Tuesday, April 17, 2001 [ 06:14 p.m. ]
Yay, back from tuition. ^___^v Hmm, okay, the reason why I haven't been blogging for about six days now, is cos I just got tired of it. o_O; It seems like everytime I go online I blog, and I was just getting a little sick of it.
Well, anyways, what I did over the weekend. Hmm, last weekend was pretty busy considering that I usually spend it idling by the TV or computer. I went to a TGIGF party on Good Friday, which was pretty fun. ^_^v I had a bad cough then though, so it wasn't all that pretty when I started coughing really bad in the middle of a really sad solemn prayer one of the leaders were giving. o_O;
My friend got ahold of me and made me take a couple of teaspoons of Wood's Peppermint Syrup. o_O; I had no idea the stuff was so effective! It stopped my cough immediately--no kidding! ^^; Well, some of you may be curious as to whether I am Christian or not, and the answer is no, I'm a freethinker. ^_^ I'm a Christian at heart though, just haven't officially been baptised, or whatever. XP;
My little cousin and godbrother Benjamin (he's seven or eight now, I think) came over to stay at my aunt's place (a few floors up) and he came downstairs to play. For some weird reason, SimTown fascinates him a lot. o_O; He played it for hours tirelessly, until my father suggested a game of Monopoly. Yes, good ol' quality time together. o_o; It's been a while since we all sat down and played. Usually it's just me and my mom, but I guess my dad really enjoys spending time with his godson. =D;
The game was, in short, tiring. XDD; I, being the banker, was trying to keep track of all the shady transactions going on, while my dad was busy bankrupting the hell out of all of us. He had rows and rows of those little green houses along whole streets (or whatcha call em) for gawd's sakes! O_<; Sad, real sad. They were replaced by hotels by and by, but he really didn't have to take the trouble, cos we all lost our cash and property faster than well, anything.
In spite of all this, I still managed to get some webwork in. *beams* I'm currently working on READ's content, new layouts for Spinel and Onnatachi, as well as content for a newly designed website!! *GRIN* It's a secret...! After that, I'll finally get to the Chibi Centre, and Shizukesa's next layout. I am a busy person, I am. =]
Well, that was how Charlene spent her weekend...I'm sure you were all extremely excited to read about it. O_<;

Tuesday, April 17, 2001 [ 03:14 p.m. ]
Okay. Another "quick note" before I go tackle coordinate geometry. ^^;;; Isabela-san, yay! I got to linking your working url now! XD XD;; AND, who is that gorgeous dude in your layout? Not the younger big-eyed innocent one, the one with the Aoshi hair and sunglasses. Kakkoi desu yo! o_O; I dunno but I have a strong partiality to Aoshi hair. *blinks*
Oh yes, and I've been thinking of relocating and revamping the RK Chibi Adoption Centre. o_O; I really should be getting round to that after so long... (as Jessica would know.) And I want to add those cute blinking gifs of Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko and Sano! *_*

Tuesday, April 17, 2001 [ 03:08 p.m. ]
Hey everyone! o_O;
Just a quick note to say that I'm not dead, I have tuition in an hour, I haven't done my homework and am currently rushing, and will try to blog after that. *NIKO*
Also! Patrick-san! You brought back the animated little gif before each entry! *_* I have to say that flying angelic tare panda sure is hilarious! *rofl* XD;

Wednesday, April 11, 2001 [ 06:51 p.m. ]
Hehe, git over there and vote now! XD XD; No prizes for guessing which one I chose though...I'm evil. *nikoniko*
Ay ay, Patrick has a brand new Coco Lee layout at his blog. *claps* It's real nice, Patrick-san, even though I've never liked Coco Lee. (don't ask...really.) But what happened to the pretty animated gif you put before each entry? It was such a cute touch... XD;
Toshi, don't stop there please. *roflmao* Kidding, kidding! A-and you got a new handphone now...? Congratulations! ;D What's the ring tone eh?
Hmm...I just noticed there were like really large white streaks on my favourite home T-shirt...like huge, like unmissable. O_O; It turned out it was dried toothpaste. *blinks* How on earth could I have walked around in a T-shirt with dried toothpaste stains without anyone or me noticing??!! *twitch* I guess this just proves I am the sloppiest slob there was... *smiles and picks day-old potato chip off keyboard, popping it into mouth* Hehe. =D;
Oh yes and I'm working on a new layout for this old thing... *shakes head and tsks* It's gonna be a nice bright blue, courtesy of the Chichiri-adoring Miss Hulsman. XD XDDD;;;

Wednesday, April 11, 2001 [ 10:12 a.m. ]
Blogging from school...just a quick note to say that Isabela's blog Unfinished Symphony has moved here. I'm having trouble keeping up with your new urls, Isabela-san! *lmao*

Tuesday, April 10, 2001 [ 06:37 p.m. ]
Wheee~~~! Yatta, I got a large bar of "Swiss Delice" hazelnut chocolate from my teacher for writing an essay that came in first in class!! XD XD;; Share my joy, people.
The title was "The Fight" (yeah I had trouble trying to make something of that at first... o_O) and I wrote about an abused little girl and her family. Angst again. It never leaves me, fics or no fics. I made a text file of the revised draft so click here to read it. I copied and pasted from Word though, so you'll have to use the bottom scrollbar I'm afraid. T_T Believe me, I detest using that myself.
The teacher wants to send it in for something (I forgot to ask what it was...'doh!) so I just sent the edited version to her again...I hope she's satisfied with it now, cos she seemed very intent on changing my whole style of writing earlier on in class.
If you read the text file, there are two paragraphs which depict the girl's thoughts. They're very personal and do not describe actions unlike the other paragraphs, and were initially written in first person perspective. I had to change it to third to suit her and somehow, I feel it compromises the whole effect of the thing. O_<; I tried telling her but man... *stares at chocolate and drools* I'm weak, sue me. <_>;;
Joey... *lol* Royce and I've been chatting a lot lately (wow, he's like online everytime I'm on! o_O;) and apart from the fact that he's hosting my files temporarily, he really is a nice guy. *pokes Royce* *lmao*
Yeargh, I have two tests tomorow: Chinese and Physics. I'd better get started! o_o; Yeah, and I haven't blogged for a while over at Onnatachi. Gomen nasai, Anna-chama! *looks miserable* I'm doing it right after this so don't kill me just yet... *lol*

Sunday, April 8, 2001 [ 02:17 p.m. ]
Whoo~hoo~~! Shizukesa has finally been updated!!! Go visit my new layout archive ne? *nikoniko*
WAH!!! How can anyone not like Arashi-sama? *wails* I mean, she's gorgeous and vulnerable and a sword comes out of her hand goddammit! In how many other female manga characters do you get a kickass combination like that??! I mean, yeah she doesn't change much but still...she is awesome. How I love her... I should make a Sorata/Arashi shrine next... T_T *kicks Tay for dissing X* Muwahah~! That'll show you. Hmph. XD;

Saturday, April 7, 2001 [ 09:25 p.m. ]
Some BBS, as Tin always puts it. XD;
Pei Yi, the teacher's name was Mrs Audrey Ferng. I'm sure you've heard of her, cos she's pretty old (not to mention ugly *evil snicker*) Oh yeah, and I didn't realize that I was linking to your other "ran" url instead of "desens" so the two ran frames dominated half of your pretty Zell-kun layout. *sheepish grin* Sumimasen.
Flipper-san, thanks so much for the recommendation! I went to check f2s.com out, and I have an account now! Arigatou! Oh yeah, and about your dad, don't worry. Your dad's not the only one.
It seems my dad's favourite thing to do at home (next to TV and snacking) is be around me when I'm using the pc, whether I'm surfing, blogging, designing, whatever. Some of his stupider comments are: "Onnatachi? What's that? Sounds like 'hitachi'..." as well as "Would you stop playing that stupid song??! 'I'm walking away...walking away...' Always walking away! What the hell is wrong with him?!" Blah. >_<;
Jessica, I've heard of animenews.com but I don't know if they're what you're looking for. If all else fails though, just check anipike. ^_-; (That's the first rule in every online otaku's manual... *lol*)
Whoo! Ruby hasn't died. Hurray! *roflmao* Glad to see you alive and blogging, Ruby. ^^;;; Yeaaah, we all suffer from those non-blogging periods... o_O; Thing is, I don't get to blog real often now, so I'm using whatever time I have to do that. Otherwise, this thing'd probably be empty all the time. *sweatdrops* Speaking of which, where's Joey?
Mm, finally: Tay is starting to really scare me. *lmao* But you got me thinking about which anime girls I'd go lesbian for, and thank god there is but one. It'd probably be *mumblemumble*... oh alright, Arashi of X. *ducks head to hide under table*
Shizukesa will definitely be updated tomorrow, so *coughs* erm, stay tuned folks. ^^; Yeah, I meant to address some more of people tonight, but I forgot who they are. No matter, tomorrow then. ^_~

Thursday, April 5, 2001 [ 08:34 p.m. ]
Hehe, I just remembered I had to do some research on a project about Buddhism, so my dad let me have a couple more hours on the pc. ^_~v Of course, my superb whining skills helped greatly! XD Hmm, Tin-neesan, I can't agree with you more on what you said about people putting huge links lists on their blogs just to show how other blogs "pale" in comparison to theirs. I won't waste my time expressing the disgust and amusement I feel for these people, but I just wanted to say that linking someone shows that you like the site and want others to visit it, you don't link just so you can say "this blog sucks as compared to mine so go visit just so you can see my point and recognize my blog's greatness." *laughs*
On to more pleasant things. Flipper-san, I'd thought of that initially, but the thing is, I don't know too many ad-free freeservers which has more than 10mb of space... ^^; The only ones I've heard of are Brinkster and Portland (which still hasn't sent me my confirmation email regarding my registration for a new account and seeing as it was maybe a month or two ago... O_o;;). Virtue and envy.nu are okay, I guess, I might give them a try and use them to house my old layout images, but I'm still open to suggestions. ^^;;;;
It seems almost half of all the entries on this blog are freeserver-related huh? *lmao*

Thursday, April 5, 2001 [ 06:44 p.m. ]
Eto, pretty new layout, Reins-chan! =D But what more can you expect from a wallpaper maker? :D
And suddenly everyone's revamping or creating personal sites. *lmao* I'll open mine next month probably...it won't be as pretty as everyone else's though, cos I have awfully little experience working with non-anime images. O_o; I dunno, anime/manga images are just much more cleanly cut and easy to work with in my opinion.
And I don't know who I'd make a layout out of for my personal site anyway! O_o; Abstract or some digital composite thing? O_o;; I'm terrible with that as well... *heaves sigh* I'm virtually nothing without anime. XD;

Thursday, April 5, 2001 [ 06:00 p.m. ]
Whoo! I'm back! I'm sittin' here munching away at one onigiri (japanese rice ball). Oishii desu ne~~! :D~ Hmm, if you're wondering where Shizukesa's update has gone, well I can only say that I've been working hard on it sporadically for the past few weeks. It's hard to really get into creating layouts and content when you only have so much time on the pc. =_=
Aaaanyway, on to a happier topic. Hmm, yesterday something really embarrassing happened to me and Angie at school! XD XD;; You see, every morning we have assembly and we're expected to sing our national anthem and say our pledge in deep lusty voices or something. O_o Well as you can probably guess, nobody ever does that, but yesterday, this horrible teacher pulled the two of us aside after we'd said the pledge and yelled, "Are you two Singaporeans??!"
I was so startled, all I could do was say, "Yeah!" *lmaoooo* Hey--I was real shocked alright? O_o; Anyhow, she pulled us to the back and started yelling at us for not singing. "Can you sing??! Any problems with your voice? Any particular reason why you can't sing your national anthem??!" The thing was, I wanted to laugh out loud so badly cos everytime I looked at her face the only thing I could see was this huge red pimple which seemed to dominate the rest of--everything. O____O;;; Oh my. I'm not kidding! That's the only reason why I couldn't look her in the face and thus risk laughing my head off in the middle of a scolding! Too bad it got her even madder...
She made us stand during the rest of assemble, and after that, she made us stand in front of the other girls to sing the national anthem plus pledge solo!! AAAUUGH! I nearly died of embarrassment! XDDDD;
But after that, me and Angie ran off laughing our asses off for all the embarrassment and strange looks people were giving us. *LOL* It was fun nonetheless. Nothing like that ever happens in school anymore!
Hrmph. I have to get the update all ready by this weekend, and I do believe I will! I've got the main layout ready, a new site as well, the only other things I have left are to complete my Yumi/Shishio fic plus make a decent splash page! =D
I'll try to blog again tomorrow! For now ja!

Tuesday, April 3, 2001 [ 05:12 p.m. ]
Ooh, Toshi, you have a pretty new layout at Wire-d! *_* It's very very beautiful, Toshi. Three thumbs up! *lmao*
And! Before I forget:


I'm so proud of my nee-san. *sniffle sniffle* But really, I'm so glad you got accepted! Though I don't know the college and all, I'm still happy for happy's sake. *congratulatory glomp* O_o;