Charlene is a 15 year old girl who lives in Singapore. Like most everyone else, she likes anime and manga, idling by her comp, webdesign, idling by her comp, reading and writing, idling by her...gah. XD
She is currently: not playing FF7 anymore (thank god!), deeply in love with Kimmiez site, obsessed with Good Morning Call and in deep shit with her homework. (Big surprise)

You can contact her by email, or AIM at Red Hot Hokuto. Charlene also blogs here along with her tomodachi Anna-chama. ^o^ Ah! She also runs a makeshift (^^;) RK Chibi Adoption Centre which you can find here. No chibis are up for adoption yet though.

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Sunday, June 24, 2001 @ 10:19 p.m.
The more I see of TSK 1, the more I feel that Sakataki's brother Jin Hizuki is a really suspicious, mysterious and *coughs* intimidating character. Truly! ^^ Hear what I have to say before you start beating me up.
When Sakataki, Kyoko and the rest get to go back to the day the Ryuuzoku and his hometown were destroyed, Kyoko gets to see a 13 year old Hizuki. However, the boy is cold and seemingly detached when he answers that he is doing "nothing" to Kyoko's question.
Anyone who's read TSK will know that that's not Hizuki at all! He's usually cheerful and cute, and very loving towards his brother and protective towards Kyoko. And one other thing--why's he got the Crystal stone with him? That is just weird, even Kyoko finds it so. (Though she never actually gets down to asking Hizuki about it.)
And Hizuki's always smiling and happy, he's so different from his brother. Do you realize that somehow Sakataki's the one who's much more into his job of protecting Kyoko? Right, Hizuki may just be less enthusiastic about it and still harbour the same passion for his job like his brother, but still. He looks so amiable and calmly confident, as compared to his brother's determined and protective air! I just can't think those facial expressions won't amount to anything. *frowns*
I just know that Hizuki is gonna turn out like Finn Fish did--a big shock. LMAO ^^; It's hard to believe he'll betray Kyoko and Co. and even harder to believe that he's the ultimate baddie who'll turn up toward the end to kill of Kyoko and her friends, but well... ^^; Just my two cents on his character. Beware, I tell you! Beware~~! O_O;
Gosh this makes me want to make him a shrine now. :D
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Sunday, June 24, 2001 @ 03:11 p.m.
Ehehehe. I'm going off to my grandfather's birthday later on...gah, I am so bored! I've been re-reading the TSK volume over and over, and also reading I's scanslated manga at Royce's recommendation...I still stick by my belief that it is a hentai, or at least partially hentai manga... :D It's *wrinkles nose* LOL
Ah, Ceres-san... *coughs* I just saw your new (?) blog layout and *cough* it turns out that I'm using the exact same image of Lain for my next blog layout...and I swear I didn't see your layout before I started on mine...ehehe... ^^;;;
Garion, yeah I think I will give Inuyasha a try after all. I'll try to rent it on my next manga renting spree. =D
Toshi, it wouldn't be nice to cosplay as Sano again cos...hmm...cos the costume is old... ^^; *sighs* But the cosplay is at the end of the year anyway, so I'll have plenty of time to prepare everything...btw, are you going to this Saturday's AXN anime event thingy at the Heeren Shops? I think I might be going. ^o^
And Pei Yi, I don't think I need to repeat what Toshi already said about the cosplays, but now that you know, GO!! *___* It's just heaps of fun, believe me! Hehe, and GMC is indeed the goodness I heard it was. Well at least some people are getting something outta those translations...I'll have the rest of the chapters up really soon! Plus the new layout as well, I'm almost done with it. *grin*
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Friday, June 22, 2001 @ 07:37 p.m.
*pantpant* Chapter three!! *beams proudly*
Speaking of translations, I just discovered this page in which this person offers her manga translations for sale. And she's done loads too! She's done lots of Watase Yuu manga, plus 8 volumes of Hanakimi! *_* But why does she have to be selling them? ;_;
It doesn't seem as if they're selling like hotcakes either, and I'm sure few would spend money on something which several others may already offer for free... I mean, sure, there might be that very rare manga which no one's attempted to translate yet, etc., but still...why can't people just all be people of goodwill and offer translations for free...? -_-;
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Friday, June 22, 2001 @ 05:17 p.m.
Waaaa~~~! After Bio today, how could I not help but drop by the manga store to return GMC and this other series titled "Teacher's Lover" in Chinese, which is about this whole volleyball team with a female coach a year younger than them. She's a genius so that accounts for it, and it all turns out really nice! It hasn't ended yet, but I'm already pretty much hooked. I wish I knew the Japanese title though... XP
Anyway, I rented another random shoujo manga series (about 6-7 books in all), two volumes of another random shoujo series, plus bought the first volume of TSK!! *___* Wahaha! I'm so very happy about that. I had no idea they'd translated it into Mandarin already! :D I was supposed to pick up Yamadataro 11, but as it turns out, I'd gone broke by then, so I had to leave it for the next trip. *niko*
I think I'm really starting to like TSK A LOT. I've read all of Alexa's scanslated chapters, but somehow it feels better when it's in your hand, shiny and new, ready to be opened and flipped and laughed and cried over... ;_; Aw I'm such a softie.
I should go now...I think I'm getting all stressed just by the fact that I haven't touched my homework, not even that I'm in the middle of all of it. *frowns* That's gotta be a bad sign...
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Friday, June 22, 2001 @ 08:41 a.m.
Uh, one last blog before I haul my ass off to school.
Garion, I'm(sadly) not familiar with Inuyashi the series and even though I saw quite a lot of it around, (there was a manga mag with Inuyasha on its cover being offered in the vending machine in the lobby of our hotel, and a huge bus ad...etc.) I didn't actually get any of it. ^^; The art doesn't interest me either, and usually that's a major factor in me selecting manga. But hey, by the sounds of it, it actually sounds pretty good. When the cash flow comes back on... *_*
Toshi, ah! I didn't know the cosplay was at the end of the year! I thought it was on June 30th? If it had been on June 30th I wouldn't have gone, for lack of a costume. But since it's the end of the year, I just might be able to make it. Who shall I go as... *_* (I went as Sano last year! It was FUN! Whee!)
Right, I'd better get this entry off pronto or I'm gonna be late.
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Friday, June 22, 2001 @ 07:44 a.m.
*YAWNS* Aggh, I have a Bio lesson at 9.30 hence the sudden wakefulness at 7.30 in the morning. Here's chapter 2 of the GMC translations. I completed it last night, but my computer hung while I tried to upload it and I got too impatient. =_=
I went to Kino yesterday! And I discovered I was sadly mistaken about it being not-well-stocked. Suddenly they have heaps of brand new artbooks! Wah, they've got the "Poison" one, the art in which I've been adoring for just the longest time, the "EsperS one, and best of all, the HYD one! *___* I didn't even know they carried that here! Gah, why am I so damn pooooor!?
All I got was an ASUKA, but I did wheedle my mom into getting me yet another pair of jeans. ^o^ This pair was flare, with laces going through half the sides of each leg. It's purty! *_*
I also saw the Singapore english translated versions of Slam Dunk, No Need for Tenchi! and an American Fushigi Yuugi Graphic Novel. They also had (wa-hey!) English subtitled FY vcds! :D And, the Lain set of vcds in a very gorgeous package (not the normal kind of packaging...this one is huge and impressive and unique, a little like Lain itself. XD)
I am getting the FY Graphic Novel (s) along with Hana To Yume and Margaret's 13th edition on my next trip, I swear. (I missed Margaret 12! ;_; I heard there's a HYD special in it or something...?) I'm too poor for an artbook though. I'll have to keep reminding myself about that, so I won't keep hoping. =/
I'm gonna go hunt for some good winamp skins now...and a good Hotori/Nuriko image...and a good GMC image too. *toothy grin*
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Wednesday, June 20, 2001 @ 11:53 p.m.
Ahh...the YYH movie was great! I especially liked Kurama. *_* He was cute. ^_^ I remember seeing a lot of Hiei X Kurama fics around back when I used to hunt RK fics down like the fic-crazy fan I was. It was kinda interesting finally seeing the two.
I was disappointed though, Hiei looks like he just popped out from Dragonball, which is really really not my cup of tea. He doesn't deserve Kurama!! ;_; He has a nice voice though, and smooth moves as well. His "Black Dragon Wave" (?) was awesome, it put Yusuke's "Spirit Gun" to shame. XD
There's a new layout coming up here soon, as well as over at Onnatachi. I'm kinda getting real sick of Tori and the depressing purple. (Hey, better depressing than bright genki-wave-ish. XD)
Kay, I really should head on to bed now. Oh, did I say bed? Oh, I meant books! Head on back to my books. Yeah. =_=
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Wednesday, June 20, 2001 @ 09:57 p.m.
Wahaha! I've completed translating chapter one of Good Morning Call! You can find the translation here for the time being. I'll make a separate site to house it some time soon...
Yeah so, I've got like 8 maths test papers, 7 pages of Chem, 2 Bio test papers, a couple (a lot actually) of Physics 10 year series questions, an Eng compre, 3 Lit essays and tons of A Maths questions to get done by the end of the week. I know I know, "Get on it!" you say? But they're broadcasting Yu Yu Hakusho on TV at 10pm... But the homework, I still haven't touched the damn homework... On the other hand, I haven't ever seen YYH and I did so want to catch it... x.X;
Oh, what am I thinking?! *dives for the remote*
. . . . . . .
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 @ 10:54 p.m.
I just read Selene's entry. Auuugh! I was right at Sunshine 60! I was walking around in it! I shopped in it! The Toys R Us in it was huuuge, and I went to the highest level and looked down upon Tokyo which was so huge the buildings faded off into the horizon but--ARRRGH!
I saw an "Animate" advert on TV, but I didn't think it was that nearby! *wails* Dammit dammit dammit, the closest I got to an anime/manga shop excluding Kino, was this place called "The Yellow Submarine" which carried trading cards and shitajiki, plus some other misc merchandise.
B-b-but! I still can't believe I was so close to it! This close! A street away...argh. *goes off in a corner to cry brokenly about her bad luck (not to mention bad eyesight)*
Heh, thanks for the welcome-homes and site comments, you lovely people! ^_^v *glomps* It's always nice to feel missed. :3
Gah, I have just only discovered Kimmiez site. All bow and worship! *prostrates self* And me, just getting to know Good Morning Call, and being a long-time fan of several of the series that run/ran in that delicious publication known as Ribon including KKJ, Mint na Bokura and GALS! And there is only one single site on Good Morning Call?! Just one!?
I know Toshi has one, but it's currently on hiatus. *ears flop* Open it soon Toshi! XD Well, it's decided. I'll be the pioneer in GMC translating! I'll set to work right tons of homework which will probably never be completed before the deadline for the return of the rented GMC manga. Aw schmuck.
. . . . . . .
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 @ 10:37 p.m.
JOEY~~! *____* *mad glompage right back atcha* Wa, it's so nice to hear I was missed. ^.~v What? You're getting a webcam? *___* Hahaaaa~! Looking forward to seeing you on the blog. :3 (People who haven't seen Joey ought to know that she is really pretty and very modest about it too. XD! I wasn't even sposed to see the picture, but Royce got nice. XDXD!)
And Tomb Raider isn't very good, Joey. Although Pearl Harbour wasn't the best, I thought Tomb Raider just plain sucked right next to it. =_= No plot, just a lot of action and mindless fighting. If you go for that, then great but it really wasn't worth my $7.50. Angelina Jolie was heckuva awesome though. (As in fighting and looking the cool sexy Lara Croft part, not acting; her role didn't *cough* require all that much acting.)
I was laughing when I read your entry, Jen. *LOL* I sing in public a lot too (except really softly), especially on public transport. And, I usually sing the wrong lyrics as well. Which gets really embarrassing if someone who knew the lyrics heard, except that most of the songs I sing are JPOP. -_-; And if they're english, oh I'll just make up some believable nonsense. At the very most, some random unintelligible sound (for lack of a better word) to replace unknown words will suffice. *coughs sheepishly*
*is currently listening to Enya's "Only Time"* I can feel myself being slowly lulled into another mp3 downloading spree... x.X;
. . . . . . .
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 @ 1:04 p.m.
Wa-hey! I'm baaack! ^_^v
Well, as I mentioned, I was just stuffed up with work and more work and not only did I not have time to blog (what kind of reason is that anyway? It takes what--3 mins? ^^;) but I just kinda felt like taking a break from it all for a while. I explained to Anna-chama last night: "It's a jetlag symptom...thing."
Mhm! Tokyo was absolutely fantastic, way better than I'd ever expected. It was a like a whole shopping centre in itself! The entire place is crammed with backlanes, alleys, large buildings, establishments--all cramful of shops. There was this 7 storey building full of women's clothing shops and nothing else. No kidding! And I got to see Sunshine 60 and the diet building! It was cool. (Walking by/in all those buildings CLAMP destroyed/wanted to destroy was an enlightening experience to say the least.)
I got clothes, loadsa clothes but... *shakes head* It was hard locating any good anime shops!! *wails* Wait, before you compare my experience to Selene's, keep in mind she's probably had a lot of experience with Tokyo. Hey, Selene? *shrivels up and sweatdrops*
The only place that met my expectations of Tokyo being some kinda fantastical anime paradise was a 5 or 6 storey Kinokuniya which I pretty much spent half the day in. Selene was right, Inuyasha is everywhere. Heck, I saw a huge public bus covered in it! *_* That was pretty interesting. *cough*
Anime sighted almost everywhere: Saiyuki, Love Hina, GALS! and this freaky furball of a hamster with sparkling eyes the size of--well, they were very big. *coughs* It was everywhere! I recognized it from a screenshot Royce let me see of this hentai anime he was into (XD) and well, let's just say I hope it's not the same hamster we're talking about.
Kino was awesome. It was so huge, pity the manga section took up only the first floor. *hmph* My mom kept me on a tight rein though, so all I managed to get was the KKJ artbook there. I didn't bother with manga cos I wouldn't be able to read them, but I did take a look at the bilingual ones. Those were great, too bad I can get them for cheaper and easier in Chinese here. *shrugs* I wish the Kino here carried them.
Random sightings:
GALS! toy merchandise, makeup, hair accessories and fake locks included. ^^;
Yami no Matsuei sketchbook!
X Perfect Book (or some such thing, it contained scenes from the movie)
TSK manga! (wah, yeah I know this came out like in March, but it was still fun actually seeing it.)
Alichino manga! (wah, the art looks even better in rl)
CCS' Sakura's magic baton...thing. ^^; It makes sounds! Oh wait. Maybe it was from Sailor Moon instead. *frowns*
no doujinshi (whaaaa~~tt??!)
GALS! anime on national TV!! Waaah!
Yu-Gi-Oh anime on national TV. -_-;
Some other anime about a sexily tanned mother with a son and a pervy doctor--friend. *twitch* They all live somewhere in the depths of a jungle too. And they went to the beach that day, and they nearly drowned with the sharks and all, and the boy got swallowed by his freaky girl friend with a huge mouth who then tried to give him mouth-to-mouth but--well. It was too scary for him.
Argh, there're lots more but I can't seem to recall all of 'em. ><; Well, that's the otaku side of it. (I guess I was probably in the wrong place looking for manga. Figures. =_=) The rest of Tokyo was a fascination as well (hee!) and I just loved gawking at the Ayumi Hamasaki and Takuya Kimura lookalikes. *_* And did I mention almost everything is run with vending machines? It's a wonder they still have boring old receptionists anymore. Pft.
Hokay, that's the skinny on Tokyo, now it's Charlene's jolly time with the Thick Pile of Books TM. *weak grin*
. . . . . . .
Monday, June 18, 2001 @ 07:33 p.m.
Oh-kaaay.... *takes deep breath* Shizukesa's been given an update. Suki? my Suki Dakara Suki site's been given a revamp, RAW's been given fanart, my layout archive's been updated, and all sites which were previously hideous in IE5.5 are now looking okay. *sighs*
A proper proper blog entry soon...I swear! I just needed this one plug, and I have been swamped with homework and site work. And I'm not dead yet nor am I still in Tokyo, regardless of what y'all been thinking (or hoping). I got loadsa stuff, but not necessarily otaku stuff. -_-; Well, I promise--I swear I'll blog soon! And over at Onnatachi too! T_T
. . . . . . .
Wednesday, June 6, 2001 @ 11:43 p.m.
Mhmm...leaving for Tokyo the day after tomorrow... =/ Wondering how I'll be able to survive without FF7 and completing the fic I'm currently deeply into now: "Children of Jenova." Go check it out here if you're a FF7 fan.
Yea, the only reason why I'm here is cos it crashed on me again. ;_; And at a heartwrenching part too. (highlight for spoilers) After Sephiroth skewered Aeris (in a rather unnatural to the point of amusing scene too), and Cloud and Co (Tifa, Cid) defeated the little present Sephy left us as he danced off into thin air. o.o; Aw, but it didn't put up as good a fight as I'd expected. =/ And after that, geh. I was just at the friggin save screen too, when my CPU started emitting some--sounds which definitely didn't sound all that...good. *shrugs* So I restarted. I am looking forward to the whole scene again though. *beams* The only disappointing thing was that the purty little Sephiroth screenshot I took was lost. Oh well, easily rectifiable. ^.~
I wonder...just how many Cloud/Tifa fans are there compared to Cloud/Aeris? I personally don't care for either couple all that much, but if I had to choose, I wouldn't mind Cloud and Tifa. I'm a believer of childhood friends. :D Yeah, but I've got nothing against the flowergirl. She's just a little too weak physically is all. Tifa, apart from her dressing being reminiscent of Miss Lara Croft herself, is really just okay. She's a lot stronger than Aeris that's fer sure, and I just adore her limit breaks. ^_^
And Cloud has a typical macho hero's denseness to anything related to romance that just takes the cake. But who didn't already know that.
Well so...don't expect any more entries here for quite a while...until the 14th, I think. Or was it the 15th? Hoping to bring home some really good booty. :D
. . . . . . .
Tuesday, June 5, 2001 @ 11:16 p.m.
*blinks distractedly* Man, have I been out of it. I stumbled upon Madamhydra's Lair from Tin's link section and discovered that she had an absolutely fantastic FF7 fic "Conflicts of Interest" apart from the Miburo-focused "That Which Lingers" RK fic which no real Saitou fan should be without. Well what can I say, I've started consuming FF7 fics by the bucketfuls since then. Whoop-dee-doo.
I'm still in the middle (Middle?! Who am I kidding, I'm not even a 10th of the way through!) of raiding the fic section at here. As they say, it's a "fanfiction bonanza" with "more fics than you can shake a cig at." O_o And it's true too.
Oh, this brings me back to the good old RK-crazed days. I still keep megabytes of RK fics in Word format now. ^_^ Right now would be a good time to go dig em up. >_>; Or not. Oh right--*hits head* I don't pick Yuffie up at Wutai! I get her in some forests in the Junon area! Daaaamn you lightning birds who occur in sizeable numbers in the Wutai area, with your 400+HP destroying lightning bolts which can kill off Cloud and Co in three simultaneous hits. Daaaamn you.
I'll be *cough* back...right after I finish this chapter... (Yea right! That's what I said yesterday too. And the day before that as well. *despairing shake of head* And I'm still pottering around in the bloody A-D section too! Aargh! M-ust....make it to...H to-night... x.x)
Aw, but Cid having a daughter with Shera's (and her name's Junior too) just too hard to resist. ^.~ Alright, I'm really going now!
. . . . . . .
Monday, June 4, 2001 @ 05:54 p.m.
Hehe, more FF7 screencaps. I gave the Midgar Zolom the well-deserved beating of his life! *puffs on fists* ^.~

just the sight of it gets my blood pumping...*red hot murderous glare*

the condor at fort condor with its precious baby

a pretty materia fountain at mt. nibel (that's cloud right there--he's the hero of the game)

I'll post more after I get Yuffie at Wutai! :D Man, you would not believe how awful my sense of direction is. I had to wander around in Cid's airplane for about 1/2hr before I could finally locate the elusive Wutai. ^_^
. . . . . . .
Saturday, June 2, 2001 @ 10:50 p.m.
H-ho-hoe. *is stunned speechless* (don't click if you're afraid of spoilers for HYD) **^___^** <-- gets like that a lot in rl while reading HYD. And also!! WAAHHHH!!! I'm having a very scarily good time there. ^o^
Since when!?! LOL, PL hasn't changed the rules yet. It seems they're having a hard time with deciding whether or not to give us that responsibilty. (@#^%&#&*!!) But I couldn't care less either way, I've not had long hair since what--6 years old?
Ahhh, I'm too unmotivated to go play FF7 again. It keeps crashing at all the wrong times! *tears hair out* NGHAARGH!
I guess I'll go do something else more meaningful then. *trudges off dejectedly* (Wa-hey! Anna's baaack! I'll blog there tomorrow yeah. ^.~)
. . . . . . .
Saturday, June 2, 2001 @ 10:11 p.m.
Okaay...why aren't the images on my blog showing up...? *_*
. . . . . . .
Saturday, June 2, 2001 @ 10:03 p.m.
I just only realized that about half my sites look like crap in IE5.5. Gah, why don't people tell me these things? Some problem with IE5.5 and IE5 CSS, so all text is Times New Roman. =_=; And huge, too. I must get round to fixing it before the trip.
Garion, I'm kinda not a Sentosa person. *lmao* I dunno, I've never liked it there. I guess maybe cos it's so very noisy and crowded and though I don't exactly have a problem with that, I just find I have more fun in places which are less crowded. =/ I enjoyed the Escape Theme Park an awful lot when it was drizzling and there were few people around. I could take the water ride over and over till the attendants could recognize me when we saw them going back. ^_^; But I'm abnormal like that.
FF7 crashed agaiin! *bawls* And at a pretty important part too--Mount Nibel, where after I spent sweat and blood defeating all those evil little critters, the game chose to "perform an illegal program error." Thank god I saved just after defeating that evil scorpion-like boss (which Vincent kept healing thanks to his limit technique--thanks a lot, Mr Galion Beast. -_-;). I'll go take some more screencaps or some; people who haven't played are finding this annoying and with visuals, I'm sure they'll come round to seeing what a great game it is, and why it's worth so much raving. ^_^
The angelfish in my dad's tank just won't stop giving birth. o.O If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you'll know I mentioned them and their babies quite a while back. It's a fascinating experience really, to watch as the male fertilizes the hundreds of tiny white eggs and the female is busy gnashing at anyone who dares come near. The second generation-ders have grown quite a bit now, their angelfish form has taken shape. Some have pretty dashing fins, I must say. ^.~
Yay, I received a Fuuma fanart for RAW! *weeps* I don't think I've ever received a contribution for any of my sites before, all you see in the fan sections have usually been shamelessly begged for. Ehehe. ^^;
HAH!! Tuition is over for the holidays!! My tutor is pregnant so she's taking maternity leave until the 1st of July. I'll miss her, she teaches wonderfully, but I sure as hell won't miss the homework. And I probably won't have a chance to anyway, I've got the D Maths 10 year series chapters to complete, plus several other school's test papers. >.>; One wonders why I'm not yet a maths genius, like Mr Mathematician over there. :D
Yeah, I must go download more DaI (thanks to Joey) mp3s. Raven is wonderful! ^o^ Oh yes, and go visit Tin's latest (though not all that new anymore) domain It's currently sporting a deliciously-coloured CCS layout. Uh huh. ^_^v
. . . . . . .
Saturday, June 2, 2001 @ 12:47 a.m.
*totters about and plops down in front of comp looking dazed* I. Have. Just. Finished. Reading. 27 volumes of HYD. -_-;;; Yeah, 18 volumes at one go. Atta girl. *tries not to groan* My head aches like hell, so do my back and legs. o.O; Yeah I read manga in strange almost yoga-like positions due to my intense interest. ^_^ I also bang my head against my pillow at intermittent times, all the while giggling insanely, clutching my manga and--well, to put it simply, acting like a deranged fangirl (which I'm not so sure is all that good a thing after all. XD).
Thank god I keep my room locked. o.o
Well yeah. So HYD is just _the_ most fantastic manga series right now. ^.~ I can't believe it, 27 volumes and they (highlight to read spoiler) still haven't done it. Sorry, I just happen to find that seriously weird.
Ggrh, but my point is that being such a fantastically lengthy series (28 Jap volumes now?), HYD still manages to hold the otaku's interest long after the expected explosion that is the catalyst to bringing about the supposed happy ending, is over. I'm not making much sense am I.
^_^ I think I don't have to keep raving about it here. Just be sure I have never read a manga which made me (truly, no joke) laugh and cry alternately in about a space of an hour. Every volume just leaves me craving for more. And I'm not just saying that.
*sighs* No matter. Any way I put it, I still sound like a deranged fangirl. Well it's late anyhow, and I've read 18 volumes of manga straight at one go! I didn't even get to touch FF7 and that's saying a lot. *stretches*
Tuition at 8 tomorrow morning. What a life I lead... ^_^ Ngrh, and I swear hotmail, if you don't let me sign on in the next five minutes, I will KILL! *_* Oh and lastly, notice the new addition at the side? *wiiide grin* Ah, my two sexy biatches... (Joey, you beat me to putting yours up! o.O! And I adopted first! You shameless wretched fangirl...I truly am appalled at your behaviour. *tsks*)
. . . . . . .
Thursday, May 31, 2001 @ 02:45 p.m.
Ah, I am completely and utterly bored. I feel as if I should be planning something, doing something, other than playing FF7 and renting manga. ><; I haven't even had the motivation to work on my sites, even with all the new spare time.
Why is it that I am so content being aimless? The things I should and could be doing are studying, reading, writing, designing, working on my Shiso/Ceres shrine which I've been talking about endlessly yet never seem to get opened, and hanging out with my friends.
Gah, I haven't even called Angie since the end of term. Nadia called me once, and I guess we might be going to see Shrek/Pearl Harbour next Tuesday... :/ I'm looking forward to it yeah. -_-;
Suddenly I have the strangest urge to go to the beach. Not for the scenery surely... (Singapore's beaches are barely what you'd call a tourist attraction) just maybe for a change. I'm sure the fresh air'd do me good too, my mom's been complaining about my ghost-like complexion lately. *LOL*
Yeah, maybe I will go.
. . . . . . .
Thursday, May 31, 2001 @ 01:57 p.m.
Phil-san says: Isn't the Midgar Zolom an endangered species? o_O
There's too damn many of them around in my opinion! *brandishes fist Barret-style* Though there won't be, after I get through with them... Hee. ^_^ (As soon as I level up, that is. *muttergrumble* Hey, I just realized something. I'm looking forward more to squashing the damn thing than to the face-off with Sephiroth... o.o;;)
Arashi-san has opened her swell Escaflowne Adoption Centre! ^_^ Dibs on Folken-samaaa~~! (Tsk, Joey, if you don't hurry, your knight might just be swept off his feet before you get to him! ^.~;;)
Gah, and Tin-neesan. Your new layout is just really growing on me. I can't stop staring at it... *_*
. . . . . . .
Wednesday, May 30, 2001 @ 05:16 p.m.
HAHA! Gotcha now, you sneaky li'll bugger! Can't bite now, can ya?!*looks to the right and shivers* Well for those who haven't played FF7, here's the awful Midgar Zolom (though a lot more subdued now. *snicker*) after Sephiroth got through with it. Ahhh...sitting here and munching on strawberries and drinking fresh coconut juice. *_* Aren't I healthy.
Peach Girl is turning out to be fantastic!! The art is wonderful, so realistic. The proportions are really accurate, and I love it when the characters (especially Kiley) go SD. Waah! XD
I must go get more later today. Yeah this was a pointless post. In fact the way I've been spending my holiday thus far has been pointless. Come to think of it, my life itself IS pointless. ^.~
Congratulations Alexa! ^_^v
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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 @ 11:27 p.m.
^_^ I get to leave Midgar now. I'm gonna get me some excellent chocobos now! *rolls up sleeves* And did I ever make known my tremendous fear/dislike for the Midgar Zolom?? *shudders* Gah, how I hate that creature. When I first saw it I was horrified. O.O! And the fact that you can't yet bludgeon it to death and banish it to the fiery depths of--of some place where it'll never get its big fat butt-ugly face in my way, at this pathetic stage doesn't help one bit. *twitch*
Ah, as a side note, does anyone else think Sephiroth especially pretty when he gives that evil grin against a background of menacing flames? Especially with that jade-aqua-green gaze!
Er, I know y'all are getting real sick of weird searchengine referrals but one more--just one more! >o<; looks OR look OR act OR acts OR dress OR dresses OR shaped "like a girl" Gahahaha!! XD XD! What, doesn't "XXXforfree" work anymore? *wipes tears*
Mhmm...I think I will go on AIM tonight. :3
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Monday, May 28, 2001 @ 11:20 p.m.
Well great. Just great. FFVII decided to crash on me just as I was getting out of Midgar. (man, I am _so_ sick of the place!) Just as well though, cos I finally had time (or rather, had nothing else to do) and managed to run down to the local manga store to return my manga, and rent more.
I managed to get HYD 1-10!! *screams* One cannot begin to imagine the ecstasy reading those volumes holds for me. I can't wait til I get the rest so I can see what happens after the anime ends. What happened to Doumyouji's hair though...? =( And Yoko Kamio calls them "dread hair" instead of dreadlocks. *blinkblink* XD
I also got the first five volumes of Peach Girl, which I never would have gotten had I not recognized the girl from Tin's Niaiserie. ^^; It seems I recognize a lot of people from her layouts ne?
Augh, which reminds me. I was playing FFVII this morning, when I heard a buzzing sound. It was pretty loud, but I didn't really pay much attention, thinking it to be a beetle or something. o.o I wasn't wearing my contacts either, so I couldn't exactly see much when I turned briefly.
Then I saw this huge black thing right next to my arm (with it's ass jutting out as well, it was definitely about to sting me O_<) and knew it to be a hornet/bee/wasp. Gah! I ran into my parent's room where my dad was watching TV, slamming the door.
He went out to take a look, then came back and wrapped himself in the comforter. *wipes tears* He went out again, and managed to get the thing trapped in one of the rooms. Then, armed with insecticide, he opened the door again, and woa--which room should the damn thing choose to enter but the one I was in?
Gah! (again!) I threw the blankets over myself and shivered as it buzzed somewhere above me. ^^;;; Hey, I don't exactly favour being stung by a hornet 3/4 the size of my clenched fist okay? Then my dad came in and whapped it with the newspaper. *smirk*
What is it with creatures and me? The other night, coming home from watching The Mummy Returns (cool show, very action-packed) a Jack Russell took a distinct dislike to me and started growling and throwing itself at my leg. ><; I think I kinda froze there though, I was scared shitless. *roflmaooo* No really, I think it brought back really bad memories of the Alpha Camp dog incident (which I had hoped never to mention again, the result being so many QUEER searchengine referrals). I used to think I'd keep one or more dogs next time in my home but I think cats would make just as good if not better companions now.
Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I used to own one too, a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Schnauzer, Rascal. *fond smile* Aw, how I loved him. But he was tiny and even though he was full of spunk and got into fights ALL the time...I dunno, it was different. He used to tackle me though, and we never cut his nails so my knees were real scratched. Aw, but how I loved him.
Hmm, maybe I will have dogs next time. *raises eyebrows* LOL better go before I contradict myself some more. On a not-too-nice note, I'm beginning tuition again tomorrow...NOT looking forward to it.
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Monday, May 28, 2001 @ 02:37 p.m.
Taking a break from FFVII to locate a walkthrough. Yes, I have played FFVII before, and yes, I have gotten through the part I'm having trouble with now... o.o That being Shinra Building, where the door leading to the lasers on the 67th floor just won't open. I might've forgotten to pick up soem item, but I've combed the entire 67th floor about a million times now.
Geh, either way I'll go have a look at the walkthrough I got. A proper proper blog entry later... *frowns*
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Sunday, May 27, 2001 @ 08:37 p.m.
LOL forgot to mention that Shizukesa's been given a small update as well (+ new layout). I'm going off to randomly surf around now...don't feel much like blogging today. -_-;
Link of the day: (yeah, I found this incredible journal site because I'd wanted to register that particular domain; the writings there awe me.)
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Sunday, May 27, 2001 @ 08:11 p.m.
Geh, I highly dislike this layout. And what a coincidence--it's my first non-anime layout. O_<;; Here is Tori Amos looking pretty among some blue posies (?) and the lyrics on the image are from her song "Spark."
I'll blog more soon. Man, I'm exhausted.
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