Chinese version.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2001
Eh!? Miyuki isn't over?? When is it then, Raydance? Gah, I really don't know if I can go...I haven't any money either...can't do a last minute super-expensive tailor job like I did with the Sano costume... =/ =/ T____T
I've talked to Zac a couple times and he says he's been almost everywhere in Singapore (he said he divided the map into 4 parts and has been in every quarter, and now has divided it into eighths...I can't believe it! What's he trying to prove? That we are super small?!?! LOL), and has so much to say he can't blog about it, so if you're wondering why he's been leaving Amnesia blank--there's your answer. XD; Ugh, if I had stuff to blog about I wouldn't be leaving this place so dismally empty most of the time... ;_; Life has suddenly turned grey without the existence of a computer in my home. I'll most definitely be getting one next month though... *crosses fingers and hopes*
Erm...other than that, not much else has been going on in my life. I've had tuition just about every other day (My tutor is gearing to teach me the entire Sec 4 syllabus by Chinese New Year--February! >_<) and my family have been coming over about twice as much. I've had fun with my cousins (one is in the cybercafe with me at this moment in fact) but having aunties over all the time is draggy. ^^;
Er what else what else. Ah! For having a lack of anything else to say, I got Christmas presents for a handful of people! Very very extraordinary, if you know me, I gave one single person a present last Christmas and that was my Mom. ^_^;; So now I am almost almost flat broke. Almost, I say, because my mom gave me more to buy a new bag (the one I have is now all grey and used to be white *looks down at it on her lap and pats it fondly*) and I have a little more left over for the cost of deliveries and a CD for myself. (Greenday, here I come!)
I have stopped renting manga temporarily, not only because of the lack of money (ha ha...that's never stopped me before!) but also because all the shoujo manga I've read lately all seem so...shallow. I am starting to realize that every single shoujo manga plot definitely must involve:

a) a love triangle (at least one)
b) a very cute and innocent heroine who irritates the hell out of every reader, but manages to receive help and concern from every corner in the manga
c) a very cool looking bishounen mostly with long dyed hair (otherwise extremely sexy short hair with that oh-so-alluring bit of fringe hanging over the eyes...which btw, must be gorgeous, dark and mysterious...)
d) aforementioned bishounen must be cold and resistant to aforementioned heroine's enthusiastic courting, and later on, in the course of the plot, will melt and grow ridiculously affectionate and possessive
e) lots of feathers, flowers and sparkly thingys to decorate that sappy WAFFy love scene which is a MUST
f) an ending with a full two-page panel containing aforementioned sparkly stuff, along with heroine and hero in an everlasting embrace

EEEHH...I'm sick of it all. I'll just stick to purchasing the 7 manga series I'm currently following (Imadoki, X, Hanakimi, Ai Morinaga's newest series, Random Walk, Eng translated NGE and Karekano) and maybe rent CLAMP and buy the monthly SHINE magazine. ^_^; Great, now my manga spending costs will be kept to a minimum. ^_^;;;;
Alright then, I'm off.
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Thursday, December 6, 2001
Ah. Ah, I see the cosplay has ended. Ah. I am sad. ^_^; Get a photo of the costume Ray!!!!! ( *glomps Toshi* )
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Thursday, December 6, 2001
A quick word!! One quick word before the shooting and noisy Counterstrike game sounds erupting all around me drive me crazy. We aren't dead yet...I swear I'll be blogging soon. The news is, well. I haven't exactly talked to my dad about the new pc but he says he'll get me one when some deal is closed and he gets a ton of money.
Zac has arrived in Singapore! Yay! *mighty trumpet sounds and such* Let's hope he doesn't die of the extreme climate conditions before I meet him. Er. I need to go now. *feels abysmally miserable without her pc* I know I don't need to whine about it again, but this sucks. I would really be going crazy if my cousins didn't come over every other day to make me clutch my stomach with laughter everytime they say something. I'm beginning to rethink my initial opinion that siblings were nothing but trouble. =/ =/
Ah well. Alright, gotta run.
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Friday, November 30, 2001
Eurgh. I blogged the day before yesterday but the internet connection (in the cybercafe) died and would not be revived, so I lost the damn entry. Ugh. >___<
Anyhow, here I am again, this time for a longer period of time cos I have some money left over from purchasing "Love Revolution" the latest Japanese drama showing on TV. *___* I didn't even buy "Love Generation" (that other Jap drama obsession) even though every single episode made me cry, so this new one must be pretty good eh. XD
Weell...everything is great in the new house, except for the loss of SCV (that means a grand total of 11 channels left to flip on the remote...woo hoo. =_=;), the phone line (arriving in abt 3 weeks' time), internet and my computer. T_T; I'm not totally miserable cos now I can get out of the house, get some fresh air and not feel like I spent the entire day lying around in front of the monitor and achieving nothing. Well alright, going out to the cybercafe and bookstores and VCD shops isn't exactly achieving but it's better than well--lying around. -_-;
Next. A big thank you to everyone who commented on the Shizukesa layout whether in the gbook or in their blogs. *bows* It is all very, very much appreciated.
I will resume regular blogging again next month perhaps, as I hope to get the new pc SOON. *_* *rushes off to get Anna's email sent*
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Monday, November 26, 2001
Ugh, I'm once again at my cousin's computer, me being without my own. I have shifted!!! I love my new room even though just being there gives me a kind of hotel-ish feeling. It's chilly, but everything is new and so pretty! It seems my old half-dead computer has already died during the move, so internet connection is restrained to my cousin's house. =____=;; Alright, I have to run. My cousins are staying over and they're talking right next to me. XD I haven't had anyone stay over since forever. Yay!! I'll be back ASAP, I swear.
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Thursday, November 22, 2001
Oh, it showed up! Yay. I have Belle and Sebastian playing on Winamp now. Happy, Alexa??? XD
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Thursday, November 22, 2001
*is thinking that she'd love to pounce on Alexa and bestow upon her a million kisses* *is also thinking she would dearly love to kill* Two completely unrelated issues, obviously. I wonder if the stupid server will post this entry.
Shizukesa has been updated (a while ago in fact) and I'd announced it but it doesn't show up on the blog. Stupid, stupid. I prefer the graphics lite version to the other one this time round, and you'll see why. Please go see? ^_^
More later. I have to be packing.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2001
Shizukesa's been updated. Please, please go see. ^__^ I prefer the graphics lite version to the heavy slow-loading one this time, you'll see what I mean. I have to take another trip down to the new house again! I'll be blogging and replying to email later... *chews on giant pocky*
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Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Today my tuition teacher cancelled our 4 hr session (!!) again, because she had a sore throat. YAY. So, having time on my hands, I finally made it to the manga store for the first time this holiday (Can you believe it? Almost 3 weeks of no manga!) and rented lots of manga, including Chobbits, GALS! 5 and several others which I'd always had my eye on but never really got the chance or money to buy. I also bought the first volume of Ai Morinaga's (famous for Yamadatarou Monogatari which used to run in ASUKA) new series. It features a naked guy in a bathtub filled with rubber duckies on the cover. Can you tell it's gonna be good?
I also made it to the library, walked all over the neighbourhood mall and by that time my arms were aching with the manga and books, that I stopped for some tomato juice. As I was heading for the bus interchange, I stopped by one of those small jewellry stalls and bought a lovely ring. I'm slave to these things I tellya! When did this start happening?! And now my wallet is once again empty, and I am happy, and all is well. ^_^ No wonder, I was feeling that something was amiss since the holiday began.
I have free tickets to Monsters Inc. this Sunday and am really hoping to have fun. We are moving this Saturday, and I will be going to the new house every day for the rest of this week to help with fixing stuff up, cleaning and moving.
I spent all day yesterday fixing stuff up in the new house. I watched my new roller chair (lol) being assembled in fascination, then my hi-fi set being connected, the windows being cleaned ("Don't lean out that far you moron!"..."Oops. There goes the cloth."), the fish being fed (yep, they've already been moved) and the floors mopped. My dad got seven potted plants for the home. Lessee now, two pomegranate plants, one bouganvillea (sp?), one tall tree-like thing, a heliconia and three small hanging plants, one of which had several gourd-shaped mini pitcher plants attached from the bottom. Haha! Eat pitcher plant digestive juice, mosquitoes!
Well, yeah. So I watched instead of actually did anything, but well. I was there. Gimme credit for at least that. If you know me well, you'll know I hardly ever bother to turn up for anything remotely social. I make exceptions of course. Yep.
Right then, off to read for the rest of the day, into the night and early morning! ^_^;;
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Saturday, November 17, 2001
Er...before I go off to bed, let me just say... WAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~!!! SO CUTE!
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Saturday, November 17, 2001
Today I hung out with my two guy cousins (I've been seeing a lot of my cousins lately haven't I?) and decided that I really quite like boys. They are nice, fun to be with, and actually entirely comfortable to push around. ^_^;
Well, the reason why I keep hanging out with my cousins is because: A) My bestfriend is in or should be in Malaysia right now and won't be available until Wednesday, B) I am a very antisocial person as a matter of fact, and don't have a wide circle of friends to call upon, C) My cousins are cool friendly people who absolutely delight in having these little cousin hangouts, D) I simply need to get out of the house goddamit!!! O_o;
This entry probably stamps me "socially inept." be it. T__T;; I am, and this may surprise you (^_~), a seriously lonely person. Come to think of it, I have but one friend I really want to enjoy time with. There is really nobody I could call who would be readily available and eager to hang out with me. (My fault of course...isn't it always?) Angie...I dunno...lately I've been feeling like I'm always the one giving and taking initiative. Ugh, I dunno. *doesn't really wanna elaborate on it because Angie follows this sometimes and I wouldn't want to be giving her the idea I was trying to tell her something indirectly*
Thank you for the comment, Lex! ^_^ I really liked Fuuma too and still do now, but y'know...I kinda think I'm starting to like Arashi more. Uuugh, you know that terrible feeling you get, your fingers and mind are itching to make a shrine for a character you like, and there just so exists another one (or better still, a couple) which is fantastic and complete in every possible way, you could never hope to have a chance of bettering it? Auuugh, I haaaate that feeling!!! I have an inferiority complex I know but nyargh!
Yay, Selene is watching HYD! ^__^ Yes, I know what you mean about the anime. Everything is so overly...dramatic. XD Really, the scenes and emotions are so drastically dramatized sometimes you find yourself holding your breath just waiting in suspense to find out what so and so's gonna say in response to so and so's attack. It does have a tremendous appeal even so and because of that even, I do think. XD; feel you are slacking after 8 wallpapers? O__o;; I think I'm slacking when I don't update my site for two months, or change the blog layout for devil you... *_*;;;
Yes! Just peachy, Raydance! (Sorry, couldn't resist...) Yeah, carsickness and I go a long way back...we're old friends I tell ya. You're terribly lucky to have a steel stomach, as you call it...really, I mean it. The better half of my childhood was spent in a cab when my dad didn't yet have a car, my head in my mom's lap feeling utterly pukishly ill. O_o; I never barfed though I think I gave several cab drivers quite the scare. ^_^; And should I put it without sounding like an iron-hearted sadist or an incohorent stupid...not to go off the point or anything, and I meant to say this quite a while back (possibly somewhere private in email, but since I'm here...): You are just so wonderfully poignant and eloquent when you are feeling melancholy. I mean, when people get depressed they just go "This sucks" and then go on with life because that's all it is, depression which lasts a short time and which doesn't benefit you any. ( I making sense here!?) Anyway, do cheer up (you already have...I am late. >_<) because you getting all melancholic is so much...prettier. *falls over and tries to rephrase* Augh, I'm making a fool enough of myself! *runs to hide*
Wow...what entry. I haven't been this social, online or off, since cosplay last year. Geesh!!
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 10:36 p.m.

Friday, November 16, 2001
Ah, just thought I'd drop a word before I slink off to bed (or to continue re-reading X) to say I am feeling kinda guilty the "wretched" entry stayed up at the top so long when I've been feeling just fine for a long time now. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern, I can't thank you enough. ^_^ The giddiness has gone almost completely now, though I still get it when I take public transport which really does kinda suck.
I'm supposed to have to awake early tomorrow to go down to the new house where my 24 year old (no reason for the mention, just thought I'd say it) cousin will be fixing up the new refrigerator. XD I think I am beginning to like moving a lot.
As I mentioned earlier, I've been re-reading X and am loving it more and more--surprisingly. Yay! I've been surfing random X shrines and discovered a fantastic new Sorata/Arashi shrine here. Man oh man, it's a great site...I'm beginning to wish I'd chosen them instead of Fuuma to make a shrine for. I really do adore that couple. Arashi is simply too beautiful not to like, and Sorata is just too goddamn likable. XD I also greatly enjoyed the funny stuff here. Haha! You'd better go if you're a rabid X fan; it's so hilarious.
Well, apart from re-reading manga over and over (still broke...when will this week ever end!?) I've been busy with putting together Shizukesa's next update. *is very excited about this* ^__^
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 10:24 p.m.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
I...I feel so wretched. The giddiness has come back and my head throbbed terribly the whole time I went to watch a movie with my cousins yesterday. Also feel like throwing up. I don't usually whine like this when I get sick (which usually doesn't last more than a week) but I killed a little harmless house lizard in just the most awful way you could imagine to be killed and am now being reminded of his death in the most terrible way. (He is stuck on my wall as if pinioned there, for all the world to witness how brutally he was murdered.) I cried for a little bit last night because my parents yelled at me for not being able to get my report book back because the teacher wasn't at school...which really shouldn't be such a big deal since my dad never really cared before as long as I told him my marks verbally, and I could get the book at any damn time during the holiday...but they yelled anyway. That, along with my headache and the trauma of killing that lizard (and being reminded of it everytime I step into my room) just about finished me off. I'm supposed to go try to collect the book today, but I really don't feel up to that.
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:05 a.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Oof...just dropping a note before I head on to bed. I am going to collect my report book tomorrow noon at school and maybe go somewhere else with Angie. After that I'll have to go to the Bras Basah Complex with me cousin to get a couple of Sec 4 books, and then I'll have to go light shopping with my mom in the evening. (Is that what we're doing? Cos I have no idea...but I like shopping for anything, so that's cool.) I am planning to get a Chinese lamp for my room...those rectangular box-shaped ones with chinese calligraphy down one side...I love those things.
I slept for hours, I'm certainly getting a lot of sleep these days. Then my cousin came over and we watched the final episode of "Meteor Garden" and had a ball over the bloopers. Then she came to relax in my room and we went through a lot of the misc junk on my table I was planning to throw. I have A LOT of misc junk...I really do. I'm that sort of a person who finds that her pen's run out of ink and then replaces it back in the pen holder instead of throwing it out...I collect a lot of lousy pens that way. I also have a whole shelf full of soft toys and misc memorabilia from other countries. Some of the more noticeable ones are a er, fancy matchbox from Norway, a white pony from Germany (I love that pony *_*), a mini Statue of Liberty from America, several little gifts from friends...just, a lot of stuff. I'm wondering if I should throw it away but you know that feeling you get when you're reminiscing and you think of "that old bear" or something and then you wonder if you still have it and you go search for it but realize you had thrown in out in the last move? I hate that kind of feeling. Like I'm gonna lose a whole slice of my childhood if I don't keep this stuff close. Really, it's an awful thing.
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:53 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Oh yes and THANK YOU to all the people who bid me get well soon. You guys are the best! **T_T**
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 02:46 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Searching for fonts and wingdings... *frowns* I need a sakura flower wingding... =/ The household is quieter now...a while ago my aunt was over and everyone was packing except me. Tsk. ("Later! I'll do it later!" *nonchalant wave*) Pizza Dude is a great kinda reminiscent of =D I always liked cute design.
Alright, enough of these short uninteresting entries...the headache is worsening! One has to be in the mood to blog, especially all these short little entries pointing out inconsequential stuff...but I said that...anyway. My head really hurts. (Is it the beer? Cos beer and a recently recovered person just don't mix.) O_o; I'm going to browse a couple more fonts while waiting for my downloads to complete, and then go shower and sleep or something.
*suddenly remembers* Angie's birthday is next Wednesday! *stares at wallet* No money! No present! Gaaah!! O___o;;;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 02:42 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Now there's a cool layout if I ever saw one. Reminds me a lot of the X-Files and yeah! TV Mobile LOL! XDD Toshi, I don't know how many eps my vcds contain...really. O_o; *opens the box to check* Oh. Okay, 6 vcds each containing three 18. Yeah, 18. ^_^
Speaking of layouts, man I really wish I could be like a certain OP fanatic and create gorgeous layouts at the snap of a finger. This blog is looking ooollldd...even Zac had a frigging new layout before me...even if it *searches for a word* Offensive? ^_^;; Ehehehe. ^_^;;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 02:22 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
T___T I knew it...everyone just gets to despise X (and Kamui) sooner or's a phase all X fans have to go through or something...I did too...then I just began to simply tolerate it...and then slowly started liking it again. X is that kind of a series. Brings out all those mixed reactions you never knew you had... -_- And Selene...I dunno. I guess there is a certain time in the year everyone just gets sick of their homes ya know? (JK...I have some weeird humour...)
I wonder if people are finding these frequent short entries annoying...I dunno, sometimes I get like that...all bloggy and stuff. I surf around and see something I like and then have to drop some word about it. Is this what a tipsy Charlene does? I should start crowding everything into one entry like I used to normal people do. *blinks*
...My dad is playing Christmas carols played with some funky instruments (can't tell what they are)'s drowning out Funny Bunny. Are we a Christmassy family or what?
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 01:30 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Hehehehe!! What a cute domain name! I'm assuming it came from Tamahome waving Japanese fans with that big money-hungry grin on his face?
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 01:14 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2001
Wow...I think I am just the teeny weeny little bit tipsy. *giggles* My mom gave me half a bottle of beer..mmmmhh... I like beer. LOL and my dad said, "You're already about drunk you stupid papadum." A papadum being a very delicious Indian snack.
I went to the library yesterday and borrowed a couple of books. "The Catcher in the Rye" was good...and now I'm reading "The House Guest." Nice. ^_^ (I was going a bit crazy a while back for something to read...I really have nothing to read in this house!! *clutches hair and screams* My financial resources ran out on me early in the week so manga was out....hrm.)
Ugh, I have a headache now.
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 01:01 p.m.

Saturday, November 10, 2001
*sits and stares* How come I never get invited along to go buy more new lights for the new house? *sits and stares somemore* Could it be because...I slept at 5 this morning and awoke at 1...? Then how come I have to take care of the moving people whom my mom forgot were coming today? *thinks* Could it be because...I got left behind? *pause* But how come I never get invited along to buy new lights for the new house? ........ (I'll have something more worthwhile to read later on today...stay tuned...or something...)
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 02:03 p.m.

Friday, November 9, 2001
Whyyy are my parents not home yeeet~~~?? I mean I like being alone at home and all...but not so late in the night! This is disturbing. I'd better go find something to occupy myself with before I freak the hell out of myself with my runaway imagination...
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:43 p.m.

Friday, November 9, 2001
Weeheehee! Raydance is the coolest! *_* She made such an awesome Mikagami last year. I missed you too Raydance! (and "....." to your brother cosplaying as Chichiri...there goes my one and only option... -_-;) Of course, I could just don that old Sanosuke jacket and prance all over the place Sano-style but that would be...old. =/ =/ Pre-registration date ends 1st December. To go or not to go!? *_*;;;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 07:21 p.m.

Friday, November 9, 2001
It is confirmed! We are most definitely (^^;) going to move into the new home on Nov 24th! Yay!! ^__^ I saw my new room a while back...I'm so excited about having a new room to decorate! *_* I am debating whether to keep my RK posters around though...I have quite a handful which keep falling off the wall (lousy blutack), as well as some DNAngel...a whole wall dedicated to ASUKA colour pages...three Ah My Goddess! posters, and two X CLAMP wallscrolls. I love X! ^_^
Today was spent mostly in bed, re-reading Love Hina and Karekano (fantastic series!! :3) and sleeping. Ugh, I hate when I fall asleep while reading manga...I'm in an awkward position and almost always wake up with an awful back ache. O_<;
I initially planned to go scanning (a-scanning we will go!) this morning but my cousin was still sleeping... =/ Ah well, I can go later tonight. I need need need to find a nice image for Shizukesa's next layout but can't seem to locate any good ones! This sucks. =_=; I don't remember ever having this much trouble... (Any recommendations for good artbook galleries anyone?)
There is a cockroach lying by the entrance to the kitchen which I watched struggle for its last moments of life last night, while I shivered and debated whether I had the courage to step over it and if it could possibly through some tremendous feat of strength jump on me as I did so. I HATE ABHOR DETEST roaches... *shiver*
Yes...another boring entry on Charlene's mundane on-vacation life... (BTW!! Does anyone wanna see...EYECANDY??!!) More later...starting to feel sick again... -_-;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 06:59 p.m.

Friday, November 9, 2001
I of my favourite things to do is to rewatch all those horror movies which used to freak the hell out of me when I was young, and point and openly laugh at the un-scariness while inwardly slightly embarrassed at the wuss I used to be (and now, in many ways, still am... ^_^;;;).
Last night I watched The Blob again and was amazed that a thick huge pile of rubbery goo with a couple of gruesome rubber face masks could give Charlene at six so many endless nightmares. I never learnt to brush my teeth alone in the night then, because of that show! Not to mention going to the loo...I used to keep imagining the Blob coming out of the toilet bowl and deluging me in pukey stuff mixed with dead corpses among other...pukey stuff. *coughs* I never slept alone until nine or ten I think. *hides*
Now I'll just have to conquer that giant cockroach which haunted me in my childhood and I'm all set.
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:45 a.m.

Friday, November 9, 2001
Haha!! Tis me! Back from the dead!! ...well, not quite.
I've been sick with gastritis for a couple days now, as well as been down with a terrible headache/giddiness which feels like really bad jetlag. =/ Ugh, but apart from feeling like I have to throw up or have to run to the toilet and come out a couple pounds lighter, I'm feeling much better now. ^_^;;
Nothing of much interest has happened to me these past couple days, or if you consider my condition, nothing could have happened. =/ I went to my Grandmother's place for her birthday on Sunday, went out with my cousin to a movie on Monday, went furniture and clothes shopping with my mom on Tuesday, rolled around in bed moaning in agony on Wednesday, and had to get up early today to get my tuition work done before my tutor came, which she didn't because her baby had a fever. O_<
I purchased a couple of things in the trips to the malls on Monday and Tuesday. :D I got the RK OVA OST CD (lol) which is really beautiful, two pretty rings, a denim hooded jacket which I really like, and this Tare Panda keychain which is really cute. ^_^ Believe me, I'm not into Tare Panda, Hello Kitty and all those cutesy (money-draining) merchandise, but this keychain is really fun! It's this bell-shaped container with a small slot at the end. When you shake it, a plastic er, thing shoots out the slot which contains advice written in cheesy gold chinese characters. For instance, you know in Japanese manga, on New Year's Day, the Japanese head for the temple to pray for whatever they desire and then they receive some slip of paper which tells them how their luck for the new year will be. (Keitarou gets Xiong in Love Hina, which means really bad luck!) Yeah, like that. So far, I've received "Your people skills will improve tremendously" and "A confession to your crush will succeed." XD; Mucho fun.
Angie has to go back to school for extra lessons these two weeks, so I shall be lonely and unproductive for the time being. *rolls into a ball and waits for someone to prod her out of hibernation*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 10:25 a.m.

Saturday, November 3, 2001
Right, just shove it all back in my face whydontcha? >_< *kill* Lex, my cousin bought the music CD F4 produced which was totally unrelated to Meteor Garden (well--except for the fact they are known as F4) and, if I'm not wrong...those're the ones which come with posters. The Meteor Garden vcds should come in a box set of 20 costing S$40 (??) with some printed autographs if they are original. Then there's the Meteor Garden soundtrack which is a music CD with tracks from Meteor Garden most of which aren't really good, except for this one Wo Yao De Ai which is the ending theme. Ceres has her own rendition of it available for download so if you're interested, go get it. *niko*
XDXD... *glomps futago-chan* Will do!
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 10:31 p.m.

Saturday, November 3, 2001
*cringes as Alexa's words sting viciously* they are a boyband...and they can't sing to save their lives...and they're four androgynous guys two of which look like dumbasses (one with a really big nose and another who dresses geekily)...only two of them look truly good...they were moody and there were shrieking fangirls... *sniffles desolately* I only tagged along (for a grand total of almost twelve hours, nine of which were spent in the rain) because my friends were so crazy about them and I thought I would be too when I was there but in the end it really sucked... *stares at crummy Vanness poster lying on the ground because the blutack failed to stick* ......
But really, yeah, the F4 come from the Taiwanese Live Action drama series of Hana Yori Dango titled Meteor Garden. They have their own album too...which sucks. (That's why I didn't buy it see!? My cousin bought it and gave me the pass see!? So I figured since everyone wanted to go I might as well tag along right!?) Now now, all the dozens of fans just rolling right into this blog through those piles of F4-related searchengine queries don't get too upset with me. The album does suck. I don't even use "suck" a lot, but I've already used it three or four times in this entry...which really does prove my point. Believe me, my speech patterns are something to go by. =_=;
Yeah and Alexa? I do like my mention of the Trembling Blue Stars below too. *smirks and leaves for the great free music*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 10:02 p.m.

Friday, November 2, 2001
Waaahh...I'm back from the F4 Autographing (?) Session...tired. =_=; We spent about 5 hours sitting on wet newspaper and cardboard in the endless drizzle playing Alley Way, Tetris and Battle City on Angie's Gameboy. When we weren't doing that, we were belting out all the Japanese songs we knew by heart. After that, we spent some four hours standing and moving inch by inch down the lengthy pavement until the policemen pushed the barrier close when we were just about to get there. More waiting. Many false alarms. All of a sudden a frigging police van drives by and we realize they'd just arrived. Scream scream scream. Aching legs, drenched and pathetic. More waiting. Then the policemen decide to have us line up from the back and suddenly we're up to ankles in mud and being shoved left and right, having people's hair stuck in our face. Looks like the idea of opening our umbrellas up from the ground might come in handy for keeping a one metre radius of breathing space around us. More waiting, this time in the mud and dark. Shove, shove, the occasional "Bitch. Quit shoving." Then...finally!!
They didn't autograph...instead a stamp with their four signatures was stamped on our items (in my case, a CD). They came out. Vanness in bright red, Dao Ming Si in baby blue, Xi Men in something insignificant (as usual) and Zai Zai looking boring. Dao Ming Si had the absolutely nicest gaze which held yours and seemed to look deep within you. He didn't seem tired in the least, though he must've been. So sincere, just like a puppy dog! *_* *_* *_* Vanness disappointed me; I'd expected him to be all smiley and friendly, but he seemed rather reluctant to offer his ;__; I'd really been looking forward to asking him for a kiss but the police would push you along (rather unceremoniously too) if you stayed too long (i.e. more than say 4 secs). Xi Men sucked. Enough said. He looked totally uninterested and indifferent, everyone said so and was pissed. Will bypass him the next time (if there is a next time) something like that is organised again. Zai Zai was so adorable! He was the only one who said "Thank you" and he had a little goofy smile on his I was so glad and relieved my hands weren't clammy and cold like they get almost everytime I get nervous. (I wasn't really nervous...the atmosphere just wasn't there.)
Anyhow...all in all, I really didn't think it was worth it. I mean...nine hours? Just for what--30 seconds of shaking hands with people I don't even like as much as say the Trembling Blue Stars, some of which didn't even seem to appreciate our perseverence. >_< Nah, not worth it. I did go anyhow, and at least now I can say "Hey, I shook his hand before!" when I watch them on TV.
Tired...sleep now. z_z;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:28 p.m.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
*is listening to more Maximilian Hecker* Ahhh...such a sweet melting voice...
Everyone (1 2 3) seems to be making voice recordings. I want a microphone too. ^_~;; Emi has a gorgeous Hanakimi layout... **T__T** I am bored. *rolls on floor and all over room for a moment* I should make more of these random nonsensical inconsequential boring uninteresting entries. *goes back to rolling*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:04 p.m.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Ri Bi Cwuba Vit abs abt xisw-swxuogweubf fwbuya iyr rgwew: U gacw ri asnur rgar aurrubf ib a xkiys qiyks vw ibw id rgw niar oewxuiys rgubfa ri si...ibw xabbir gwko unafububf qgar ur qiyks vw kujw. Aidr, awewbw, gwacwbkt. A xkiys ua ayxg a sewant okaxw...ur awwna aa rgiyfg ibw xiyks kucw a sewan rgwew. Abs qgar a sewan rgar qiyks vw!
Vyr rgiyfg a xkiys nat awwn rgw owedwxr okaxw ri seiqb ibwawkd ub...U'n adeaus U agakk akqata vw adeaus id aqajubf ri rgw cuxuia oykk id feacurt. Sewanubf ua a vwayrudyk vyr oaubdyk rgubf.
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 06:21 p.m.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
I've been attending school faithfully like a good girl even though everyday consists of a whole bunch of free periods. =_=; Weell...I wouldn't actually be going if the vice-principal hadn't specifically called our class up (only our class mind you) and warned us about truancy and absenting ourselves before the holiday began. Maaan...
Today we had a Christmas concert in our was actually really pleasant. (It's early because term is ending this Friday.) Christmas is the only festive occasion I really love and enjoy (Chinese New Year is simply too hot; even with the oranges and red packets...) and I just delight in experiencing the Christmassy light, pleasant and wonderful. It's not like I like giving or anything, far from it in fact...I just enjoy that holiday an awful lot. It has always held some magic for me and opening your eyes on Christmas morning is just one of the nicest things to feel I think. Yay, I'm so glad I'm feeling Christmassy already.
I've been spending my days in a mix of worry about next year (dreaded O Levels...) and absolute sloth-ish idleness. ^_^ My final year results aren't out yet, but I have an idea of what they will be. I'm semi-relieved because I did better than several in the class, but because this is C class and not A like it used to be, I'm also not stupid enough to delude myself that these are the kind of marks I want to get next year. I failed A Math...LOL...but I did pretty good for D Math...interesting eh.
Garasu no Kamen tortured me for a period of time, but I'm over angsting over that HORRIBLE cliffhanger Suzue Miuchi left her readers with. Wow...does anyone know at all when the next volume will be out? =/ =/ =/
F4 is this Friday...I am excited, psyched, invigorated. *_* *_* *_* Am planning to skip school that day even though we're supposed to receive our report books then (thank god my parents don't have to see the teacher...gah.) and depart for there early, meaning morning...even though they're arriving at 7.30. ^_^;;; I am under the influence of some very scary people...
Ugh...there is this nagging thought that I should be doing site and tuition work in the back of my head...b-b-but... >_<; *swats at it*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 05:58 p.m.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
I just completed volume 41. *sigh* This is just not getting any better for me AT ALL. The volume ends on a really reeeaally killer cliffhanger...this is killing me.
Heh...Phil is showing me his lovely neighbourhood...I'll blog later!
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 06:10 p.m.

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