Friday, March 16, 2001 [ 09:34 p.m. ]
Thanks everyone for commenting on Shizukesa's new layout. ^_^ I'm much obliged! Thanks also to those who used the form mailer, I know a lot of people prefer signing only gbooks as a fast and easy way of publicising their sites. =_=; Anyhow, I'll be returning the favour asap! =D
Well, the holiday is going fast. *watches disconsolately as calendar pages fly by* Ah hem. I submitted three poems to Im-PulseORG earlier today. *jumps happily* I'm so glad I finally managed to contribute. I really think that site will turn out to be a rich source of beautiful original writings if more people contributed faster! ^_~
V-chan, yep. Mononisuru just sounded too damn Nanba to ignore. *laughs* Thanks so much for helping me out there, if not for you, my shrine'd probably end up with some dumbass name as only I can think up. O_o;
I completed my group blog's layout today so yay~! It's awfully blue, but hopefully bishounen enough to keep Anna-chama satisfied. =P But I still haven't started on Toshi's present yet! O_<; Sorry Toshi, I'll get on it soon, but finding *cough* suitable Kira images is tiring. O_o (And sorry about last night as well, computer-chan hung and then my connection wouldn't let me back on... >_<) And yes! I got your mail! *glomps*
Ruby? You have Photoshop 6? Congrats! How do you find it so far? I have it too, but I'm still hanging on to dear old version 4 for dear life, cos new programs always intimidate the hell out of me. ;;
My, I love Jo-chan's new layout, but I can't see the words against the dark bg... ^^;;; *squints* Might it once again be the fault of my lousy compie-chan? =_=;
And btw, does anyone else think Ayumi Hamasaki sounds damn weird in "Evolution" the concert version? O_o;

Wednesday, March 14, 2001 [ 12:31 p.m. ]
Oh dammit! I have everything ready for Shizukesa's reopening, but now isn't working so I can't redirect to the new url. ARGH~! Why must every online service whether redirection, hosting or otherwise, insist on defying me?!?!
I should have it up when works again, but if you're impatient, here's Shizukesa's new url: Hope you enjoy the new sites and everything! ^_^v
I'm going to sell and repurchase some manga now, so when I come back I'll fix the redirection page and, if it insists on rubbing me the wrong way. >_<;

Wednesday, March 14, 2001 [ 09:42 a.m. ]
Glomps to everyone who commented on Vincent, especially Rose, Jessica and Flipper. ^_^v
And hey look! Selenity has a pretty new layout! *_* Don't worry about it Selenity, we all get that way some times. ^_^;
And finally, Alexa, get well soon!!! O_o What you have sounds terrible...! I hope you get better in time for your more important exams. o_o;

Tuesday, March 13, 2001 [ 08:19 p.m. ]
Patrick-san, thanks for the comments!! And-- *grabs coolness monk staff as well and joins Patrick in beating Tenkou to a bloody pulp* Die! DIE TENKOU YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE~! Hah! *dusts off hands* What a great way to let off steam. XD
Tin, Anna found you?! XDDDDD;;; Anna-chama!! *grabs both of them and dances round* Where've you been? I went on ICQ that evening and you weren't there but sadly I had to leave shortly after that. ;_; Did she find you on ICQ, Tin? Or did she get AIM and not tell me her username? *_* GET AIM NOW, ANNA-CHANN--or--or I'll cut off your supply of bishounen nurses which, I know, is one of the biggest calamities I could bring down upon you. ^____^v (BTW the pita account is set up, I'll catch you on ICQ and tell you the details okay?)
Miri, I do have an account with spree but they don't allow files with the zip extension, possibly to prevent mp3 storage. Dammit! I still have no server for my huge 3.53mb zip file and guess what it contains...? *turns slowly around to look at Taryn* =D;
I added and removed a couple of links. Go visit the new ones!

Tuesday, March 13, 2001 [ 01:05 p.m. ]
Hoe! I got a new email addy! From now on, please send all email messages to! ^_^ I'll still check, but the new one sounds so much better. ^_^v

Tuesday, March 13, 2001 [ 12:32 p.m. ]
Oof. New layout. ^_^v This is Vincent from FF7, doesn't he look great? *_*

Tuesday, March 13, 2001 [ 09:14 a.m. ]
Argh. Does anyone know of a good fast reliable host that allows for direct linking and provides ample space for 3mb files? *looks around* I thought so.
Uploaded a couple of LARGE zip files to Angelfire and just found out that they didn't allow direct linking. Bloody hell~! Now I hafta start over!! *_*

Monday, March 12, 2001 [ 12:47 p.m. ]
Erk. Forgot that geocities don't allow off site linking. Here're the urls if you're still interested.
Also, I noticed something freaky about my blog. All the entries except this and another one were written at some time ending with the digit 3. See see!! *points to other entries* All of em I tell ya! O_o;

Monday, March 12, 2001 [ 12:43 p.m. ]
Ara? Now what's this about w00t? I thought it was a whistle...? *lol* I might be wrong, but that's what I thought it was anyway.
Ah, I like this and this very much. *_* But while I enjoy FF7/FF8 yaoi/shounen ai to a certain extent, this is a bit much for me. <_>;;;

Monday, March 12, 2001 [ 11:23 a.m. ]
Random thought for the week: Hinoto's hair on the spines of the X manga volumes stretched on for 10 volumes!!! O_O;;

Monday, March 12, 2001 [ 10:03 a.m. ]
Sorry, nope. Not dead. =D Did I disappoint you? Been busy pleasing my mom with half completed algebra assignments. *ears flop* BUT!! I have a wonderful wonderful piece of good news!! Shizukesa has finally found itself a new and reliable host!! *smiles* Wait for March 14th, then you'll see. Nehehe...!
Happy Happy Birthday Toshikooo!! Do you want anything in particular that's really cheap and/or easy to make? ^^;;; Naw, kidding. But really, I try to give birthday presents to all my online friends so pick: three buttons for Wire-d, a wallpaper of your favourite character, or some other miscellaneous thing, like the bishounen box I gave to Joey. ^o^ My, how I love giving online presents. :3
Speaking of birthdays, guess whose birthday is coming up as well, on March 19th? *dances round* NO! Guess again! It's mine!! XD XD XDDDD;; Okay now I'm scaring people. <_>;
Oh hey lookie, V-chan's moved her blog! Congrats on the move as well as the spankin new layout, V-chan! =D How different is Grey Matter from anyway, V-chan? I always thought Pitas more user-friendly and easy to use...? Of course, I only tried blogger (which was so complicated it was scary!! ;_;) other than it but what other options does it provide anyway? (or can it provide, it being just another blog server... ^^;;;)
HOE~! Pei Yi, I didn't know you were from PL! *nikooo* Wow, there sure are a lot of us around here... *smiles nervously* And how frighteningly right you are with the definition of PL!! O_O;
Hmm no other blogworthy thing has happened except that the one week holiday is here and I'll be working like a dog on the sites and homework. >.>; Well, everyone have a good week ahead!!

Thursday, March 8, 2001 [ 06:03 p.m. ]
Tin!! O_o I'm glad to see Niaiserie's new layout and move! Pretty pretty colours! (and featured bishounen of course =D~) I'm also glad to see one of your priorities are my SorataxArashi fic. Hmph. XD And you need to update your links section~~! ... *rofl* ^^;
Rose-san, you thankin me for mentioning droolsome god fighter Iori on my blog...? Anytime, girl, anytime. XD XD;;

Thursday, March 8, 2001 [ 05:33 p.m. ]
People, chill. Nobody's doubting nobody's MAD have your MAD SKILLZ and I respect that...! *nods respectfully* Yes, MAD SKILLZ command a lot of respect Doubt them?! *shakes head* Nuh uh. XD XD XD

Thursday, March 8, 2001 [ 11:00 a.m. ]
Sneaking in a quick blog before I go off to meet my friends for a bout of sweaty screaming fun. ^^ (Sport's Day) Ahh, I do apologize for my moodiness yesterday. *coughs* It appears I now not only have the flu, but a rather nasty throat cough is developing as well. *coughs again*
Anyhoo, ooh~! This is probably late, but me likes the new layout much, Joey! I don't know who Fuel is, but the colours are pretty. =D And the new layout for Liquification is beautiful, Flipper! *_* I like techie layouts. I like grey. I like grey techie layouts. XD And you're sick too? Sympathies from a fellow sufferer... T_T And hoe~~! *________* Tin, Sorata and Arashi fic deshouuuu?! XD
*hugs Toshi hard* I WILL Toshi-chan! T_T *bawls and wipes nose in Toshi's shirt* ^o^;;
Ohohoho~~! At least 3/4 of my search engine referrals come from "Kenshin gifs" and I got a new thought-provoking one. "Oscar cosplay" Hmm...does make you think, doesn't it? My best is still "Taiwan bitch" though. n.n
Eh. I've applied for "" at Portland Coms and I still haven't received a confirmation email. It's been almost five days now I think... >_> Why did I apply for a new account? Because Brinkster's still not working...Brinkster's still not working...two special nicely worded emails and it's still not working... *tears hair out*
Doubting y-your MAD SKILLZ? *slowly backs away from Miri* MAD SKILLZ good! MAD SKILLZ fun! I go now. *scrambles off with Miri's "MUWAHAHAHA!" echoing in the background*

Wednesday, March 7, 2001 [ 04:23 p.m. ]
Wai~! So many pretty new blog layouts up! *____* There's here, here and here! And the layout on this blog is really pretty! *drools* Augh. X.x;
And what is up with MAD SKILLZ?! ^^;;;
I've been down with pretty severe flu for a while (all the better to avoid much-deserved parental verbal abuse due to SUCKY SUCKY maths grades you say? Well, NO. =_=;) and hadn't been able to get up from the bed for a day. <_>
I'm not even supposed to be here blogging due to both the flu and the bad grades, and that's why I gotta make this fast. ;_;
I've been discussing (more like compelled to discuss) a redirection of my life to other more *coughs* productive activities like those that are NON-manga related, and NON-web design related (or even computer-related, for that matter), with my mother, and I guess I should say that the bad grades have given me a very sharp and painful wake up call.
I guess I've just been kidding myself that I could manage manga, anime, school, web-design and not have any one of the aforementioned burst right up in my face. I know I deserved the (terrible) grades just as much as I deserve--I dunno--no more manga? (NO----!) But still, it is a really bad shock. *sniffles*
Anyhow, I promised my mom that I'd try my utmost best to make the coming one week holiday a productive and fruitful one (homework and studies wise) and that would surely HIGHLY interfere with what I had in mind for Shizukesa's reopening (March 14th) and anything else web-related for that matter.
Argh, but I brought this upon myself. I'll try really hard to make the deadline for the reopening, but...ugh, I'm just so down right now, I don't even know whether I want to make it.
I knew some things would come crashing down on me at the end of the term, but not so many. And so hard. And bloody hell, I never knew being sick was so damn horrible!! *smashes pillow into wall*
Hwah. So there. *huffs and goes back to curl into a pitiful ball under sheets*