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Monday, March 5, 2001
Oh. *sheepish grin* Ugh, scrolled down a little and realized the girl linked to buttons on your site, Reinselft. ^^ But anyway, I say the hell with it and move the folder. She won't be missin those bandwidth-stolen buttons anyway... *rolls eyes*

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Monday, March 5, 2001
Reins-chan! WHAT?! Bandwidth-stealing?! That's a first for me... ><;;
Know what? That very same girl emailed me saying that she liked my site and hoped I could link to her site since she linked to mine. I, of course, happily did not oblige. The nerve---!

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Monday, March 5, 2001
Oh blardy hell, I've caught the cold. I sound like a freakin adolescent boy. >o<;; Oh hey look look! Aya has a beautiful Gackt layout at her blog! O_o He is too bloody beautiful to believe... I thought he was Squall at first... *sweatdrop*
And I've gotten myself deeply in love with Glay. *_* Especially "Mermaid"... I love their songs, and I never thought I'd say this about a japanese all-male rock band... ^^;;;;
I need need need a new layout for this blog. Really, I can't stand this one even though a lot of people said it was nice. *niko* (Thanks Shi-chan!) But ugh. *sniffs* *goes to dig up some Glay images* *_____*
And eh?! Alexa has a beautiful new domain! XD Congrats Alexa! Pretty pretty name! *_* How many domains do you own anyhow...? I stopped counting at "" ..... ^^;;;; (YES, I know I'm supposed to have better things to do with my time.... ><;)
Oh oh oh. Guess what? I got back most of my term results and... *heaves sigh* You will never believe what i got for both my maths subjects. An 18 for one, and a 33 for the other, both upon 100. *blinks stupidly* Does this mean I won't be getting any birthday presents?
*goes off to cry quietly in a corner* Sorry...seems like the flu bug is getting to me. My nose is itchy, not itchy with an itch, itchy with a sneeze that's dying to burst out--just not now. Argh. <_>

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Saturday, March 3, 2001
Wow, Natalie Baan of Sakura and Snow fame, has updated her site, as well as gotten a pretty pita!! *_* Yoshi~! She's one of favourite fic writers of all time...!

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Saturday, March 3, 2001
Just a quick note to announce that Shi-chan's blog has a purty new layout!! *______* Shi-chan, I thought you'd died... *blinks* =D And SuzakuNU has a new gorgeous green layout! Pretty job, Flipper-san! *beams* I need to make anotehr new layout for this blog as well... *sighs*

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Friday, March 2, 2001
K-k-kya! O_o; I've been to (great site, btw!! XD) before, and loved many of their X skins. However, this time I went to their FF8 page a-a-and... T_T *is traumatised*
I know they put a warning but I didn't know it would be so weird...and besides, I like shounen ai, I really do, just not Seifer and Zell...looking so cute together... *blinks tearfully* It's wrong...

Seifer: Then why're you downloading it huh?
Me: Uhh...test trial? Stop lookin' at me like that, I need full-fledged shounen ai cuteness on my winamp too!! o_<

Ah hem, anyhow, pretty Bjork layout at Vanity and Suspicion, Alexa! =D And your email is on the way, I just hafta finish some things off to send you... ^_^v

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Thursday, March 1, 2001
Ahhh, Toshiko, so sorry that I didn't reply to your earlier blog posts... ^^;;; Sometimes I get like that and somehow manage to miss posts that mention my name... *is apologetic*
Anyhow, I don't think 16 points is as bad as you think, but of course, I'm speaking off the top of my head here...I'm a lousy comforter (o_o) ... I really do hope you feel better about it, and... *blinks* is CJC really as bad as you say it is...?
^_^; I've not heard too many bad things about them...maybe you should try to look on the bright side...? ^^; Of course I don't really know what it's like there, but I'm sure it will get better as you get used to it... =D
Also, what's ironic is that you didn't get the holiday, but we did. *rofl* We're having a half day next Monday! *jumps and screams happily* And it's Hari Raya on Tuesday so no school, Sports Day on Thursday so lotsa of screamingly sweaty fun (and still no school... XD) and on Friday there'll be the usual meet the parents session, so probably not as many lessons as usual. And after that, a week of holiday!!! *_______*
I'm sorry you didn't get the holiday. I really am. =_= I would try to raise that point for you Toshiko, but I'm afraid no one'd listen to li'll old me. *blinks*

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Thursday, March 1, 2001
My gawd, but this is too cute!!! O_O!! Ahahaha~~!! But why don't they have individual costumes? ;_; But X fans go there now!!
Tay-san, thanks and I'll be sure to check it out on my next anime shopping spree (which surely won't be too long from now!! *_*)... Ooh, nice layouts at Oxygen and Wire-d, Toshiko!! ;D I especially like Wire-d's layout--kawaiiii yo!!
V-chan, don't worry...I haven't forgotten your bday.... *busy with something in photoshop* Expect an email soon!! =D;;
And! Jo-san, your KKJ fanart looks really good!! *is amazed* Marron looks purty!! *sparkle*
Okay now, I'm off to go finish Mint na Bokura! What I've read so far is wonderfully interesting and addictive in the highest shoujo-y way possible. XD XD;

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Wednesday, February 28, 2001
Oh my god~~! I am sooo pleased with myself!! @_@; *nikoniko* Made another one of my monthly (more like weekly... ^^) trips to Kinokuniya and, even though I didn't manage to pick up the latest edition of ASUKA (it was all sold out!! ;_;), I did manage to place an order for it, as well as buy some more new stuff!! *beams*
Lessee... more than a little disappointed at not getting ASUKA, I browsed around, hoping to find something I liked (I've been pining for new manga for a week now!! T_T) and came up with postcard books of Angel Sanctuary and Karekano!!! *_* The postcards are pretty...maybe I'll scan some and put them up some time in the near future... (that probably means I'll never get to doing it, but ah well. ;D)
Also, I got the first two volumes of Mint no (na?) Bokura since many people who liked KKJ like this series as well! *smiles*
AND~~!! TOSHIKOOOO~! Damn, I didn't manage to see you today! ;_; And how did you do?!?! Good enough to get into the JC you want? ^^ I did get to see Felicia my cousin you know her? Felicia Wang... ;D
Many of the PL Lites who returned looked so...different. O_o Almost everyone's grown out their hair! And everyone looks so--pretty! *gasp* *is unable to repress this*: I can't wait to get out of here...! O_o;;
Mrs Lee *coughs* announced over the PA system that this batch of Sec 4 Express girls did much better than last years' but the Normal girls weren't up to standard. *blink* It's pretty scary to think I'll be sitting for these very exams and judged in the very same way next year...
Eh? April ASUKA has no colour page...?! ;___; I've been collecting each colour page for every issue now, and sticking each up on my wall with tender loving care. ^_^v Can you tell I'm a huge fan of X?
I wonder why everyone's dissing its storyline and plot development? I mean sure, it moves slow, but surprising twists in plot do happen, and although they almost always revolve around kekkai and bloodshed, don't shoujo manga scenes almost always revolve around WAFF and romance? I'm sure I'm not making a whole lot of sense here...but I still do believe its plot isn't as terrible as it seems...surely it's all a matter of taste?
Also, there are 14 major characters in X, and CLAMP has succeeded in developing each and every character to a (IMHO) highly satisfactory extent, and it takes time to do that, so the plot can't move as speedily (or smoothly) as most other manga can. For example, Angel Sanctuary has thousands of characters and I absolutely cannot keep up with them, because the pace of the plot is so speedy!! O_o Of course, it might be just me, but still. ^^;
Anyhow, this is something I, as a ruffled X fan, have been wanting to say for a long time. So...there ya go! *sweatdrop*
Hmm... hasn't been updated as frequently as I expected...have people not been contributing? *frowns* Maybe I should contribute something...? *frowns again* But most of my writings are fics, not original pieces...and that isn't very nice is it? =_=;

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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
Waii waiii~~!! Reins-chan got herself a bloggie!! *_____* And she linked me too!! T_T *hugs and links back* And the layout is really pretty too Reins-chan!! *_* (gotta love the title as well... O_o)
Isabela, I can sympathise about Digitalrice. Brinkster is the server from hell!! I cannot count the times it's gone down on me, especially when I'm halfway through uploading seems to take special pleasure in doing that. >< It's been down for almost three days now... *_*
Jessica, sad to say, I didn't do the colour one... if I did, I wouldn't be here fantasizing over other people's bishounen--damn, I'd be making me my own!! *laughs* And--hope those nasty bruises get better soon!! *is troubled* What colour did you say they were again...? ^^;;;;
Oh, I must get Trigun soon! Everyone's talking about it, and ever since I saw Tay's card, I'm more than convinced I'll love it. *_* (frightened Vash...! XD;;) Ah, I should get to work... *opens Photoshop* ^_^v

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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
Whoops~! XD Just realized that the link to one of my fanart pieces was mistyped... the real link is here. *lol*
Thanks to all the nice people to commented on the new layout... it still looks terribly plain to me though. X.x; Joey, I have absolutely no idea who that guy is, except that he's from Seimaidan (sp?) ... ^^;; He is pretty though!! =D;; And.. you can read Chinese?! *is amazed* So... *evil grin* What does it say...?
Alexa, yea... =_= Guys with purple fingernails are weird but he is glompalicious. *beams hungrily* And-- *coughs* I'm sorry about that was 2am...I was confused... anyhow, I sent you another, hope I got it right this time? ^^;;
Ruby, thanks!! *glompglomp* And whoo, your blog is looking purty as well! Who is that guy?! He looks like a younger, more rebellious Setsuna... *coughs* ^^
Oof, where did Split Personalities go? T_T And Tin!! *screams* How dare you say Niaiserie's new layout isn't pretty?! It's the prettiest she's ever sported so far!! *____* And I can't get over how purty YnM men are... o_<
Wow, Allie-san's been having a lot of trouble with website copyers... (uh, is there a better word for this...? ^^;;;) My god, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her layouts just being lifted like that...not even a hint of editing... I mean, it's bad enough stealing people's work but just lifting it, putting it up and trying to pass it off as your own is just a little too...stupid for me to believe. *blinks*
Daijoubu, Allie-san?

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Monday, February 26, 2001
New layout. Nothing special, but it's always nice to have a change of scenery. ^^ And brinkster is still down, if you're wondering, so I uploaded the images to good old spree. *sighs*
Here're the links to the Nanba fanart: here and here. *squints* They look even worse as scanned images!! *cries*
I added a small form over there at the side, so you can email me and tell me how wonderful I am, easily! ;D Also, lots of new links... *smiles* Now this is mroe like my actual blog link list...
Joey, you gone on hiatus? *blinks* When does it end?! And Allen looks so damn blurred and *coughs* pink!! *laughs*
Jessica, that's alright really. *laughs* It's a pity the entry I wrote had to be so unpleasant. ^^;
Before I go, someone comment on my Nanba fanart please.... ;_; They're the pride of my life right now... ;D

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Monday, February 26, 2001
Yah~~! Spinel has reached over 3000 hits!! *^^* *smiles happily* Oh wait...that's a little less than twice the hits Shizukesa's gotten... >.>;;
Yah~~! I drew another piece of Nanba fanart today!! I'm scanning both pieces (both done during lessons. XD) as soon as the girl using the scanner is done, and I'll post the thumbnails as soon as I get home! T___T My first pieces of fanart... I don't care if they're ugly as hell and don't resemble their inspiration in the least...! At least I finally proved to myself I can draw something that looks relatively...normal!
Okie, the girl's done! I'm off to go scanning!! =D

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Monday, February 26, 2001
*sighs* I have a new blog layout to put up but brinkster is being extremely disagreeable. I feel terrible for subjecting my readers to my whines about brinkster over and over, but's just getting to be a rather large (not to mention annoying) part of my online life. >.>;;
I slept at 2.30 am last night chatting to a certain someone...! *biiig grin* ...and woke up at 6am. *blinkblink* The weird thing is, I feel more awake than if I'd slept at say, 10? ^^;;;
The other good thing is, that I now know about the existence of mullets!!!! *roflmao* How could I not have known about this incredible sensation before?! *is amazed* XD XD;;

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Sunday, February 25, 2001
Jessica-san, the exact same thing happened to me. What is wrong with these people?! Why can't they leave our guestbooks in peace?! Thank god I'm not having a guestbook for Shizukesa when it reopens, I'll be using a form mailer instead.
Shit, people like that make me so angry. Junk mail is one thing, but guestbooks are different. Guestbooks are for visitor feedback, not for some poor loser who has to resort to this kind of advertising to keep his pitiful existence on the Net alive and known.

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Sunday, February 25, 2001
*roflmao* at Tay's card... Man, I wish someone would make me something like that!!! O_<;;
Oh! Ming-san is making a Fuuma shrine! :3 Fuuma-sama ga daisuki...! T__T

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Sunday, February 25, 2001
Argh, why do I feel so guilty when I let my poor little bloggie go untouched for a while? ><; I haven't been in the blogging mood lately, and even if I tried to blog, all that would come out would be miscellaneous whines / complaints which no one wants to hear about (like now). =_=;
You wouldn't believe how much homework I have this weekend! Ahhh! Gawd, how I hate having homework on a weekend! *kicks books*
I might be opening a group blog soon...with someone I really really *heart*. *_* It's a surprise that'll come out after Shizukesa's reopening, or perhaps sooner, I hope. And I've also been trying to work on a new layout for this blog, but failing miserably. Maybe I'll try harder later today...
Oh yes, I was randomly raiding anipike when I discovered this incredible X gallery site which has tons of X imagery I never knew existed!! :D~~ I only went to the Fuuma gallery though (figures...), so I wouldn't know about the others...but I've seriously never seen so many rare Fuuma colour pics in one place! Few X Zero images too...thank god. No offense to those owning X Zero galleries, but you can see those images everywhere these days... ^^;;; She's also got tons of otehr great CLAMP and other anime/manga galleries which I'm sure are worth checking out...
These days...sites like these...they're a gold mine to scanner-less people like me. Anyhow, I'm going off to ask the webmistress if I can have some of those gorgeous images for RAW! Ja~!

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Friday, February 23, 2001
Ooh, I drew my very first piece of fanart today!! *cries for joy* And it's none other than Nanba-sempai of Hanakimi!! Muwahaha!! It looks a bit strange though... I mean, not normal strange, really strange strange. o_O; I'll scan it and post it tomorrow...
And speaking of strange... this is freakishly funny. Nehehe...!

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Thursday, February 22, 2001
Nothing blogworthy has happened lately... I'm still working on my sites like a dog... still rejoicing over my first few self-scanned images... still wondering why so many blogs aren't being updated... Where did Tin go?! ;_;
Brian-san, I think I'd probably want to be a manga megalomaniac, owning chains and chains of shops around the world... *_* Boring, I know. But 'tis the sad, sad truth.
*starts laughing* Oh. My. God! XD;;

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Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Sorry, I've been too lazy (and busy) to blog... =_=; I stayed back in school today doing some rather tedious scanning... I think I make a terrible scanner!! O_o; All the images come out either shifted, partially cut off or upside down... *sweatdrop*
Anyhow, in the end, the school comp's connection crapped out on me and I couldn't upload the images to my server. For a long time I sat there, frustrated, trying everything... until I managed to borrow a diskette and transfer everything to another pc.
Well, at least I got the scans! And Alexa will surely be very happy once she finds out what they are!! *boings* I'll email you soon Alexa... ;D
I took two selector tests recently...

CLAMP Matchmaker Selector:
# 1 Ascot
# 2 Lantis
# 3 Touya Kinomoto
# 4 Yasha
# 5 Eagle Vision
# 6 Kakyou Kuzuki
# 7 Sorata Arisugawa
# 8 Subaru Sumeragi

What the hell?! Who are all those guys at the top of the list? If I remember correctly...they're from MKR? *rolls eyes* Ahh, whatever. And Lantis?! I know who he is...a silent huge-sized thoughtful guy, kinda like Aoshi. I find that highly irritating in a man... >_<

Angel Sanctuary Selector:
# 1 Uriel
# 2 Zaphkiel
# 3 Alexiel
# 4 Arakune
# 5 Katou Yue
# 6 Kurai
# 7 Lucifer
# 8 Mudou Sara

Kira's near the bottom and so are Michael and Raphiel... T_T The only good thing is Setsuna's last!! *smirks at Joey* Muwahaha!

Alright, like that really interested anyone. XP On another note... Allie-san's updated AquavyNET with an incredible layout. Beautiful as always... *_* Kinda bloody though...? I preferred the last one a little more, Allie-san. It was so cheerful and purty. *smiles*
Well I'm tired now. Going off to work a little more on my sites, then more study time for me... =_=;

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