Monday, April 2, 2001 [ 06:38 p.m. ]
Hey hey hey! Guess what? Two server-related news that aren't lousy grumpy complaints for a change! XD
First, the very nice Royce has been kind enough to host my homeless large image files temporarily, before I find myself a nice new freeserver to leech off! *_* (And guess who the next Shizukesa layout is gonna be dedicated to? XP)
And the other, is that I've finally found a freeserver which doesn't give incredibly little space, and allows mp3s and large (up to 10mb) zip files! HOE~~~! @_@; They offer 30mb of storage, plus another 30mb more if you can refer three people to their site! (I put two of my best rl friends' emails and another of mine, so I oughta be able to pull it off! *lmao*)
Ooooooooh...... =_=
I just found out they don't allow direct-linking. I should've known... *heaves sigh* My bubble has just seriously been popped. *roflmao*

Sunday, April 1, 2001 [ 05:34 p.m. ]
Wow, Brian. I'm ecstatic that you've added me to your blog list again because I suck. =_=
Oh yes, Happy April Fool's everyone! ^_^;; (Oh my, I am so linking this over at RAW.

Sunday, April 1, 2001 [ 04:58 p.m. ]
Whoops! I forgot to mention that TKO has a gorgeous new layout, and V-chan's personal site Deceptive Delicacy has a revamp as well! (It's gorgeous, V-chan! =D)
Rose has a gorgeous new green layout as well over at her blog! Is it just me or is everyone going green? ^^;

Sunday, April 1, 2001 [ 04:52 p.m. ]
Please note that in accordance with our member Web site policy, cannot host Member Web sites that have been dormant for any given 90-day period. Additionally, we cannot host sites in which the contact's e-mail or contact's mailing address is incomplete, or of a non-U.S. or fraudulent (non-existent) origin.
Our review indicates that this policy and shutdown WILL apply to your Member Web Site. Please make whatever preparations necessary as your Member Web Site will no longer be accessible after April 15, 2001, and any content, data, and files associated with your Member Web Site after that date will be permanently deleted from our systems.

Wtf?! My bloody account is barely even a month old! O_O Bloody freeservers! FUCK THEM ALL TO HELL~~~~!

Friday, March 30, 2001 [ 04:53 p.m. ]
Jessica!! (or Jess, if you will... *grin*) You have a Saitou shrine now!! *____* Wow, no words can express the humble reverence and love with which I visit and re-read each page! *niko* It must be no surprise then that I was a loyal and faithful (to the point of terrorising) patron of! XD;
And, wow. That Vincent skin sure looks like my blog layout!! O_o Nope, I've never seen that skin before, but I'll be seeing a lot of it from now on!! *stares dreamily at her winamp*

Wednesday, March 28, 2001 [ 10:45 p.m. ]
XD; Me and my mom were just laughing our heads off at some awfully insignificant detail in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" ... really laughing I mean, till there were tears all over the place. XD XD;; It suddenly struck me that it's been a very long time since me and my mom did that. ^_^;
My fault of course, it's always the angsty snappy grouch of a teenager's fault isn't it? :D;; Another *koff* interesting event that's taken place at home is the hatching of at least 150 of my father's angelfish's eggs! O_o; When they were still eggs, they were white and in large fat clumps.... *shivers*
Then they were in their stages of development, and each egg had its own tiny tail, wiggling away happily, while still attached to the semi-developed egg. *turns green* It got so that the whole leaf they were laid on looked like it was vibrating with this whole coat of wiggling squiggling worms. X.x;;;
And now that they're hatched, they've turned blackish and form a large cloud around their parents everywhere they go. O.o; It's definitely not half as bad as when they were half developed, but it still looks goddamned awful. It's just me, I know, cos my friend didn't think they looked all that awful, but I feel my stomach turning over each time I pass by the fish tank.
The parents are awfully protective though, they're on their guard each time someone's near the tank. They tried to bite my hand through the tank (O_o) once, and the male bit my dad while he tried transferring the whole (happy) family to their own separate tank where no other huge glutton of a fish could devour the tiny black *cough* morsels.
The point of this entry? Um, what's currently going on in Charlene's home! *pause* And I should now be getting on with Maths revision... =_=;;
(Oh yes, and Tin, I read the hanakimi fic. I'll be emailing you soon... *_*)

Tuesday, March 27, 2001 [ 05:27 p.m. ]
Hmm...sneaking in a quick blog before my dad awakens from his nap to come snatch the plug away once again... O_o;; Hmm...what to say what to say...oh yes! There're three very pretty new blog layouts up:
The Pillow Book (nice name Tin-neesan! =3) has a new very light green and pretty layout of Touya and Yukito (?) of CCS. Tin has also updated Niaiserie with a new layout so go check! Sweet~! (Wah! Read that the S/A fic is nearly done Tin?! WAI~! *_*)
Oxygen has a brand new red layout featuring...who is it featuring Toshi? But either way it's still very very pretty! ^_~v
Lastly, Vanity & Suspicion is sporting a bright new Argento Soma layout featuring the very dark (and very scar-ridden) Ryuu Soma. And now it seems, she *cough* wants to bake cookies with him...? ^_^;;; Ah hem, good luck with that Alexa! O_o
Whoo! I feel like a walking blog layout advertisement! @.@;
Oh yes, I have a very very nice piece of news to announce: my group blog Onna Tachi is FINALLY open!!!! Go visit~~~~! It's still in need of a couple of tweaks (and an entry by me, yes I'm ashamed to say...I've been such a wreck without compie-chan!!) but it should probably be all done by the time you get there. ^^;;
*pops champagne bottle* Cheers, Anna-chama! We finally made it! <3 <3 <3

Saturday, March 24, 2001 [ 10:17 p.m. ]
Aiyah! I just found out that indeed, I've left Yahiko out of the chibi adoption centre! *is amazed* How on earth did I manage to do that, and how on earth did anyone not notice except for Jessica?! @.@;; Jessica, you can have Yahiko if you like (I don't think anyone has dibs on him...I changed the adoption centre's layout a while back and I might've left him out then, but I don't think so... ^^) and I'll send him to you via mail. I'll see if I can log into my old brinkster account and change things. O_o; I'm still quite shocked I left poor Yahiko-chan out.
Oh yes, and speaking of RK chibis, *stare* Tin-neesan! Battousai doko desuka~~? *dangerous glance* If I find out you've devoured him alive... *_* (jk! I know you wouldn't do that...would you?)
Hmm. Tonight I feel wordy. *lmao* I'm actually actually working on the second part of Black Rain, my Yumi and Shishio multi-parter (but single as of now O.o) fic--something I haven't done in months! O_O; This sudden bout of ficcing was probably brought about by V-chan's writing project which reminded me of my several unfinished series, plus the fact that AXN showed the Shishio/Kenshin fight yesterday. Yes, the one where Shishio and Yumi kiss and viewers go "Ooh! Ah!" cos that's probably the most action (of that kind XD) you'll ever get on RK.
And writing is actually making me feel good! O.o; Really! I've forgotten how nice it was to simply settle back on Word, than to repeatedly squint and poke at uncooperating images in Photoshop. ^_^v

Saturday, March 24, 2001 [ 06:32 p.m. ]
My god, I never knew Hisaya Nakajo had a site! Auuugh~! *____* My god, it's so purty and it has Hanakimi characters all over it and I love it I love it to bits! @.@;; Sorry, b-b-but--Hisaya Nakajo-samaaaaa~~! (She's the mangaka who drew Hanakimi if you didn't know)
Jessica, all the chibis in my adoption centre are already adopted...I do have Yahiko right? *looks anxious* At least I thought I did, I'm too lazy to check. But it wasn't me who drew them, I haven't half such talent. I got them somewhere on the Net months ago and thought them too cute to waste rotting on my hard drive. ;D
And, does anyone know of a good RK OVA gallery? If you do, please please tell me using the form below, or email me at . I'm suddenly desperate for the OVA images. =D;

Friday, March 23, 2001 [ 08:19 p.m. ]
V-chan, I read about your original writing project and I think it's a really great idea! :} I would contribute if I wrote original fiction, but seeing as I have enough unfinished fics to occupy my (rather flighty) ficcer's mind, I don't think I would have the time or discipline. T_T Perhaps I could join at a later time...? =D
Isabela! I see you've moved your blog, as well as your collective! ^_^; Sorry it took me so long to find that out, I discovered it only after reading Elyse's blog. =D Anyhow, thanks very much for the birthday wishes, and congrats on getting hosted! ^_^v *kicks digitalrice to space and beyond* Oh and btw, lovely Love Hina layout! *_* It may be a five minute layout, but it's still very pretty. =)
And Pei Yi, thanks also for the birthday wishes, and hoo yeah! Nakatsu so definitely needs a shrine! O_o; Actually, he was right at the top of my list of Hanakimi characters to make shrines for, right next to Nanba, but Nanba's yumminess won out. I'm weak...what can I say...? T_T
Well right now I'm highly irritated by a friend, whom I was just talking to on ICQ. She used to be my bestfriend and was (and probably is still) very very fun to be with. The reason why we're no longer bestfriends is probably because of circumstance and conflict, but you probably don't wanna hear about that.
Anyhow, she was just asking me if I and another friend (who I'm closer to now btw) disliked her. My other friend was just telling me that this friend (let's call her C ^^;) told her she heard that she and I disliked her. I just...I know this all sounds like a stupid and petty misunderstanding, but it's really annoying the hell out of me right now. I've never really had experience with rumours like that, and I'm not about to be affected or even believe (for that matter) this one, but either way, it is just... *scowls* stupidly niggling at me.
C has always been an almost vindictive and slightly backstabbing person, a person who makes friends for her benefit. I don't want to judge her this way, but argh, that's one of the reasons we drifted apart and also why I try to stay away from her now. And now she asks me if I hate her? What's that supposed to mean?! I know now for sure my friend didn't say anything about her disliking C (yes, she does dislike C because of quite a number of reasons, some of which I mentioned) to anyone and if there's a person I'll believe in this matter, it's her.
I'm sorry for mentioning this in my blog, but it's so been on my mind since we talked on ICQ. It's a stupid situation, but that's probably why it's affecting me so. =_=
Agh, I should probably forget all about this since it doesn't directly involve me right? Right... *frowns and heads for some green tea ice cream* (Oh and btw, my dad got kind and left me with compie-chan in peace for the weekend, if you're curious... ^^)

Friday, March 23, 2001 [ 02:37 p.m. ]
Waii~! Jessica, I have the same sentiments exactly! ^_____^ In fact, AXN has been showing RK over and over, about three times now, and I have tried not to miss any episodes so far. *_* Now, they're all subbed so yoshi! And as for Saitou's voice dubbed, it ain't so bad actually. Tolerable, I suppose, as compared to Misao's. >_<; (Watch Sony's dub "Samurai X" and you'll see what I mean) But dubbed, subbed or whatever, RK anime is still ichiban ne?! =D; Such a beautiful mix of drama, romance, action...breath-taking. I'm glad it was the series which first introduced me to anime. ^_^
Joey, *roflmao* !!! XD; I wish I could do that though...I'm still using the school's pc and the keyboard stinks, I can't type for nuts! o_O; Hopefully, I'll be able to wheedle my dad into at least giving me a couple of hours this weekend. =_=;
V-chan, oops! Gomen, here. Hope I got it right this time! ^^;;;
And there are sick sick people on the net...not that this is the first time I've found out. O_o My most recent searchengine query: "old woman fucking dogs" The Alpha Camp dog incident...that's the closest I can think of. *sighs*
Hokay, bye now! Hopefully I'll be able to catch ya all over the weekend! =D

Thursday, March 22, 2001 [ 01:42 p.m. ]
WAH~~! T____T Extremely belated thank yous to Toshi and Joey for the two beautiful wallpapers!! **^____^** Sorry this is so late, damn, a few days ago, my parents just blew up at me for using the compie too much and my dad went and stole away the electrical switch in the night, while poor Charlene was dozing away unsuspectingly (never dreaming her father would ever commit such an act of--of such unspeakably evil proportions! o_O) thus the sudden lack of blogging inactivity.
*screams* Blogging from the fecking school comp, which stupidly refused to work for the past few days, especially when I tried to use it. >_<;
Anyway, this is the beautiful Angelina drawing (from Nightscape!! *_*) V-chan was lovely enough to make a birthday present out of, for me. =3
Aiyah, never thought I'd say this, but I'm behind email and blogging. ;_; Being without a pc is making my life hell! Argh! And ICQ as well! Anna-chama is probably leaving me all these messages which I should have gotten days ago.
*coughs* Agh, there's a friggin course happening here in 5 minutes. Gotta go~!

Monday, March 19, 2001 [ 07:07 p.m. ]
Hmm, this birthday has been a quiet one...I wonder if I'll even get a cake? It's my fault of course, I never liked big celebrations, always preferred home and maybe perhaps a simple song and cake. ^_^;; I got quite a few nice things, like money (*_*), a discman, a bag of Reese's chocolates, and several other miscellaneous stuff. =D (no anime/manga though, that's probably pushing things, since everyone's still *cough* sore about my lousy grades... *rolls eyes*)
Toshi Toshi Toshi! Finally, your birthday prezzie! Kamui-chan sure looks yummy don't he...? O_O; Anyway, happy birthday, even though I'm five days late! ^^;;;
Rose, I take back what I said about personal sites...yours is astounding! @_@; Really, the layout is fantastic! ^_^v *goes to read the content*
Ah! I see Allie has a beautiful new layout for her blog! *_* Kirei da ne... *is in awe*
And,thanks for looking up my name, Royce! ^_^v So...Sharin ne? ^^;;; But... *falls over* womanly??! And why is the name so lengthy to write in nihongo...? O_<;

Monday, March 19, 2001 [ 04:28 p.m. ]
Awww, I feel so loved... T_T
XD; V-chan, thanks so much for the present! *_* Can I post it here, can i, can i huh? ^o^ It's so purty... you never told me you could draw like that! Oo; As for Spinel, it is red (or at least reddish brown)...right? O_o; At least on my monitor...argh--another case of compie-chan blues? O_<;;
Joey, thank you dear! XD; Ayumi Hamasaki wa ichiban da ne! *_* And what is it with you and creepy crawlies...? *shivers*
Alexa, yes. Muwahah~! I get a present from Joey and you don't...! *gloatgloat* Oh. *reads Joey's blog* Damn, well at least I'm getting it on my birthday! ^_~ Alexa: $%^%^! But, yeah. I give, with Love Hina. It is entertaining, that much I'll give. O_<;
And, something people might have misunderstood, I'm actually turning fifteen today. ^^;;; I know, I wrote I was fifteen up there... *points up to beside Vincent-sama* But it's depressing to say you're fourteen when you're turning fifteen in a few weeks. *sweatdrops* Ignore me...!
Oh, great layout, Jessica! ^_~ T'is pretty...I love grey, and... *sweatdrops* It was a passing remark...I don't really *cough* laugh *cough* at personal *cough* sites... *crosses fingers and hopes these revengeful people won't laugh at her personal site when it's opened... <_>;;
On a purely unrelated note, you know what's my absoluteliest most favouritest winamp skin ever...? "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" which you can find here. It features Kakyou and Hokuto and the beauty in it is simply because...of the sadness in their relationship that Ragabash managed to bring out. ^^;;; The colours...the title...the featured characters...such a beautiful skin. *wistful sigh*

Sunday, March 18, 2001 [ 03:50 p.m. ]
O_o at Joey's entry. Aww, don't worry! Zac was nice as Zac can get anyway. O_o;;
*is trying hard not to waste the last day of holiday away idling by the pc* Ooh, nice site!
*re-reads* What a crap of an entry...can you see how the end of the holiday is affecting me? ;_;

Sunday, March 18, 2001 [ 02:38 a.m. ]
*looks at time* Auuuugh...eurgh! I need sleep (and I want it too) but I can't--too. Much. Love Hinaaaa~! O_O!!!!! (And don't give me that look, Alexa. Yes, that look. >_>;;;) XD;
Going through Jessica's personal site... man, I love sites like that for no other reason than to delve into someone else's personal life and, if need be, laugh at them secretly. Buwahaha~~! O_o Man, I am evil. XD; (Beautiful layout, btw, Jessica! Simple, but somehow it perfectly complements Kouryuu-sama! *_*)