Sunday, October 28, 2001
OHOHOHOHO~~~!! *^.^* I feel your pain, I really do Zac. Now let me just ease your discomfort/fear/paranoia a little by saying I JUST CAN'T WAIT for you to visit us here in Sunny Singapore so I can finally get my hands on your throat and squeeze/wrench/wring every molecule of oxygen out of your skinny little trachea! ^___^ Let's just hope the flu/horrible Charlene nightmares/lack of sleep doesn't finish you off before I get to you first. ^___^ *patpat* There there, take it easy now, old fellow.
..... *is wondering whether the satisfaction of posting this entry is worth the humongous drop in hits she'd get after* Ah, to hell with that. ^___^
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Sunday, October 28, 2001
*biiig sigh* Now this is a Charlene you'll never see. I just washed the entire house by myself. *grins* Wow...Charlene without manga suddenly becomes super productive eh. I haven't been able to get volumes 38-41 of Glass no Kamen so the weekend was *laughs* fruitless. Yeah I'll stop whining about that now.
This morning I went to see the doctor about my ear, which seems to have developed an infection. O_o; My parents went along because my dad wanted to see our new turned out to be a huuuge disaster. I dunno but everytime my family moves, my parents just get highly irritable and abrasive. *thinks back to past times* When Charlene was nine or ten, that was just about the worst period of time in her family. Her dad blew his top at everything, her mom was sad and weak a lot of the time. I remember my dad once belted the washing machine till the front of the poor machine was destroyed...all because his pants were ruined in the wash. I dad getting the bamboo stick (yeah, it seems funny sure wasn't then) and making me sit down in front of him and telling me he'd fracture me the next time I got him mad. My dad has a very scary, uncontrollable temper. I have no idea why or how my mother puts up with him...but y'know, I really respect her for it. I mean, I used to urge my mom to file a divorce against him...and I was ten. Yikes. XD; But anyhow. This morning, they got into this really huge fight. For maybe the first time in my life I saw my mom stick up to my dad, not merely for the sake of defending herself from him, but with real pride and fury. She broke down after that however...she's gone out now...I don't know what time she'll be back or where she's gone... =/ I think...I think my mom was really psyched about the new home and my dad just blew things with his temper and apparent like for squashing people flat so they have to look up to him. So, for a while after that happened, I took myself to hide and cried for a little while. It was so pitiful that I should have felt pity for myself at that time...but I did. So, as compensation, I cleaned the home! ^_^ I wonder if my mom will notice if she gets back. I wonder...are people reading this and thinking "dysfunctional family"? I have certainly never thought of my family that way. But y'know...I don't exactly know how other people's families function.
I watched more Argento Soma today...yay. I really like it. I am still waiting for the call from the manga store owner to say Glass Mask has been returned but it hasn't come yet. I am hungry. I need to work on my siiiites~~! I need to work on my tuition woooork~~! I am sitting here thinking I'll go get myself a snack and watch more Argentooo~~!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2001
Just a quick blog while I wait for my cup noodles to cook, and before I rush off to read volumes 26 to 37 of Garasu no Kamen (Thanks to Selene for clarifying!). That's what I've been busy with. Manga. ^_^;;; I'm seriously so deep into this series...I spent my allowance on it first day of the week, managed to wheedle $10 from my mom after that and spent that too...and finally borrowed some from my friends and relied on old debts to rent the volumes today. *siighs*
Well...noodles're cooked...I'll be back...after I've completed the series (or all the books there are available of it...) For now, ja~!
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Sunday, October 21, 2001
HEY!! I found out about the series! It's called "Garasu no Kamen" or "Glass Mask" by Suzue Miuchi...and it turns out it is a super famous manga series which several Japanese actresses seemed to have been inspired by. *_* *_* *_* GO. HERE. NOW.
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Sunday, October 21, 2001
I was supposed to tag along with my mom and aunts on a furniture shopping trip at IKEA, but ended up not going because I didn't feel too well. I've been down with flu for a while now and spent the past couple of days in my room reading manga. ^_^ (.....)
There is this series I simply cannot get enough of...I know it may sound like any other series I've talked about before, but just listen. Once again, I have no idea what the Japanese title is...but anyway. The first page shows a little girl with thick black hair and large starry eyes prancing on her way to school with a big happy smile. (I don't know her name either, let's just call her Emily.) "Emily...a plain enough looking girl...her grades aren't any great...yet is there to comprehend the fiery passion that burns within her tiny frame?" so the first page goes.
The story unwinds. We discover Emily comes from a poor family owning a noodle shop, which does deliveries. Emily is known as stupid, clumsy and useless, and everytime she gets sent to make a delivery to the cinema...she always stops by one of the theatres to watch the movie and gets mesmerized by it. A black-clad woman at the theatre notices her and thinks "That girl again?" After an hour or so of standing by the door watching in fascination, she has to rush home and get scolded again.
When a co-worker at the noodle shop carelessly offers her a ticket to a movie her boyfriend got her in exchange for doing all the deliveries the next day (the busiest day for the noodle shop), Emily agrees immediately and does so...completing all 100 jobs on the dot at 12 am. She is ready to drop by the time she does so, and when she asks of the ticket from the co-worker, the latter, bitter and selfishly compelled into giving in, lets it get blown away by the breeze into a nearby river. "Sorry, not my problem it blew away!"
Emily of course dives is the middle of the night, freezing and remember she just did 100 deliveries...and retrieves her ticket, shivering but jubilant. Everyone is shocked and appalled beyond measure. "Insane...she is completely insane!"
Later on, Emily commences acting...her first role is of a stupid ugly beggar woman in her school play...which she does excellently. When a prince is about to be executed, but is told he would be let off if anyone in the town square was willing to marry him...the beggar woman offered, and he exclaimed, "What a hideous woman! I'd much rather die than marry her!" Now, at this point in time, the teacher told Emily to react in a way that would make the audience laugh. But Emily was so distraught that her mother did not come to the play to watch her because she was too ashamed of her daughter playing a beggar woman, as well as her acting instinct makes her keel over, clutch her face and cry, "Oh how I grieve! Am I so ugly, so stupid, that to marry me would be worse than dying!" The audience is of course bowled over by her performance.
The black-clad lady we met earlier is observing all this meantime, and she has great plans in mind for Emily. Later on, Emily is given the opportunity to continue doing the only thing she can do in life, act...and she meets several friends, enemies and obstacles. Yay...what a great manga. ^_^ The art is very Utena-ish, or should I say the other way around, because this manga is what--8 years old (maybe more) and it is still ongoing...with about 41 volumes to its credit. ^_^; So far I've only read the first six, and am utterly in love with it. I really have never seen a series quite like it. It is just like reading a Grimm fairytale except in manga. The story is not without romance as well, and well. It is just an amazing series. I'm thinking of going to the manga store again today to rent whatever else I can of it...and I usually don't--not during the weekend, when my parents can zoom in and go, "What's that!! Wasting my money again I see!!" =_=; that's what's been going on with me. Manga. ^_^; The author of that series is Suzue Miuchi by the way...I'm hoping someone can provide me with the title, but I'm guessing that's not really possible...ah well. I need to go get some site work done.
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Friday, October 19, 2001
TIN'S MOVED HERE!!! Geh, finally. Found you at a permananent location, nee-san. ^___^ Anna and I miss you too. Muchly. I haven't talked to you in ages! ;__; Geesh. *hugs*
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Thursday, October 18, 2001
New layout for Onnatachi! ^_^ Please to go see...the background was tough to create from scratch. (I didn't use any images of textures or anything.) Anna! I RENTED PENGUIN BROTHERS (along with a whole stack of random shoujo manga :3)! XDD;; I actually stumbled upon it by accident, and was gasping like a fish when I realized it was the manga you've been so into of late. The chinese title is literally translated as "Penguin Boys." The store owner said it was a fantastic read. ^_~ And--about that whole school rule thing, I can utterly completely empathise. I know exactly how it feels to have illogical rules about my own self appearance forced down my throat. Sheesh, my school took about a year to "decide" whether or not to let us grow long hair and then guess what. "Girls...we have come to a decision about the hair will not be changed, and you will keep your dowdy black hair accessories on your shockingly ugly short hair which makes you look like obedient easy to push around three year olds." God. >_< >_<
Garion! I didn't know you were that into shoujo manga!! *beaaaams* Hmm...recommendations... *frowns* The top at my list would still have to be Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi E or Tou Tou Ai Zhe Ni in chinese. It is such a heartwarming hilarious and satisfying shoujo series. You'll love it I know. =D If for some reason you can't find it, you can also try Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo or Nan Nu Qiao Qiao Ban. I'm sure you've heard of the anime, and the manga is just as good, if not better. I heard from a manga store owner that several guys liked it, so I'm thinking you'll like it too. There are just too many other excellent but less well known/liked series, so if you've finished those, or don't like them, you can just holler for more recommendations. I'll be HAPPY to provide them. XD;
Well, the personality test turned out to be a workshop organised and run by this group called "Thumbsup." They are pretty cool actually, young adults in bright orange attire who bound from place to place with frightening energy. (Well actually only one of them is truly like this.) You won't want to hear all the boring details of the actual program, the one most interesting (and shocking) thing to me was that one of the facilitators (orange people), Ronald who is 28, resembled Zac in every possible way...even physically! I was so stunned when I saw him, because I immediately thought of that silly hentai moron with his ever present sarcasm. =/ =/
Oh and there has been a sudden superabundance of mosquitoes in my house. For some strange reason, whenever there is a mosquito in the room, the first person to get bitten will always be me. Like I'm some sort of signal or something. Well, this time it's gotten really bad. The sides of my face are adorned with huge red bites, along with my arms, neck, legs and feet. If I lift my fringe I can actually see a whole column of scabs (ok ok! so when I scratch...I scratch hard!) on my left cheek. My forehead looks like some disaster area as well. I don't even want to mention the night it/they followed me to the pc and had a whole all you can eat buffet on my feet and soles...that was truly horrendous. *is traumatized*
We sprayed insecticide all over the house twice, and it still survives! Is this some kind of new mutant mosquito species immune to chemicals!? Even right now, as I am typing, it/they could be perching on the monitor and looking down at its half-finished off meal and licking its/their chops. *glances nervously around* If this doesn't stop, I'll be dead by next week I tell you. Sheesh, and people wonder why I look anaemic. (I have greenish blue complexion, esp in the mornings...scary.)
Oh yes! A wonderful piece of good news: My lovely cousin purchased the F4 CD so I am now the proud owner of a pass to the F4 autographing session in J8. I was so shocked when she offered to give it to me, because she herself worships them...but it seems she not only has tuition that night, but also a gathering with her friends. Hmp...silly...nice but silly.
Yeah yeah...I should archive...yeah I'll get to it. *grumbles*
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Wednesday, October 17, 2001
YAY, all these pretty Hanakimi layouts popping up. Yay. ;_; Everyone should love Hanakimi! *cheers*
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Wednesday, October 17, 2001
*claps* I'm feeling so entirely rested and relaxed today... *slow contented smile* If I were a cat now I would purr and swish my tail. (Where did that come from. o.o) Well, I spent the early morning (why do I always get up early on holidays but am unable to on school days?) entertaining myself with watching brilliant blue catfish build nests on the National Geographic Channel, and eating little fish-shaped chocolate. XD
The later part of the morning (or right now) I'm listening nonstop to Ken Hirai's "Why" and Utada Hikaru's "Final Distance", I haven't been into JPOP since my Ayumi Hamasaki craze. ^_^; I planned my next Shizukesa update and tried working on some new layouts, but got distracted and lazy. ^^;; Later I am planning on completing the rest of Tenshi no Uta (it is turning out to be a satisfactory shoujo series indeed! *_*) and waiting for my tutor to arrive...problem is, I can't recall what time she said she'd come, so I'm crossing my fingers she'll come later, or better still, not come at all.
Last night I got to talk to people!! *__* (It has been too long.) I talked to Anna, Phil, Selenity, Joey and even saw Royce!! *_* Too bad I had to leave, although I did go online later, only to find Royce idle (or not at his pc) and everyone gone. =/ =/
I really want to get started on my sites now...I can't remember the last time I was so excited about working on my current sites, and not making new ones. I really should start focusing on my present sites. ^.^; I have really been neglecting Mononisuru and Suki? too much...also need to get those unfinished sections in Heart of a Tennyo completed.
I don't know what I like so much about making or working on's not like I get tons of visitors, far from it in fact. I like writing about the series and characters I like, I suppose...and I also love sharing all of it...and also best of all, introducing visitors to series I adore. ^_^
Wow, can anyone tell I really am in a good mood? XD
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Tuesday, October 16, 2001
Today, exhilarated and jubilant that the exams have finally ended, I made my way down to Junction 8 to watch "America's Sweethearts" and then later to HMV to look for the Trembling Blue Stars, as well as to find out more about the F4's appearance at The Heeren. appears we'll have to get special passes to be able to attend the autographing session...which is bleh. We have to buy a $20 CD to get that pass in J8, and do something else to get it at the Heeren. =__=;; (We were kinda depressed when we heard that, we really didn't bother to find out more after.) Well, Candice says she just might be able to pull some strings through her mother to get free passes, but if she doesn't or can't, she'll probably purchase that $20 CD which she already has. I on the other hand, haven't really decided yet. I mean, I don't like the F4 as much as my friends, although I do think they are good looking and well worth the ogling and occasional fangirlish huzza. XD; I like Vanness especially, would be disappointed if I didn't get to kiss him, but it wouldn't exactly kill me to not see them. ^_~;;;
On the way home, Candice asked me to sing Trembling Blue Stars' "I No Longer Know Anything" to her...she seems to be falling in love with them. ^_^ (It feels good to spread it I know how Alexa feels.) She also talked of her boyfriend and the day they were gonna spend together tomorrow, and after she left, I suddenly turned all gloomy, lonely and deep in thought. I wonder how it would be like to love someone.
Anyway. Tomorrow I am having a day off from school (We're supposed to have two days off, but now they're taking one from us for a personality test of some sort. O_O!) and am also having a tuition session. Strangely, I don't feel as happy as I thought I would after the exams, but I definitely am relieved. I am very much looking forward to starting work on that Onnatachi layout, as well as my Yamadatarou Monogatari site. ^_^
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Tuesday, October 16, 2001
An entry I meant to post yesterday, but was being uncooperative.
AAAHHHHHH................ *^____=*
There is simply nothing better than laying back in ones bed in ones airconditioned room reading ones newly bought and rented manga drinking ones favourite nutritional drink which "cleanses. energises. builds." and eating fresh fruit. *sighs happily* Oh and of course knowing but not caring about that one last annoying exam the next day. :D
Today, feeling relaxed and happy that the absolute worst of everything is over, I went to return I's, rented 7 volumes of Tenshi no Uta (I've wanted to read it ever since I read Emi's review.) and bought NGE 2 (Eng translated version) as well as Random Walk 2 (Geh, I want to make a page for it now). *_* I am also looking forward to picking up TSK 2 the next time I return my manga. Also, in an inspirational stroke of WAFFy feelings towards my supportive and loving family ( dad who smokes in front of me and blows the poisonous fumes right in my face when I mom who is--well, entirely satisfactory... *grin*), I decided to go grocery shopping for some fruits because there have suddenly been a startling shortage of Vit C in our kitchen and I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone in the household is slowly but surely developing scurvy. *fierce glare* I bought plums, apples, kiwis and HUGE red tomatoes! *__* I have a terrible weakness for anything tomato...really.

Charlene: Ohhh! They're so sweet and ripe and red and juiiccccyy!! *fondly caresses the huge tomatoes* (They're "Holland Beef Tomatoes" *_* ...oh and they cost.)
Angie: Don't do that. It's obscene. You scare me. ;_;

Garion, yes it's true I usually go for shoujo manga, but I decided to spontaneously try something different this time. I'm pretty confident you'll like I's though. ;D Oh yes, and I've decided I should go rent Chobbits (why is it everytime I try typing this it turns out as Chobbuts?!) soon. I've liked all the CLAMP works (yes, even X) I've come across before and I'm sure this will be no exception. ^_^v
And everyone, V-chan has moved here with an extremely pleasant new layout. T__T Oh, it's low to use that image of Mizuki...she is just too cute there. I'll have to keep visiting your blog to ogle at her now, V-chan. ^_^ (Now don't anyone start telling me I have issues... *mutters* I have my hands full enough with bishounen as it is...)
OHHHH and!!! *nearly has a fit* It has been confirmed that all of the F4 are coming to Singapore on the 2nd and 3rd of November, first to Junction 8 at 7.30pm and then to the Heeren Shops at 2.30pm the next day. *____* I am planning to go both times hours before with my similarly (or should I say even more) obsessed friends, and am also...also...planning to ask Vanness whether I can kiss him. *bursts out into frightening fangirlish squeals* I spent the entire last half of the Chinese exam just picturing it. Mrehehe...hehe...heh. <3 <3 <3 Oh, I am so scary.
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Sunday, October 14, 2001
Aaah...let me ramble for a bit while I wait for my downloads to finish.
Two more exams to--well, no more exams! ^_^;; Chinese on Monday, and a subs Physics and Chem paper on Tuesday...which should be a breeze, since I studied for the second papers of both subjects earlier on. I'm _really_ not looking forward to Chinese though. =(
Well...having been deprived of manga for quite a while, I made my way to the manga store twice in the last three days, and picked up quite a bit. I got Hanakimi 11 (Finally!), Karekano 11 (the last volume came out months ago!) and Imadoki 3! ^_^ I also rented all of I's and actually like it. True, it is really hentai ( my opinion of course, according to Zac, he's seen much worse) and can be slightly distasteful at times... (Teratani that awful perv...) but really, it is a sentimental shounen manga, one you don't see a lot. I liked the ending! Yay! =D And I like Ichitaka now, for all the awfully hentai escapades he gets himself into, because he really is a genuine and sincere person. I mean, who can actually like and remain steadfast (well...kinda) in his love for a girl for 4 years! O_O; (Three he spent thinking it was a one-sided affair, the last year he had to spend in loneliness waiting for the girl to fulfill her dream of acting.)
Alright...I should go now. =/ I'm a little too hyper right now because I had a five hour nap earlier. ^_^ Yay for sleeping four to five hours consecutively each night for four days. O_<;
Well okay...I'll be going to bed now. Goodnight everyone! See you tomorrow maybe. Oh yes and about that whole Filia or whatever her name is incident...well, let's just say no comment, because I know everyone who has sense knows and agrees that she copied and still puts up a weak and see-through defence which falls through for everyone. I try not to say much about things like that because I don't like getting involved, but this is simply too blatant and outright an act of wanting attention which irritates me to no end.
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Thursday, October 11, 2001
Well hellooo... ^_^ It's been a while...I'm still very busy with exams, I have one single exam tomorrow, that's Bio, but I'll have to spend the rest of the day revising for it because there are A TON of facts to memorise. >_<; I'm talking TONS. *nods for emphasis*
Anyhow, I had my Lit paper today and it was the one paper I felt went really well since my exams began. We had the choice of two poems to interprete, well besides two other questions on "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, and I chose this one titled "The Human Abstract" by William Blake. It is such a pretty poem! ^_^ Really, this is one of the a few poems which have appealed to me in such a truthful sincere way. If you get the chance to read it, please do.
Belated thank yous to all the wonderful people who wished me luck for the exams. I really do appreciate it. ^_^ Also, Rose of has moved here. Good luck with getting the domain back up again, Rose! =/
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Saturday, October 6, 2001
..... *falls back half dead and frothing at the mouth*
Well, I'd forgotten how much I hated exams and the preparation for it. >_< But anyway. I'll have to put Spinel on a small temporary hiatus for the moment...till the Tuesday after next, which is the last day of my exams.
Also... *feels guilty for not catching with blogs for a while* There've been some very lovely new layouts appearing: at Joey's, Pei Yi's, Jen's(that's gorgeous! *_*) and Selene's. Oh and Lex, by "show", do you mean Meteor Garden? ^^; (Cos that's what I've been rambling about lately). Well, if you are, the VCDs are already out, and my friend has the whole set of 19. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get them online. *koff*They're so popular*koff*
Oh...and on an anime-related note: (which is almost never...really) I got Argento! Yah!! *shrieks* I'll have to wait till I watch it though. ;_;
Waiit... *is still dense about Lex's reference* It's not "Meteor Garden" I can see...what is it you're talking about? *shrivels up in embarrassment* ....
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Thursday, October 4, 2001
GEEEHHHH...just had a 4 hour tuition session with my teacher, and she plans to come on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Not that I dislike her or anything, in fact I think I like her too much to not do the homework she gives me...which is a lot more than I could say for my school teachers and homework. =/ Well, I am having my English and Chinese Compo exams tomorrow, as well as CME...Civics and Moral Ed, which is fairly easy...all you have to do is lie your head off about your morals and reactions to situations such as stealing etc. I guess the education system think they can enforce good morals upon us with exams like that, but really, they're just wasting their time. (And ours.)
I LOVE that!! *___* (And I'm not a fan of Inuyasha art too.) I would've commented sooner on Alexa's big fat fantastic update, but I didn't feel comfortable doing so on a strange PC. (Yes, my internet access has been restored...just at the beginning of the exam period too... O_<;) In fact I don't like blogging or typing at all on other computers...I'm too used to the feel and ease of mine. *frowns*
Oh and thankyousomuch Shinobu! *__* You don't know I much appreciate those comments, and making Spinel a featured blog. ;__; *feels all warm and happy* We've never been a featured blog before... ^__^vv
Kay, I'm off now to blog at Onnatachi *cringes as she thinks of what an irresponsible blogger she's been* and maybe go see if "Zaggy" is online so I can...I dunno, bug him. *grin*
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Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Oh. Just realized Candice, Angie and I unintentionally skipped Chinese class and thought it was break, when it actually wasn't. Well, so now we have another free period. *smirk* Right...let's see if I can actually complete an entry before the bell rings.
Nothing much happened during the weekend...I am enjoying "Vespertine" muchly; it's such a sparkly glittery dreamy album--something I enjoy listening to as I fall asleep. I have yet to get used to Jimmy Eat World far I like "Bleed American" and "The Middle" a lot, but I can't say the same for the rest of the songs...maybe, like Alexa with "Vespertine", I have yet to let it get to me. ^_^; I was really sad and disappointed that I wasn't able to find Trembling Blue Stars, and am planning to go down to HMV soon to find it. *_* (Alexa! What're you doing to us!) XD
Er, the exams begin this Friday and my tuition teacher, realizing that my math exams were on Monday and Tuesday, began to panic and is now planning to come tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Monday (at 10.30pm no less!!). =_=; I guess I should be grateful for her dedication and concern and all that, and yeah I am...but...!! *looks pained*
I heard that Jerry Yan of F4 (of Meteor Garden the LA Taiwan series) is coming to Singapore!! ^__^ My friend seems to have some *cough* connections and is hoping to be able to find out his flight details... so... ehehehe... mrehehehe... XDDD;;
OK, bell rung.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Pheww! Gah, made it through four days of no Internet access... ;__; Weell...technically five now, including today...I think I might be able to get my account restored by tomorrow though. =/ =/ =/
Thanks to everyone who commented on the photos! *beams and feels special* I'll resize them tomorrow when my access is restored hopefully. O_< Okay, I have to go now...lessons are starting. >________>;;;;;
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Sunday, September 30, 2001
Haha! Back at my cousin's PC...finally uploaded a couple of images of myself. The first two are of present day me (well...taken about last year I think) and the next are Chibi Charlene, sometimes with amused parent. O_o; Warning though, I didn't resize some of these, so they might take a LONG time to load! I'll resize them properly when Singnet starts up my account and I can access them again. =_=;; (Too lazy to get my diskette...)

I'm the taller one
Also the taller one O_o;
Ooh, I could make the cover of Vogue
Pouting That's my dad right there, he still looks the same to this day. O_o;

Yay, I went to Suntec today and bought two CDs!! *___* I haven't done that since Radiohead's Amnesiac...which was a long time ago. So, under Alexa's evil music influence, I bought Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American" and Bjork "Vespertine"...yes, I am's like a Charlene trait to be slow...ah well.
Kay now, see y'all on Monday! :D (is rushing off to catch Meteor Gardn the LA version)
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Saturday, September 29, 2001
Well. >_> Singnet decided to put my account on hold for the timebeing for no apparent reason at appears I have to call the sales department about it, but they are closed after six, which was when I found out that I vouldn't use the internet. >_< Gah, I'm mad.
So I'm using my cousin's pc now, as well as scanning a couple of photos and some Suki Dakara Suki manga images. XD Yay me. =_=;
Some of the photos I found in a locked and long forgotten drawer in my room, were simply adorable...I'll see if I can scan the one in which I was pouting as if I'd just woken up and my dad sat beside me laughing...I was two I think. XDDD;; I probably won't be able to get them up by mom wants me back earlier, cos there gave been a couple of scary incidents happening near our block lately... =/ But anyway.
So, bored and having nothing else to do on the PC, I went through a lot of the misc junk on my hard drive, including megabytes worth of saved RK fanfiction and megabytes also of misc anime images. Yay, I was having fun reading "These Changing Times" (That all too cool Sano/Misao pairing fic) and Tin's OLH, ROAD, Night, etc etc. I also found several Word documents of stories I'd once upon a time zealously started, but shelved while not even 5% into the story. And I even typed a little more of Black Rain! *_*
Oh, and it turns out Zac's not "in the country" like I thought...instead he is "in the rural countryside areas." >_<;
Well I'll see y'all on Monday.
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Thursday, September 27, 2001
Okay. *breathes* I finally completed AS last night, and by that time my eyes were so awfully dry and hurting (I read in a freezing airconditioned room late into the night) that I simply could not get much of what was going on towards the end...yes, think me dense, pathetic, etc etc... =_=; So much was going on that I seriously had no idea at first, then later began to slowly understand. I read it again during class today, and am really incredibly satisfied with its ending. *nods* Yuki Kaori wrapped it all up extremely well, and I am grateful she did not leave any of the more important characters out at the end, cos god knows just how many people there are that make up AS. O_o; There is so much more I could say, but I'd better not. I don't like spoiling people, or having huge apparently blank spaces of text which you have to highlight to read. O_<; (Uh huuuh...I just don't wanna admit I'm too lazy to go copy and paste the bg colour of my blog...) Well, all in all, AS is a fantastic series with fantastic characters and storyline, and though it ranks in say my top five favourite series...I don't think I could really call it an obsession, like I did other clear idea why though. ?_? (And I'm not being grudging here! >_<)
Alexa, I downloaded "I No Longer Know Anything" as well as "A Single Kiss" and "Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise," but that's about it. (or about what my connection could take yesterday >_<) The ones you mentioned sound really nice...I think I have a weakness for songs with titles such as these...I'll be sure to go download them once Audiogalaxy starts working again. >_< Speaking of music, y'all can view my current Winamp playlist here.
EH?! Zac says he is in the country...meaning Singapore? *__* He did say he was coming, though I thought he was arriving in December... O_o; Email me if you are, you hor--I mean hungry hippo.
Speaking of Singapore, Flipper! I never knew you were a Singaporean! *___* Woo! *makes victory signs for no apparent reason at all*
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Wednesday, September 26, 2001
Is currently:

- crunching on cranberry cereal :9~
- devouring more of Kira in #18
- jumping for joy that anipike added Suki?
- working on a new RG Veda layout for Onnatachi
- downloading more of Trembling Blue Stars and enjoying the mild elegance here
- catching up on blogs ^^;;
- rethinking over the long talk Angie and I had about friends, life, separation, people and how interesting observing their characters can be
- not doing any homework, nor intending to until after AS
- wondering why someone is avoiding me
- listening to Lamb's Gabriel *_*
- feeling slightly moody, restless and reminiscent of many many things

stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 06:28 p.m.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001
Oh no... O_o;; I am actually entertaining thoughts of making an AS shrine...this can't be happening. (Stop smirking over there! XD;;) I thought about it, and I am certain a shrine to the four angels (I have no idea what you actually call them), you know...Jibrille, Raphael, Michael and Uriel, of the four elements of Earth? ^_^ Well, I am certain a shrine to them would be tons of fun to make. ^__^ I have completed #16 now...going onto 17...hoping to finish that by tonight and then have time to get some work done on my tuition homework before I leave for school in the morning. (....) It's a wonder I don't look like a zombie eh.
Well, goodnight all...I'll see y'all tomorrow. *waves and hugs futago-chan* I'll blog there tomorrow dear! :3;
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Tuesday, September 25, 2001
*coughs and clears throat sheepishly* Er...uh...right. So I finally got round to picking the first Angel Sanctuary volume up, and forced myself to read it. I would be lying if I said the old boredom and periodic urges to throw the book down and go do something less...complicated and tiring were entirely gone...but I would also be lying if I said I did not undergo an utter and complete change of attitude toward this series, and am now changed ardent AS fan. Ok, my apologies to all the AS fans who read my self-righteous anti-AS entries and huffed in indignance at my foolish ignorance (XD). People like Joey may now be allowed to point and laugh heartily. =_=;;
This is hardly a good time to be getting into something new...the exams are in 10 days time...I am still fooling around and now, entirely swallowed up in my AS obsession...not good. O_<; I just can't bring myself to stop reading it though...and it takes me about a couple of hours to finish one single volume, which is really just amazingly slow, when you take into account that I once read volumes 10+ to 27 of Hana Yori Dango in one shot before.
AS is one hell of an angsty series, I can't believe I never noticed that before. I mean of course I knew it had its share of tragedy and drama (which must come with any series about incest, homosexuality, angels and devils and the battle of good and evil, etc), but definitely not...well, there. I can't count the number of times it has made me cry...and not just foggy vision or a lone tear down my cheek or anything like that...more like outright angsty sobbing. O_o;;
I guess one of the reasons why I lost interest in the past was really because the art didn't suit my taste and there were just too many Chinese words which escaped my pitiful scope of Mandarin vocabulary. Too many characters too... But now, if I try really hard and don't skip words too easily or quickly, I can actually get a lot of what is going on. (Duhhh Charlene... -_-) I have a couple of personal favourite characters (well who doesn't have a couple, with AS' diverse multitude of a supporting cast) and they are Zaphkiel, Katan (I will forever love him, the poor angsty boy... ;_;), Kira and Mad Hatter. *_* Too many others will go unmentioned, I couldn't possibly list them all, and I like too many of those oneshot characters who appear only for a short period of time, but whose entrance and exit play huge roles in the plot development. I'm now just beginning volume 14...this is slow believe took me the whole of yesterday evening to complete one and a half volumes...
Onto something less embarrassing and not manga related. ^_^;; I think...that one would be lying if one said she did not find guys approaching her in public flattering...but I also think that people who think it is the most fantastic compliment a guy could pay a girl, should think again. (And many more times after that too.) I have been approached/leered at three times this week and last, and am so utterly sick of it I could just turn around and bite the next person's head off. I think the guy who did it today nearly did (get his head bitten off I mean)...I would have anyway, if he hadn't retreated with his sheepish friend quietly after I said in a pained and resentful voice, "Please. Get lost." One of these days, I'll probably get hit by some ruffled beng (loudmouthed jerk...opposite of lian, see previous entries if you will) gangster person for saying that... =/ *shakes head in disgust*
Oh yes! And everyone who likes deep melancholy yet softly appealing tunes should go download Trembling Blue Stars' "A Single Kiss" from Milk Cocoon now... *__* I love Alexa's music taste...well most of the time. ^_^
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Saturday, September 22, 2001
All of a sudden I feel an urge to describe two of my friends, or rather two of the slightly closer circle of people which surround me at school. I realize I have a whole lot of very different friends, some of which don't get along with each other, but more or less can get along with me.
There is one, in particular, who baffles me. Ever since she came to this class, she has been biting people's heads off and being angry at and about everything and everyone. None of her friends from her original class came with her to our class, so she started out kind of lonely, and perhaps that is the reason why she clung to me and Angie (we sit beside her) first thing. We don't mind of course, and she can be a lot of fun if only she wanted to be, but she was always rolling her eyes at us, giving that "how stupid can you get" look and saying "You suck" all the darn time. No exaggerations here, this really happened literally every single day in the past. I got into some serious conflicts with her then, because I simply could not stand how she behaved (as if everyone was pitifully inferior) and also as if she could not stand how we behaved. If she really couldn't, well she could just up her ass and go find some friends elsewhere, it really wouldn't affect me, but no, she sticks with us and persists in joining us in almost every single thing...which is really just highly irritating. =/ Things have improved a lot now, and at least I've learnt how to accept her for her and converse with her without us each turning into vindictive clawing bitch cats (lol), but she just has an overall really heavily pessimistic outlook on everything, and sometimes it gets tiring to be around her. I visited her live journal yesterday, and it was just chock full of awfully abrasive and depressing entries. She was mad at "all the stupid ignorant fools surrounding her at school and at home" and wanted everyone to "JUST FUCKING SHUT UP". After this, I realized that she really was awfully lonely being without a real bestfriend in her class (we are just people she hangs out with), and well although I still feel that just about 80% of all her problems are self-inflicted, I guess I should try to pay more attention to her problems when I next see her. *shrugs*
Another, she used to be my bestfriend and perhaps, in some ways, still is. She is a fantastic person to be with, one of those always in the limelight vivacious and contagious people, the person whom everyone wants to be with. The reason why we are bestfriends no longer was because she had hurt me once, possibly without knowing, or knowing but not caring, and although I attribute some of this to her outspokenness (I'm not criticizing her here nor am I being bitter...keep in mind I still like her very much), most of it is due to her selfishness in wanting everyone to pay attention to her and her only, and thus she indirectly hurts others in her desire to ensure that this be so. Now, I am a very sensitive person, and pay very special attention to anything a close friend or bestfriend says about or to me, and if I receive criticism or an indirect insult, I will take it very seriously and very hard. Perhaps that is why I take very special care in choosing my closest friends, because I could be hurt very badly by someone whom I treat as a person close to me. And the fact that my friend, whom I am certain of being a perceptive and strong minded person, knowing I was this way, still hurt me, well...really turned me off ever wanting to be close to her again, or as close as I was in the past anyway. Now, I have a lot of fun with her on the surface, but there is always this wariness or guardedness I have of her that keeps me from getting too close again.
These two persons are constantly around me and Angie, and are such a big part of my school life, I feel like I have to stand back and look at them carefully, and try to avoid getting hurt or hurting them further in the future.
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Friday, September 21, 2001
Yayy, just back from the Sec 4 Farewell...which went tremendously well!! XDDD;;; All the Sec 1s and 2s put up crap items (heh) like lousy dancing etc. and our little LYBOM video stole the show entirely! ^__~ It did too! Apart from playing Satine, Nicole Kidding and Jennifer Lowass, I was also Eve Sandler (Adam) singing the "Linda Song" ... you remember? The one from "The Wedding Singer"? Yeah, that one. (You don't know how much I need you, etc... chorus: but it all was bullshit!! It was a goddamn joke! And when I think of you Linda I hope you fucking choke!!") Yeah well, what was really funny about it was that our cameraperson was supposed to censor that part out with a beep, but she came too late so it went: "I hope you fucking *beeeeeep*!!" It was SO funny, cos everyone knew how the song actually went! In the end we had to drown out that bit with a yell because the teachers were there and well, letting them hear that would be, needless to say, not so good.
I'm still in my puffy ribbony blue and white embroidered cotton blouse and flare jeans...I had a bandanna and some other cute accessories on which I just got today, right before the event with I actually had about 15 minutes to change and get ready earlier to avoid being late.
I stopped by at the Pasar Malam (Night Market which travels from estate to estate every three days) just now and purchased a pirated version of something called Photoshop Elements...I don't know what it is...I'll have fun finding out tomorrow though, I'm sure... ^_^; I nearly bought a pair of Powerpuff Girls flip flops...lucky I hadn't the money else I would've succumbed to the insanity of it... O_o;;
I'm going to be good now, and devote the whole weekend to A and D Math...seeing as tests of both subjects are scheduled on Monday, along with my dreaded Chinese Oral, plus a Geography test on Thursday, and a Lit and Chem test on Friday. What a horrible week ahead! *_*;;; And that's not forgetting my exams are in about two weeks time and I still haven't prepared any. I'll be glad when it's all over this year though... *nods*
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Wednesday, September 19, 2001
Tonight I spent the better half of mt free time peeling, chopping and slicing/dicing/mashing garlic with some kind of kitchen cutter thing. =_=;; It's for some delicious pesto sauce my Mom makes for spaghetti, so I don't go hungry during the nights she works overtime. =/
Well...nothing very interesting happened I shall leave you to peruse part of a conversation I had with Zac today about abortion and our contrasting views and opinions on the matter here. I also realized that I wrote LYBOM as "Laugh Your Ass Off" in the previous entry when it should've been "butt" instead of "ass" ..... sorry for the typo. ^^;;;
Goodnight all. See you tomorrow. ^_-
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 10:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001
Hahaaa~! I had such a fantastic time today filming part of the "LYBOM" (Laugh Your Ass Off Movie) Awards--a performance item for the Sec 4 Farewell this Friday. ^___^; It was so utterly and completely hilarious...the show began with a view of Candice's home proclaimed the island of Waikiki, in which the LYBOM Awards were to be held. Then to the cars in the carpark, a couple of famous people getting out with a mean looking bouncer keeping the devilish fangirls away. The stars included Cackie Jan (Jackie Chan), Tris Cucker (Chris Tucker) and Prickey Spears (Britney). The two hosts, Jack and Ted, were loud-mouthed sunglass and beach shirt-clad beach bums, who introduced Goolia Roberts (Julia) and Tom Bruise (Cruise) as the couple to give the first award for best "Onscreen Romance" away.
There were three nominees--Moulin Rouge, which involved Satine in a sequiny poncho thingy (which did not resemble the original outfit in the least) hanging off the top of a playground slide structure and proclaiming that "diamonds are a girl's bestfriend" and a couple of awed men chanting "Satine!" in the bg, Romeo and Juliet, in which the use of a large transparent glass jar was employed to perform the part of the fish tank and the couple staring in awe at each other through the distorted glass (with Romeo proclaiming "thine eyes hath not seen such utter beauty"), and lastly "My Bestfriend's Wedding" which was filmed down in a grassy area where Michael chasing Kimmie, was being chased in turn by Julia (or should I say Goolia?) Roberts, with two English women conversing by the side about how the bridesmaid came from New York. ("Ohhh..." *understanding nod*)
Satine won, got on the "stage" in her sparkly poncho thingy and happily expressed her thanks to "Taz Lurmann" (Baz) and then her quick announcement of her being sober for 32 days since her divorce and that she was "free, Tom! Come what may!" XD; Then came the award for Best Horror movie, which was presented by Prickey Spears and Jennifer Lowass (Lopez), with stuffed sock bosoms and asses respectively. We even did two "Make my boobies one more size" and "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" (silicon...and yes, I know that wasn't a Jennifer song) numbers.
The three nominees were A Scary Movie (yes, a blooper of a blooper), Scream (Neve Campbell hugging the phone and backing away screaming) and The Exorcist (the girl vomitting violently and a couple of plops of mayonnaise in the bowl).
Well you won't get most of the jokes if you didn't catch those movies, and my account doesn't do it much justice at all...we were all near laughing ourselves to a stroke when we rewatched it later on, for all its corniness. XDDD;; have to at least give us credit for the effort and creativity... ^_~ More awards to be given out by tomorrow and Thursday before we show the video on Sec 4 Farewell Night. ^_^v
Well, the Bio Practical went a lot better than expected which is ironic because I spent the better part of last night crapping for it, and the Chinese storybook test was awful and I had to make up answers for several of the blanks. So tonight I am free, until Thursday when an A Maths Quiz is coming along with the Chem/Physics Practical I think. =/ I'm going to spend the rest of the night bumming around now... ^_^
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Monday, September 17, 2001
Geh, I have to rush off by 4.30pm to finish reading a 352 paged Chinese book for a very important test, as well as cram for the (also) very important Bio practical test tomorrow. Geh, I hate these self-imposed computer curfews... ;__;
Anyway, today seemed a much better day even though it was the beginning of an extremely busy week (every single day I have after-school activities!) and have just about a whole pile of assignments to complete...which I am ignoring for the moment...I think my tests rank much higher than those in importance... (hey, I do know how to prioritise after all. O_o.... >_<;;)
As for the whole Nostradamus-New York Tragedy thing, I was quite interested in Nostradamus' predications for a while, and went to read a couple of his quatrains (predications in the form of 4 line poetry). For a while I was convinced of the seriousness of the situation, but I later caught sight of a newspaper article (while looking over the shoulder of a friend) in which there was a sketch of the great man himself with a thought bubble: "When did I ever say that?" Well, I didn't read the article though I would have if I got the chance (and probably will later) but that really amused me, especially since the supposed quatrain of his about the "flaming city" and the third world war waged at the time of that happening was called into serious condradiction by the headline. I am very superstitious in several ways, and though I certainly do not blindly believe everything I hear, I am particularly inclined to believe things like predications and prophecies. Well...I'll go look up that article again and write more about it later.
And yes, I did see that picture of the creepy face in the smoke (very reminiscent of "The Mummy" eh?), and I was really laughing when I read your entry, Joey! And about the Nostradamus predication, I thought it was July 1999 which he predicted to be the month of the 3rd World War? O_o; *swaps the air to clear her confusion* O_o;;
AH! I see Tin-neesan's watched "The Green Mile"! ^_^v What a wonderful movie eh? It made me think a bit, reflect a little more, then get very disturbed for a while longer. I want to get the book too! =D I wonder if anyone can hate Percy more than I do... *seethes as she remembers what he did to Mr Jingles*
And wa-hey, Garion's back! Welcome back Garion. ^_^ Very lovely layout there...I have yet to read Chobbits but I love the art. ;D Also, a couple of other great new layouts. *beams and soaks in the candy*
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Saturday, September 15, 2001
We had to stay back in school for a little over 3 hours yesterday to listen to this guy talk about sexuality (do keep in mind it is sexuality ed, not sex ed, a point he didn't fail to keep stressing throughout.... =_=;). Well, a lot of the things he said made sense, but well the whole point of the thing was to impress upon us the importance of keeping one's virginity for marriage. I won't go into a lot of detail...the actual talk presented several sides of the issue which I thought was good, because it wasn't all "Oh, you'll catch STDs 15% of the time, even if you use condoms..." or flashing gruesome slides of STD infected parts of the body. Instead he kept it simple to understand and made us see it was very near and among us...not some distant statistic of teens with fatal diseases... He also stressed the emotional factor a lot, which was pretty smart since that's usually what appeals to and interests girls. ^_^;
Well, at the end of it all, he showed us some intruments used for abortion...and then came the slides of the actual process being if that wasn't bad enough, he showed us a 6 minute video titled "The Hard Truth." I really did feel a strong urge to vomit when I saw that...there were very disturbing images of half-developed babies mutilated and their tiny body parts disembodied...a man holding half a baby's head in his gloved eyeball next to a pile of bloody limbs...half of a baby's head floating in a glass of water...and at the end of it, as the background music changed beat, a sharp closeup of a dead baby's open eye.
A lot of people started crying then...I was so horrified and stunned I couldn't do much but sit there and stare at the blank screen. I guess I've always thought abortion as only taking place to tiny foetuses which hadn't yet taken human form, but some of these babies looked as if they had already been born and then were brutally cut up. Some of the abortion methods he explained to us included using an instrument which resembled a very thin potato peeler (one edge sharp, the other blunt) to slice the baby into pieces...and another known as the suction method (which I had heard of before, but never reflected much upon) which involves sucking the baby out with a force 28 times that of a vacuum cleaner, so the body just disintegrates due to the intense pressure.
Maybe--no, not maybe. I am a very sheltered person and never used to make a conscious effort to be aware of situations happening around the world unless it was really huge...issues like abortion and terrorism and communism...all these sensitive long as it never directly affected me, I never took notice. I have never really wanted to learn and make myself understand these things, and for that I am awfully ashamed. Although a great part of that is due to my ignorance, it is a fact that students here have so little time to do much else than eat up the shit in their textbooks and learn to spew it out mindlessly during exams. Our only hurdles at each stage of life are exams...after that, it is getting a job and staying on top of it to ensure success...and after that?
For god's sakes, I know Singapore has next to none other resources to depend upon for its growth, other than human resources...but how can we ever make certain we don't lose the part of us that doesn't forget to live life the way it was meant to be lived if we go on about our lives this way?
Well, I don't know how I ever got from abortion to the education system here...but this has been such an irksome issue to me lately. =/ =/
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Thursday, September 13, 2001
These are the times I don't know what to say, what to blog blog about something mundane and superficial would be that, superficial...also, as if I did not have a care in the world, which I do. Yet to express my tremendous horror and sympathy would seem...hypocritical, because no matter how much good I wish all those living in New York as well as in US itself and how much I grieve and am pained by watching the reports roll in...I wasn't there, didn't experience the horror firsthand, do not live there. I wasn't there. I cannot begin to imagine all the pain and shock reverberating throughout right now, and how devastated families who had lost loved ones are. My god, I am still horrified at this, that it just happened two days ago...but still I am typing this from a place were schoolkids are enjoying themselves at malls, colleagues are going out for dinner, TV program schedules continue...somehow, however fake it might sound, I cannot believe things are still running the way they are here... Not that I expected things to change, or even that I want it to...I'm just still reeling. What difference after all, can what a 15 year old Singaporean girl feels make?
I learnt today that my Gambit Limited Series comics have finally arrived by post. I have new manga waiting to be unwrapped in my room. My friends and I gushed over the F4 of Meteor Garden the LA series at class was such a terribly awfully perfect day.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2001
So I didn't study for the Chinese test after all, and my paper was almost completely blank when I handed it up today. I spent the whole of last night glued to the set, watching CNN and its live coverage of America and the terrorist acts. I have Channel News Asia on next to me right now...and will go finish Trigo by CNN later on. Mm, this is the first time in a long time I have actually been interested in news.
God, when I heard the news I was so horrified...I saw the second World Trade Center building collapse (the North one I think.) live and was just sickened. The whole of today at school was full of speculation, opinionated debates, etc. Our english lesson was spent watching the news and listening to the radio...when I heard an American man, I'm not sure who...I think he was a general of some kind... (=/) say that he was definitely in favour of ensuring that the state government of the people who did this cease to exist (exact words, as best I can remember)...I suddenly thought how real the possibility of a third world war could become.
Everything just seems so trivial compared to this now. *goes to switch to CNN*
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Tuesday, September 11, 2001
*is stunned* That is one amazing layout, Tiffany! *_* You obviously put a lot of time into that...I especially love the colours and all the intricate detail, and I like Gwen Stefani a lot too. ^__^ It's a very pretty, messy without being obnoxiously complicated layout...and I like the torn effect of it very much. =D
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Tuesday, September 11, 2001
~_~;;; Tooo...much....woooork.... *coughs up eraser dust and pencil shavings* So I didn't get Circular Measure done yesterday, so that means no computer time for me today, so that means ugh, Charlene in an ugly mood for the rest of the day. I did get the Chinese essay done but whoop-dee-doo, the teacher decided she didn't want us to hand it up then anymore. >_< And I have a Chinese test on 4 chapters and other lists of proverb sayings tomorrow! Ngargh! And I still have CM and Trigo graphs due on Thursday which I have been slaving over for a while now...this is really bad. X_x; I realize this is getting old...but maaaaan, I need to get it out somewhere. Boy one can really tell this isn't gonna be a term of year exams in less then a month!
Random sight: Argento Soma going for S$14!! *_*
AH! The mystery has been solved. I'm just glad it wasn't fanart... ^_^;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 07:20 p.m.

Monday, September 10, 2001
Damn you Extreme Tracking!! Damn you!! O_<;;;;;
^_^; Well, so I made another trip to the manga store today...had to leave Angel Sanctuary 20 and X 16 behind and take the last two volumes of Yamadatarou Monogatari cos of my poor tight wallet. *sighs* I don't know why on earth I still ordered AS...I will have the complete set once I get 20, and I still haven't read 13. >_<; I cannot explain my intense dislike and boredom of that manga...perhaps a lot of it is due to the art, which just gives me an uncomfortable feeling even though it can be beautifully complex and times. Gaaah, I know I won't be able to read 13 if I start now...cos I'll have forgotten everything that happened in the plotline before, but then if I start from one, I'll start yawning and give up before I turn a second page...eeehh, this is the first manga there is that bores me as much as this. I'm just so...disinclined to read it!
Hey, and I went to McDonald's today! ^_^ Be proud of me, I haven't done that in a while...I think I actually miss fast food. I'm feeling awfully awful (XD) right now...the weather is mucky, stuffy, thick and heavy all in one. Hot weather with little breeze which just weighs upon you so you feel like you're in a musty mouldy attic. >_<; I think I slept through several classes, and was caught by two teachers who were, fortunately, pretty understanding.
After this I shall shower, and then prove myself by starting on Circular Measure and completing it, and then writing that Chinese Essay I got yelled at for not doing... *ears flop* See how unpopular I am with the teachers? If I actually manage to accomplish all that, I'll...I'll spend the rest of the evening with the pc. Hah! Well I do that everyday but eh, it sounds nice and shows off my hardworking traits to put it this way.
........ARGH! What is this weather doing to me!
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 06:31 p.m.

Sunday, September 9, 2001
Someone tell me...why'm I still awake? O_o;
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 04:42 a.m.

Sunday, September 9, 2001
Congrats Ceres on the new domain!! ^__^ It's a great domain, and your layout is very pretty too...even though I don't care all that much for Nelly Furtado... =/ But ah well. Thanks for the comments on the layout as well. =D
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 02:16 a.m.

Saturday, September 8, 2001
Heh, I suddenly feel like scanning some photos of myself to share here. *grins* Lemme go see if I can find any half-flattering ones...cos I know I owe about a dozen people photoes of myself too...and did I mention I saw Anna-chama's photo last night? She has purty hair! *_*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 05:55 p.m.

Saturday, September 8, 2001
Thank you to everyone for commenting on the new layout!! **^_^** Man I love these multiple linky things. and extreme tracking are being stupid however. =_=;
Also, it seems that quite a number of people are afraid of visiting my Mint site for fear of getting into another expensive obsession. In that case, I demand that you all visit, I shall force it down your poor suffering throats and make you experience the true shoujo goodness of MINT! Muwahaha! Yes, at the expense of your poor suffering pockets, why do you ask? ^_-;
As for the image used in this new layout, I do believe I got it from here. As to whether it is fanart or doujinshi, I still have no idea. I visited the Tomoe shrine link Alexa provided, and can't seem to find any info on that image, even though it was on the layout itself. *frowns* I'll go sniff around somemore. If it turns out it is indeed fanart, I shall go ask forgiveness from the talented artist and beg belatedly for use of the image. ^_^;;; Oh, and I downloaded those Bjork songs Alexa! *beams* I love Bachelorette and Joga especially. :3;
More later! ^_^v *is feeling strangely happy even though it's nearing the end of the damn holiday* =/
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 01:49 p.m.

Friday, September 7, 2001
I was just thinking about Tokyo...and how very much I loved being there. Even the smells of a walk down the street in the morning appeal to me...I love the air and the weather there. In Singapore it is awfully hot all the time, else it gets stormy one day and all Sahara-desert-like the next. =/ I love the markets there which are simply packed with stores and tons of yummy merchandise...and the expressive (*coughs* ^_^) teenagers with their way out hair and clothes...especially in Harajuku.
I love the 24 hour kiosks in which you can purchase manga, as well as all the cute Japanese snacks and all the fun stuff they manufacture. I also love Japanese food...yum. :9 Even their curried rice taste great, even though it's not supposed to be their specialty. ^^; And I love all the vending machines! They sell everything from magazines, to drinks, to toys.
I love how just being there makes me feel so adventurous and happy and enthused about everything. I especially love their bookstores...cramful of anime and well as the language itself, which is fun and squiggly to write and which motivates me to learn it more than mandarin ever could. *laughs*
And their clothes...which would be labelled lian (it's local slang for er...well basically a chinese girl who dresses very brightly and scantily and uses foul-mouthed dialect to get her point keep in mind though that this is just an opinionated definition.) but which are seen everywhere and suddenly become super stylish...I love the teenagers and their sense of style...I've seen some great fashion there, while on the streets.
There are a million and one more things I could think of which I love about Japan, and oh what I wouldn't give to be able to spend one full day there, just to walk around Tokyo and experience Japan again. *_*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 11:10 p.m.

Friday, September 7, 2001
Link of the day. Very good poetry there.
*wonders if it is possible to whip up a non-sucky site template within under an hour* I can't help it! Today's my first real day alone with compy-chan since the holidays started. *_* Hey...Toshi should be back from China today. =D I wonder how her trip went.
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 02:16 p.m.

Friday, September 7, 2001
*can't bring herself to open Photoshop and work on the Bio project site design* =_=;
I'm drinking water right now. If you know me personally, you'll know that's a miracle. I never drink water, weird and unhealthy as it sounds. That's why I can't live without beverages like juice and milk. Let's see....I know I didn't drink plain water yesterday, instead I lived off tomato juice and milk. O_o;; Well today, both cartons of milk and juice are finished (NO!!) which compelled me to turn to that plain bleh-tasting liquid water. O_<;
*is downloading a Bjork Vespertine song to see what the fuss is about* I like Bjork's voice but I just can't get used to her voice... =/ I heard "Hidden Place" on the radio and ever since my friend related her freaky experience (It's the Hungry Ghost Festival here in Singapore...this lasts one month and is when the Chinese believe, the gates of Hell open and ghosts come back to the midst of people) of hearing someone calling to her while she was walking home alone, even though there was nobody within say 50 metres, to that particular song, I get awful scared when I listen to it. ^_^;;;;
I also saw one of her MTVs recently..."Hunter" or "Hunted" I believe...and I know she's a dramatic and highly emotional and expressive person...and I love some of her songs (Hyper Ballad! ^_^ Thanks to Alexa's past domain) but the others are just...haunting. Her song "Charlene" scared the bejeezus out of me first time I heard it. *sweatdrops*
Er...some of you may be confused by some of my earlier posts in which I expressed depression and confusion and things like that... ^_^;; Well it's been a very busy week for me, even though it's supposed to be a holiday, and a lot of things have happened. Some issues have yet to be resolved, but I feel much better now...extremely relieved that I had a couple of days to think about things without a certain somebody around.
Yeah...I guess now I can face other problems opening photoshop and getting that site design done before my friend arrives and yells at me for having said it was 1/2 completed when it wasn't even started upon....yeaaah... *laughs*
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 01:34 p.m.

Friday, September 7, 2001
AHHH! I can't stop listening to Incubus' "I Miss You" .....!!! I'm serious, I think I've played it twenty times. At least! O_o; On an unrelated but very happy note, Royce sent me an email to say he's coming online this evening!! *___* *dances madly around the room shrieking* He's been so awfully caught up in EQ for months now... =(
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Friday, September 7, 2001
Hey! I really made a Tomoe layout! ^_^; Yeah, it's all purply and violet and such, and I apologize, but I just had to use that pretty image of the two of them...I haven't seen it before, and it doesn't resemble anime or manga art eh? Wonder where it comes from. O_o; Okay, I have to go work on my supposedly 1/2 completed Bio webpage project design before I go pick my friend up so we summarise some stuff was it? O_o; I haven't even started on the damn thing... =/ Later!
stared melancholy in swirly purple @ 12:03 p.m.

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