Saturday, August 18, 2001 @ 04:41 p.m.
I was sick the whole of yesterday... X.x; I had a slight fever, was feeling woozy and blacking out whenever I got up from my bed, etc etc. Of course, the fact that I'd been sleeping an average of 4 hours for the three nights before that must have contributed as well. ^^;; Can you believe I slept from 7pm on Thursday evening, past the alarm clock all the way to 10am the next morning?! o.O; Dude, that's 15 hours. XD;
Despite all that, I still found time (or rather, had nothing else better to do than to) make 2 more Mint wallpapers. *twitch* So, I decided I'd best just make one last one (oh how could I not use that awesome image of Noeru holding hands with Miyuu!? *_*) and stop making wallpapers before I'm past my deadline with nothing on hand but them.
Er, Spinel is getting a new layout soon I promise...I'm getting quite sick of Lain clad in sunny colours. She's much better off depressed. =/ I'll probably blog later. ^_^
Oh right, before I go, is looking fantastic! Very elfishly enchanting. *_*
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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 @ 09:39 p.m.
Yay, today was a great day. I got to talk to loads of people I haven't talked to in what feels like ages! ^_^v I got to talk to my aniki after having not seen him for months!! O_O And you know what's been keeping him away from AIM?? *_* (Red Hot Hokuto = me, HarukoLovesNaota = Royce)

HarukoLovesNaota: u kno...
HarukoLovesNaota: the only reason im here is..
HarukoLovesNaota: coz eq servers had to go for an 8 hour patch
HarukoLovesNaota: lol
Red Hot Hokuto: O_O
Red Hot Hokuto: that's awful!
Red Hot Hokuto: *hits aniki*
HarukoLovesNaota: hahahaha
Red Hot Hokuto: not the eq servers gone down, the not coming online UNTIL they went down
HarukoLovesNaota: ahahhahaa
HarukoLovesNaota: gomen ne
HarukoLovesNaota: im a power gamer
HarukoLovesNaota: i just want to gain levels as fast as possible
HarukoLovesNaota: last couple of days have been crap tho
HarukoLovesNaota: i died 4 times in one day
Red Hot Hokuto: o.O
HarukoLovesNaota: that hurt....
Red Hot Hokuto: that's an omen right there for ya
Red Hot Hokuto: AN OMEN I TELLYA!

"Eq" being Everquest...a foolish lousy game that has infected and pulverized the brains of 70000+ (so Royce says) people. O.O; Evil I tell ya. Naw...actually, it sounds awfully impressive, a game which really involves the player. ^_^; Dwarves, Necromancers, Bards, Cavaliers, Crusaders...whee! ^^;
I think AIM kicked Tin-neesan off... ;__; Just as we were discussing *coughs* preening pedophiles too! ^_~ AND! Anna-chama caught me just five minutes before I planned to log off! Gah! ;_; I _really_ hope I can catch her tomorrow. O_<;
Also...I got to talk to the person I'd assumed was ignoring me...and it turns out it was all just a mutual misunderstanding. ^_^; I'm really relieved and glad at having had this matter cleared up...though I really shouldn't have waited so long before mentioning it. =/
Minamino Maria (800x600) YES, and I've uploaded almost everything to Phil's domain now, and the wallpaper links below (Minamino Maria and Noeru) are now working! Here is the third one I made a while back. None of the wallpapers are anything special, but I'm so glad at having finally designed something this whole inspirationless month.
I'll be busy the rest of tonight changing all the links on my sites and uploading them, as well as completing the 10 year series section on Matrices for tuition... *rolls eyes*
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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 @ 03:04 p.m.
Oro!? XDD And I see Alexa's blog turned up as well...heh.
I'm at school again, having nothing better to do but sit around and wait for Angie again, and thus blogging again. =/ I tried getting a new AIM sn, and I tried "Mrs Burns" too!!! (remember Homer's very sneaky scary freaky boss in the Simpsons? XD "Ahhh yeess...Simpson eh...? I shall see him at once..." *rubs hands together and grins, baring teeth*) Once again...allll taken... *sighs*
I'm also confused right now...and maybe a little hurt. A person I'm pretty close to and used to talk to on a regular basis has suddenly taken to ignoring me. ?_? We got into a small argument...well, if it can really be called that though I really don't see how...anyway, in the year we've known each other, we've never really gotten mad or grown cold/indifferent to each for us, I suppose this was a pretty big misunderstanding.
I msged him a while back after that *coughs* incident and he didn't answer (he wasn't idle, away, any of those things) so that really made me wonder if he really was/is mad at me...he never msgs me now even when we're both online and I'm...pretty sure he knows I'm online. =/
I'm not even sure if he's reading this right now because although he used to say my blog was a daily read (XD) I really don't think he reads it anymore. *thinks and remembers* I really didn't think it was all that big a misunderstanding... *looks miserable* Well if he is reading this, I hope he knows I'm sorry for anything I said that might've offended him. Hmph. Well you're free to go ahead and call me a silly and insecure person and that this is all just a simple misunderstanding, and I guess you'd be right.

I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star
to pray on or wish on, or something like that
I was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy
whose reality I know was a hopeless to be had
but then a dove of hope began its downward slope
and I believed for a moment that my chances were approaching to be grabbed
but as it came down near, so did a weary tear
I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag
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Tuesday, August 14, 2001 @ 09:36 p.m.
I'm online now, searching for information on the processes of making GM (genetically modified) food. I found this, which is a pretty useful and easy-to-read site...a really refreshing change from all those newspaper reports of angry mobsters wanting "true food" and yadda yadda... ^_^;;
Hmm...nothing much happened today (as usual)... *yawn* I made another Mint na Bokura wallpaper (!! That's three in less than a week!!) and it seems that my Mint site is inspiring me to make more graphical content instead of written content. X.x; It's actually pretty hard to write about Mint characters without spoiling readers or making them yawn, because they are actually such typical shoujo manga characters. It isn't until the plot later develops that they become much more, and one grows to love them. :3;
Speaking of wallpapers! I want to thank Phil for offering to host my media etc. on his domain! (and thus solving my awful dilemma...) *_* Phil is such a nice/great/good samaritan of a person; I should get him something nice for his birthday eh? XDXD;
And I will fix those wallpaper links tomorrow! *clenches fist* And maybe even post the new one! We'll see. ^_^v
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Tuesday, August 14, 2001 @ 03:59 p.m.
Heh, my friends gave me a pretty long list of mp3s they recommended. I have no idea if they're good though (I have heard a couple, and some are my recommendations as well :3), so don't come crying to me if they're horrible...I can't help it if my friends have bad taste. *laughs and dodges rl friends' shoes*

1. Fatboy Slim - Praise You
2. REM - Everybody Hurts
3. Nine Days - If I Am
4. Everclear - Father of Mine
5. Dire Straits - Romeo & Juliet
6. Cold Play - Yellow
7. Cold Play - Shiver
8. Train - Drops of Jupiter
9. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
10. Verve Pipes - The Freshmen
11. Live - Dolphin's Cry
12. Green Day - Minority
13. Kid Rock - Splendour
14. Depeche Mode - The Love Thieves
15. Foo Fighters - Ed theme song (she forgot the title ^^;)
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Monday, August 13, 2001 @ 06:21 p.m.
Ahhh...I'm so...sad. And tired. X.x; I'm so sick of tracking down reliable servers. I should just up and go get my own domain and space already~! >_<; says there's an error with my email addy, now there's an error with my actual address, and it's taken me 10 tries at least to realize the damn thing's not gonna let me sign up for a new account. And almost all the media on Shizukesa (i.e. skins, wallpapers, large graphic files, etc.) are inaccessible. T___T Help.
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Monday, August 13, 2001 @ 05:27 p.m.
*checks wallpaper links again* NOOOO!! Brinkster you CANNOT do this to meee~~!!! *___* I have almost twenty mb of zipped files, large graphic files, etc. stored there...! *_* Now I'll have to go for but they don't allow zipped files! ARGH!
Well apart from Charlene's returning freeserver blues, I'm in a very good mood today. In my previous manga renting spree I got Utena, Kamikaze as well as a truckful of random shoujo manga! *_* Utena was fabulous...I eat my words about its art being well...not so nice. The plot is fantastic and I really liked that Utena ended up dying for a girl instead of getting together with Touga (or any of the other males who like her, for that matter). Although...Touga should have played a larger part in the ending...! Yeaaaah...
Kamikaze was very very shounen, the women were overly-endowed, there were guts and brain matter spewing every which way on every two pages...and a lot of violence. It got to the point where I couldn't stand having the book laying on my bed (where I read my manga) because it really was just overwhelmingly disgusting. I couldn't get most of what was going on (a norm for me with shounen manga with complex plots and several different group/tribe Flame of Recca--I had to use translations for that one, aren't I pitiful? ;_;) in the plot, and it was all really complex with tons of characters...but I still *heart* the art. :3;
I usually don't mention the random shoujo manga I rent because I don't know the titles (d'oh!) but I really wish I could because the ones I rented earlier were really good. ^_^
Anyhow, I just came back from the manga shop again today with a hefty paper bag of manga. Shit, and I just got my money yesterday...I'll have to starve all week now... ;_; Today I rented Kaikan Phrase because the art was simply too enticing. *_* I came very close to renting Inuyasha but ugh...I just can't see what's so interesting about it, I flip through it and see a ton of freakish deformed monsters and not much else... ^^;;; I'll try to give it a chance next time though... =/
I rented more random shoujo manga (yay to Emi for the term), most of which I don't know the titles of so I probably won't mention much of it here... :[ Ah well.
I'm going off to get a new f2s account and reply to mail. Might blog later...I get all scary and fangirlish during my good program lineup day which is the best time to blog. ^___^v
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Sunday, August 12, 2001 @ 09:29 p.m.
Eh. The links reach an error. Darn Brinkster. ;_; They're not broken though, so uh...try again later? ^_^;;;
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Sunday, August 12, 2001 @ 09:25 p.m.
Ay! Not bad for a days' work eh? ^___^; Have to go work on matrices and quadratic equations now, jaa~!

Minamino Maria (800x600) Minamino Noeru (800x600)

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Sunday, August 12, 2001 @ 04:14 p.m.
Hahaaa~~! Yes, I'm back. I've been very busy with my new site now, and I've even--*GASP* made a wallpaper! It's really obnoxious and the colours are just plain...icky, but... *shrugs* it's still a desktop. The site is a Mint na Bokura tribute and the title...eeehh... =_=; Mint Candy 'N' Kisses. Yeah, I know I know! It's an AWFUL name, but I couldn't come up with anything better, and once you see the layout I have for it, you'll have to agree. ^_^;;
I've had a 4 day holiday and today is the last day of it...and tomorrow--an A Maths test which I cannot afford to flunk! *__* Oh joy. I got about 13.5 upon 45 for the last one, so I have to ace this one to NOT put an eyesore of a grade on my report card/sheet.
What else what else... hmm, last night I saw "Sleepy Hollow" on HBO with my parents (yay quality family time!) and ended up sleeping on a mattress in my parents' room. *shrivels up in embarrassment* I haven't done that in months (well, not since the last horror movie I saw *laughs sheepishly*)
Gah, have I ever mentioned my complete and utter fear of horror movies? When watching, I don't scream or hide behind the popcorn or anything like that. In fact, when watching I don't even get scared. It's after the damn movie, when the scenes come back to me and I just keep re-enacting them in my head over and over till I can almost feel like I'm in it. It's damned frightening. o.O;
Then why do I even watch them?! you ask. ^_^;; Eeehh...this...uh...well, let's just say it's like you and a large black glistening cobra. (Comparison courtesy of Roald Dahl) You absolutely loathe to touch it, yet you somehow cannot tear your eyes away from it. I can't help wanting to watch horror movies because there's some kind of sick fascination I have for them. Uh, yeah.
It took me about a week or two to recover from the Blair Witch and The Haunting. might be a while before I stop camping over at my parents' room. *slithers off in mortification*
(V-chan's back!! YAY!)
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Monday, August 6, 2001 @ 11:40 p.m.
Ah shit! That's the second consecutive time Love Generation's made me cry. O_<; Watching Felicity now...ARGH!! Ben you moron! Avery you stupid slutty bitch--drop dead!! *_* Noel to the rescue...? XD AHH! Commercial's over!!! O_O;
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Monday, August 6, 2001 @ 10:44 p.m.
Argh, sorry it took so long to get back to you Reins. Well, the NGE manga reads just like normal manga, from right to left. You can find out more about it here, by clicking on the "English comics" button. ^_^;
Eeeh, watching Love Generation. ^^v
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Sunday, August 5, 2001 @ 04:00 p.m.
Oh! I didn't know you went last year, Selene! But just give it a try with the cosplaying, I promise you it's tooonnns more fun than going in normal clothes. (Which remnds me of a girl who went as Setsuna last year I think, but her costume wasn't that recognizable, so everyone thought she wasn't cosplaying at all. o.O;)
I've been online for hours now...I really have nothing better to do on Sundays. I've been downloading a lot of Counting Crows, dEUS and I'm going to try Cold Play later... :D I've also been searching for images of biotechnological machines and microorganisms to make buttons for my school bio project webpage. Surprise, surprise, I'm in charge of the html and design. ^_^;
More later...! (Oh yeah, and I'm kind of regretting the mean entry I wrote earlier... =( I do love my mom, she cooks good. :9)
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Saturday, August 4, 2001 @ 06:35 p.m.
Argh. O_<; My auntie's over here right now. Well, she's normally okay and I used to like her an awful lot, but now she just keeps getting on my nerves. She's my mom's sister, and the way they speak is just "eh!?" so damn similar. There's this thing with my family (both extended and parents) and me, they always have to nag me about eating.
It's not like I don't eat a lot, I do--just where and when I want to. So maybe I don't have the appetite of a horse all the time, that doesn't mean I don't eat enough. I mean--oh whatever. *makes a face and throws the subject far away distastefully* I'm so sick of it, it's in my face every single day.
And what is up with my mother and visitors? She gets this affected tone to her voice and suddenly everything's a big deal. "Oh! That's the photo from Europe! See how she looks so happy there?" *beam for added effect* Visitor: " you've seen snow eh, Charlene?" Charlene: =_=; *gnash gnash* It may not sound like much, but ohh...the way she says it, it's like some super out of the world miracle that I've seen snow; I've actually seen snow!!! O_O! And pardon me, but why are you cooing at the gaping disinterested fish!? (the fish in my father's fishtank...a very eye-catching visitor conversation piece indeed *coughs loudly*) Oh look how they swim! They're so healthy and lively. These sure must cost an awful lot...they're so pretty... *jab jab at cheap common angelfish*
And! One last gripe: my naaame!! My poor poor name...somehow they always manage to twist it into something that makes me cringe and want to crawl into myself. "Charlaaaane~~!" (oh la-di-da!) All the women on my mother's side I tell ya, it's a bloody conspiracy against me. My mother has 5 sisters and it's simply amazing that they all have very similar speech patterns. I can't for the life of me imagine how I survive family gatherings.
Oh and btw, does anyone else just hate it when someone (especially a person who's not simply curious, but who in fact wants to find out what you're up to) comes silently and stealthily behind you to investigate your mouse clicking and intense interest? I know I do. *GNASHGNASH*
So, I've been sitting at the pc gnashing and cringing away for the last hour or so. Ugh. X.x; I don't hate them, I just...dislike them when they all...get together and get so...rowdy. Well, that's the end of my sudden sarcasm and venom-filled rant. (My, but I've been quite the diligent blogger today!)
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Saturday, August 4, 2001 @ 04:29 p.m.
Ahh...the inspiration has left me. I got me some pretty random artbook images to work with though, so hopefully Spinel will be getting a new layout soon.
I'm so bored...ahhh, so unmotivated to make anything, do anything...! I'm listening to Counting Crows now, they're actually pretty good!! I *love* "Colorblind", it's got such lovely piano accompaniment.
I remember one of the Scotts (the one playing Noel) in Felicity saying his favourite band was Counting Crows. ^_~ I love Noel; he's such an adorable character.

Noel: *says something about Felicity being more attractive and better in general than Avery*
Felicity: But you slept with her!!
Noel: Yeah, yeah, I know that. But you know...I'm such a slut.

XDXD Boy I would love to be comforted by him.
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Saturday, August 4, 2001 @ 11:29 a.m.
Suddenly I'm feeling so inspired...! I want to make wallpapers, layouts, graphic stuff!! *___* When I get home the first thing I'll do is open photoshop! Yay!! Wait, I'll go hunt for pretty images now. :3 Ja!
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Saturday, August 4, 2001 @ 10:45 a.m.
Well. Blogging from school, waiting for Angie again. I'm...bored. =_=;
Selene, I don't really know why I chose Chichiri, but it had to do with the three of us planning to go as three of the seven seishis. ^_~v Besides, I've always admired the happy-go-lucky monk, and his costume seems relatively easy to put together. :D
As for suggestions, I really wouldn't know. It depends on which anime character you feel comfortable dressing up with I guess... (and once again, I am of no help at all. =_=;) If it helps, you could choose someone with a simple outfit but which is easy to recognize, like Sanosuke Sagara of RK (I went as him last year *_*).
AH! And I _finally_ got to talk to V-chan this morning (uh, 5.30am)!! *__* Yay! And I also found out why we never meet, we're a full twelve hours apart! ;__; Anyhow, it was wonderful talking, V-chan!! :3
Well...I'm just gonna sit here and be as unobtrusive as seems it's P6 Open House day today, and all the parents of the kids at primary school are coming over to check our school out. Alone in the class as usual...just completed a one hour session of urban legend and ghost story telling at my CCA. (^^;) We're running out of things to do I tell you. We're supposed to be planning some our Sec 4 Farewell performance items, and somehow got onto the idea of making spoofs of scary scenes. I told your "Humans can lick too" urban legend, V-chan, and got a whole terrified response at the end!! XDXD; Even I, who was telling it, got freaked out. o_O;; *rubs at armful of goosebumps* (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, visit V-chan's personal site here.)
He-ey, there's a neat blog! XD; Heh.
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Thursday, August 2, 2001 @ 11:12 p.m.
I skipped tuition earlier because I wasn't feeling up to two hours of staring at equations and trying not to space out. And now, having slept 4 hours earlier, I'm feeling extraordinarily hyper. =_=; No, actually, I think I want to go lay down again.
I haven't completed an assignment for school in a very long time, most of what I actually get round to handing up is copied or hastily done in between classes. I don't even know what homework we need to get ready for tomorrow. Do I really care? Yes. Do I think it matters? Yes.
I don't know why it's important for me to feel good about school and being able to say I hand up all assignments and do all my work myself. I guess it's because I used to be such a study freak. Or more like, I never really bothered to really sit down and go through my books, but I was smart and did my homework and listened in classes instead of lounging on the desk and endeavoring to look like I'm paying attention. Oh the good old days when I used to get close to full marks on final exams...
This is one of the many reasons why school has become such a trial for me. I can open my eyes in the morning and drag myself out of bed because I know I have people to be around, people to account to if I'm absent. But somehow, even though it's not right, homework and studying for tests doesn't fit in all this.
I often complain of having to study and get stuff done, but how much do I actually get done in the end? I don't even know why I'm whining about it, and still not getting something done. I hate it when people do that. I'm always on Angie's case when she does it, but I never do think to yap at myself do I.
I wish I had the energy and enthusiasm I used to. I wish I could make myself get up and do something, and be someone, not just this aimless person who is content to float in any direction. I mean, the highlight of my week is a bloody TV programme for god's sakes!
I'm so tired of this on-the-surface living. I should go to the beach like I wanted before, and collect my thoughts. Or some peaceful place far away from here. Hah, I'm not even content with being content.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2001 @ 09:32 p.m.
Hey. This is pretty cool. O_O;
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Wednesday, August 1, 2001 @ 08:40 p.m.
Whee! Two lovely people have moved their blogs, everyone seems to be moving and renaming. XD Tin is a Livejournal girl now! XD Congrats on the move, neesan! I've always loved those animated gifs on live cute. *_*
AND! Toshi has a domain now! Congratulations on the domain Toshi, and also on the move of your blog. I like the layout, it lacks the usual angst and complexity of Kaori Yuki art. Heh. :3
Also, some very lovely new (or not so new ^^;) layouts popping up: digital blue techie (get better soon, Flipper! o.O;), live bishounen goodness and mystic oriental blue.
Reins-chan, I don't know what you mean by mirroring the pages... ^^;; It looks exactly like normal manga, except with english translations in the speech bubbles is all. =/ Heh, and volume 2 is coming out in September. (Hilarious layout, btw! XDDD)
And Selene! Thanks for the cosplay info! Yea, I'm going as Chichiri! Are you going? YOU HAVE TO! *__* Yes and Shi-chan is aliiive~! XD Have a good trip dear!
Well. Enough of the blog plugs. XD I'm off to go on non-blogging mode again. I need to get some inspiration in me yah. >_<; Have two sites to get ready to open by Sep 1st, the cosplay to get ready for, homework and tests and manga besides. (Oh and Ayashi eps to watch! Geh!) I really need to get my ass in gear.
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Monday, July 30, 2001 @ 10:04 p.m.
*sighs* I've been so lethargic lately. Even though it is Monday, which means good progame lineup day. ^_~ Been keeping busy lately with work (a huge Bio test to study for tomorrow...plant and anime nutrition yah...duodenum and leaf pores and guts yah...) and manga. ^_^;
I rented more manga today...ugh, this addiction is really killing my pocket...!! Today I bought my very first English-translated manga volume! *_* I've long been interested in Evangelion, both the art and storyline, and had seen the last episode of the anime courtesy of my friend. The english was fantastic, really way above my expectations of Singaporean English translators. ^^;
I'm starting to find Shinji an interesting character...a tortured character. Heh. (And we all know how much Charlene likes those eh?) Asuka hasn't made her appearance yet, but I'm sure I'll like her. (Did I mention she's the postergirl for Shizukesa's next layout?) I don't really have an impression of Rei, having never seen her in action... =/ Always I'm seeing her in provocative and demeaning positions, but I think she'll turn out to be one of the more interesting characters in NGE... ^_^v
I also rented two four-volumed series by Miwa Ueda, otherwise known for her work on Peach Girl, that fantastic shoujo manga. (It's one of my faves! *_*) I'm only through the 2nd volume of one of the series, and so far it's pretty good. Richer in plot than the usual shoujo storyline, it actually has its own appeal. It's about an orphan girl named Maria who's about to become a nun, but received some news from her supposed relative, which leads her to an all-boys school... ^_^; It's pretty entertaining.
More stuff soon...Friends has started! *_*
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Saturday, July 28, 2001 @ 08:34 p.m.
Oh joy, I archived.
Eh, so I went out with Candice today, in search of things to assemble our Cosplay costumes...that's right! XDD I'm going as Chichiri, Candice as Tasuki, and Angie as Nakago. Whee~~! We promised ourselves we'd spend an hour strutting down Orchard Road just to enjoy all the gawks we'd get before we went to the actual Cosplay. (Toshi, do you happen to know the exact time and place? *_*)
In the end we didn't get much, just a pair of Tasuki earrings. XD I found a pair of pants with the exact same pattern as Chichiri's kesa (cloak?) and it shouldn't be that hard to find. The most difficult part of the monk's costume would have to be his staff. =/
Anyhow, I finally got to see Candice's boyfriend (he was cute) as well as his friend (cute too). I remember Candice once telling me that she would never let me see her boyfriend if she ever had one a long time ago. Heh. (Wonder if she's reading this?!)
Oh, OH! And I finally got Ayashi no Ceres anime!!!!! **O___O** This is the first time I've actually seen it in a store and I think it's very very new. Candice got it for me (:3) and in return I got her a pair of clip-on headphones. Yay, so far I've seen two episodes and like it immensely. Q-baasan's voice was strange though; I know she's an old lady and old ladies sound like that, but it still was strange hearing that voice coming out of her (thick rubbery) lips. XD; I love her, if you're a long-time reader of the blog you'll know I once considered making her a shrine. I just might now. ;D
I also finally got my August ASUKA (cancelled the ASUKA subscription now, I just don't have the motivation or $$ to continue purchasing) and Margaret 13, because I heard there was a HYD special of some kind. There isn't much of it, really, but it was nice seeing our starcrossed lovers in their phonebook mag. Plus I got some cute furoku! Candice and I checked out the stationary section of Kino and I was amazed at the overabundance of Engrish. XD; I can't remember any right now, though they were hilarious.
I spent my last cent on a bright red sleeveless top...and now I'm broke again. Oh JOY. I did have a wonderful time though, and am now happily downloading Moulin Rouge OST mp3s. ^_^
I am also currently working on my original fiction idea (which I will probably eventually get tired of working on and trash) and am in need of some comments. This is the prologue...of sorts (please note, this is a VERY rough draft):

She was running, the taste of fear strong on her panting lips. The alley was velvety dark, the depths from whence shimmered objects and possible exits it had earlier on selfishly devoured, as she stumbled past. She tripped, once or twice, and the last time she felt his coarse fingers grazing her hip roughly. The scream strangled her throat and she felt her eyes burn raw from fear.
She didn't know how much longer the back lane would lead her, nor how much longer he was willing to chase her down it. She did know, however, that he was three times her size and would probably last out longer than she ever could.
When, finally, the appearance of a stout brick wall indicated the end of her blind dash, she dived in desperation under what seemed to be a discarded steel structure of some kind. Under its freezingly cool protection, she surveyed the drunkard's progress toward her and her new-found shelter.
Momentarily confused by the abrupt end to his chase, he ventured unsteadily in a few directions, none of which gave her any cause to be anxious for, and finally swayed himself stupidly into a wall, receiving a blow that swiftly put him out.
For a full ten minutes, the girl continued to squat unmovingly at her post, eyeing with utmost alertness the now motionless figure on the ground. When she had finally satisfied herself that he was no longer conscious enough to pose a threat, she hesitantly crawled out under the structure (which she now saw plainly as a bunged up ladder propped against the wall) amongst the filth.
She got up, dusted herself and stood, blinking in the darkness which swathed her greedily.

It's hard to know what exactly is going on, and I'm sorry for that, but things'll be made clearer later on. =/
I also want to blog about my newly rented manga...later! :3
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? otaku blogs # asianlog Aiyah! My purty miburooo! *cue eerie bass*