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Aiyah! My purty miburooo!

Sunday, January 28, 2001
*struggles out of Joey's closet and screams* Say you're sorry or chibi Sano gets it!!! :3 Okay okay, so I'll never post drink bottle label contents already. Was it that bad? :DD

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Sunday, January 28, 2001
Oh see see see! *points to the left* I finally made a small RK Chibi Adoption Centre!!! T_T Ohhh, and I adopted my gorgeous silky miburo!! *sighs contentedly*

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Sunday, January 28, 2001
Wow, I am really enjoying Emi-chan's new online comic Okashina Okashi! ^_^ This is the first online comic I've ever read and I think it's really good! Man, she can really draw--look in the gallery and see the gorgeous Keiko drawing... *_*
And *coughs* Eeichi's (the one--but not only I hope, bishounen in the story) hobbies include sinning and writing bad poetry and inflicting it on people? XD~ My kind of man...
Yes, and I hope to send this out in the mail soon, except I have no address:

Dear Mysterious Fangirls,
Please let Hotohori and Tooya write some entries soon, cos I know you have them bundled up, gagged and caged somewhere in your abode. I would really like to hear what they have to say. (Saitou: Liar! Don't listen to her! She'll track them down and claim them as her own! Like she did to meeee! Charlene: Now, now, my pretty wouldn't want me to have to "zan" you now, would you?) Hehe, so my dearest mysterious fangirls, please grant this simple request of mine, and thanks very much!
Fangirlishly yours,
Charlene. (xxx)

Now I'm cracking up over Q-baasan's (from Ayashi no Ceres--is this what they call her? I have no idea, in Chinese it's directly translated as Auntie Q :D) profile in the manga. Let's see now... her measurements are as follows, in cm: 100, 100, 100. O.O!! And you know what the scary thing is? I'm actually SERIOUSLY considering making her a shrine!!
Does anyone know of any Q-baasan shrines out there? Because if there are, I probably won't make one. But--think of the splash page! An image of her all dolled up with the caption:"Remember my pretties, it's never a sin to be beautiful! Now, go out there and make me proud!" *roflmao*

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Saturday, January 27, 2001
YESH! Shizukesa's next layout is done, though not up yet. Content content content... *frowns* A few random notes to thyself: Return random shoujo manga (now overdue ;_;), get the rest of AS volumes with red packet money (*_*), sign the gbooks of all the nice people who signed mine! I tried to do that a few days ago, but was down. Again. >_< So what else is new?
From Tin's layout archive:

Web sites say a lot about their creators, especially in terms of evolution in design etcetera ^_^.

Ooh... wonder what she sees in mine...
Tin: I see...anger. Anger, and great sadness. Yes, that and loads of stupidity. XD
Charlene: Oro...?
On a *koff* nicer note, Alexa linked my pita. *coughs and tries to make things look more presentable* :D

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 09:48 p.m.

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Saturday, January 27, 2001
Ahhh... *currently enjoying a glass of richly delicious black cherry juice* Goes to the fridge for more, and reads the side of the bottle. Ah, what's this I see?

Since 1961, when R.W. Knudsen started bottling fruit juices from his organic grape vineyard, he did so on one condition. He insisted his fresh pressed juices would be unsweetened and never have artificial flavors or preservatives added to them. Little did R.W. Knudsen know, he was starting a tradition of innovation in health conscious products. Today our wide variety of products are made with all the care and attention for which The R.W. Knudsen Family is famous. And the commitment of quality continues today. Producing fruit juices and fruit products with integrity, craftsmanship and innovation...a balance we think you'll find refreshing!

*goes back to gulping down the juice* Ahh.... (Everyone: Someone get Charlene to find better things to do than to bore us with drink bottle labels!) Alright, alright, I get the hint. :P I did think it was interesting though. *dodges broken bottles*

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 09:34 p.m.

* * * *

Thursday, January 25, 2001
Sano, Joey-san? *nod nod* Grrreat taste! XDD; You know what? I should make an RK Chibi Adoption Centre right here! Hehe... and that is a great layout at KiichigoNET! O.o!! That image and the colour scheme work well together. ^_^
Yes and Tin, how many collectives have you actually created and trashed? Just visited Purple Prose and realized that Radical Drag was actually your new collective and not some sub-site... ^^;;;

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* * * *

Thursday, January 25, 2001
Today was my cousin Benjamin's birthday, (i.e. another excuse for the entire family to get together) and we settled down for cake and a game of Scrabble. I won (*gloat gloat*) with the word "WAFT" that gave me 42 points. :D
I was going through my entire Ayashi no Ceres manga last night, and I think I've fallen in love with it all over again! *_* My review of it at my collective was a little harsh in my opinion, and I should probably change it as soon as I get enough time and muster enough diligence. XD;;
But sometime along the way, Aya got really really plump, and I didn't like her new look at all. >_< That was around the time she cut her hair manually, I think. And then Yuuhi's hair got really weird, and the only person good enough to drool over was Tooya. ;_; But how I loved Yuuhi!
My favourite anime/manga characters are either the really cold-blooded or maniacal (but somehow still manage to retain their swoon-worthy charisma) kinds, like Saitou and Shishio, or those pitiful love-lorn fools, who can never get the girl of their dreams, like Nakatsu and Yuuhi. ;_;
Oh, I wanna get Alichino too, Ruby-san! The art is so pretty nooo...? T_T Why don't the stupid stores here have it?!?! Speaking of manga purchasing problems, did you manage to locate Hanakimi, Joey-san? We have Daimarus here, but they don't carry manga at all... o_o;

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Wednesday, January 24, 2001
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! ^__^ Saw both sides of my family earlier, it was really good to see everyone together again. ^_^ Later on, all my cousins on my mom's side will be coming over so yay! XD
There's lots of great shows on TV right now, but I'll try to blog later ... I'll probably be watching either Castaway or Vertical Limit later too, with my cousins. Yatta~!
Ohoho~~! Joey! You wanna adopt one of my RK chibis...? XD XD XD Go ahead, take your pick! Don't take Saitou-sama though... he's mine! MINE!! Muwahaha! Yes, even though he looks so damn un-Saitou. T_T
Oh yes and uhm, I finally realized that I put in the wrong "marginwidth" for this layout, so disgusted Netscapers must've upped and left while poor old HTML-illiterate me was thinking happily that this blog was Netscape-friendly. (...) ;_; Aw well, fixed it and crossing my fingers that no one found it annoying.
Gong Hei Fa Choi? Ahahaha! *cracking up* That just sounds too damn funny! It's Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ragabash-san. (in Chinese, that is. I don't know about the other dailects though... XD)

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Tuesday, January 23, 2001
Okay, fixed the layout a little. Hope it's better. ^^ (Stupid background! *kick*)
Yes, tell me about it, V-chan! XD Guess that goes to show that depressed / depressing people never change--even when they're chibi. >_> My favourite has got to be Shishio though (Saitou looks too un-Saitou to be true... ;_;) cos his head looks so huge in comparison to his body! *lmao*
Well, Removed is down due to Greymatter problems. (...) You know what's hard to find these days? A reliable server--any type of server at all, on the Web. The thing is, I've heard complaints about gbook servers, blog servers, site host servers, all the servers there are seem to be malfunctioning ALL the time. o_o;
Well I suppose that just proves that anything that seems too good to be true usually is, but ah well. *shrugs* I went for Pitas cos it seemed a whole lot safer than Blogger and I've never heard anything bad about it so far...
Pitas still hasn't given me any major problems, and I'd highly recommend it for beginners at HTML, cos when I was just beginning webdesign and decided to sign up for a Blogger account, everything looked impossibly confusing. Pitas has a much more user-friendly interface than Blogger IMHO. Of course, it has its bad times and disadvantages but which server doesn't?
Just something I've wanted to say for a long time. ^_^

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Tuesday, January 23, 2001
This layout takes too looong to load... Argh. And one of the lines in the background is cut off... >_<;;; *going off to change it*

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Monday, January 22, 2001
Soo... I was rummaging through my expansive and hardly ever touched D Drive, and came up with tons and tons of Rurouni Kenshin goodies! *_* I even found two really really old RK wallpapers that I made which were both horribly bad, considering they were no more than collages of cut and pasted images... >_<;
More Kenshin .gifs, some animated! There's one of Kenshin mopping the floor, and of him chopping up some veggies! XP And there're a whole host of blinking Kenshin-gumi .gifs--literally. They blink and blink and blink so it gets terribly annoying after a while... >_>;; I'll post them if anyone wants them though. (Why? Just cos I'm nice! :D)
And... have I ever mentioned my infatuation with Saitou-sama? *sighs dreamily* My god, but he is sexxyy... :D~~~ And I have megabytes of him right here... *pats trusty D drive* And I saved the best for last... *drumroll* A fiery image of Shishio boogieing (that is such a weird word! O_o)! *roflmao* Here, here. I just had to post it. I think I got that one from a "We Love Shishio Fanclub"... XD I'll dig up the link and post it later. XDDDD;
The rest of the CHIBI Kenshin-gumi... Kaoru, Kenshin, Shishio, Soujirou, Tomoe (geez, she looks even more depressing as a CHIBI) and finally Yahiko-kun! Phew! Why don't I just open up a "CHIBI Kenshin-gumi Gif Gallery" over at Shizukesa...? ^^

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Monday, January 22, 2001
Here's the Kenshin-gumi all CHIBI! >.> Wahaha! There's Aoshi, Battousai, Misao, Sano and *gasp* Saitou-sama!
*nikoniko* Aren't they adorable?! Just LOOK at em!! ;_; Kawaiiii! I found them in a remote corner of my hard drive and decided to post them here. ^_^; There's a Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, Shishio (O.o;;) and Tomoe coming up! (I think there's Soujirou-kun as well... *_*) Anyone wanna adopt them? :D

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Sunday, January 21, 2001
God, I am such a food freak! O.o; Last night I went out again and forgot to eat a single thing the whole day (don't ask me how that happened ^^) and when I came home, I was ravenous. There was some lasagne, and I ate that, but suddenly I had a craving for more tomato sauce.
So I got a whole jar of Prego, poured ALL of it out into a huge bowl and proceeded to spoon everything into my mouth while blog-surfing. And that's not all. After that I was thirsty and went for some pulpy orange juice, but there was only like 1/4 of a cup left so I opened a can of soda and poured it all in. I didn't drink all of it, but right now I feel like the living dead ... augh. X.x;;
Well here's a nice group blog. I remember finding a bookmark of that guy with the rose in one of my Ayashi no Ceres tankoubon. ^_^; Oh yes and the new layout is coming along slowly but surely. I've got the image editing done, just gotta put everything together which, for some reason, I've been having a lot of trouble with.
Oh yes, and look, I've graduated to a daily read. ^o^ Thanks Gaile!

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Friday, January 19, 2001
Oh my godd~~~! T_T I just found the coolest Hanakimi cosplay page!! Ahaha!! From what I can see, there's a Mizuki, a Nanba (hoo, Nanba-sempai looks mean~~!), a Nakao (not too sure, but the bangs look the same...), a Umeda-sensei (!!! ahhh! kakkoi yo! Especially when he kicks Nanba! XD XD) and finally that German dude, you know, the one who appears with roses all around and speaks German, and doesn't want anyone to know his name...? I think he called himself Oscar, but I can't remember his real name. ^^; Anyway, go see!!! I'd cosplay as a Hanakimi character in the next Miyuki Cosplay if they weren't so very unknown. ;_;

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Thursday, January 18, 2001
I'm now reading ALL of V-chan's old archived entries. Oh dear, can you tell I'm bored? XD Oh but seriously, her entries are so interesting! ^^ Am currently reading about her Dencity and rants. ^_^; I usually don't check people's archives but haha, I like how she writes everything so funny. And there are references to *gasp* really old Cherrycoma and SakNET layouts that I've seen only in layout archives, way before I started out. ^^;;

Looks like the blog layout will have to come a lot later... I'm not exactly what you'd call inspired and I'm really interested in watching this Korean (?) taekwondo (?) competition, with this guy cracking bricks into two and all that. He made a large dent in an iron wok... ^^;;; I don't know why, I have a fascination for watching people do stuff like that, so it's not exactly surprising that I love Guiness World Book of Records the TV series. ^_^;
Yes, as aforementioned, I rented some manga today, the first three volumes of Imadoki as well as some other random manga, two of which are volumes of a series I absolutely adore: Youth Gone Wild. XD Don't you just love that name? It's about this group of aspiring (and now, extremely successful) musicians who are all very tasty bishounen. ^_^
You won't be able to get this manga if you dig only Japanese manga though, it's by a Taiwan author and available only in Chinese, I think. ^_^ There's one site on it, at Anipike, which is pretty much dormant now, but it's still worth a visit. :D
Now what's with all the Stortroopers? XD I'd make one myself if I wasn't so busy--which reminds me (ack!) of my dreaded Bio test! *shuffles off to her books*

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Thursday, January 18, 2001
Ohh! V-chaaan! I followed the link in one of your older archived entries (^^;) to this site and saw all the gorgeous art! *_* Very very definitely layout material... O.O;;
And Tin-san! So I spent just about my lifetime savings on renting Imadoki (and a couple of other random shoujo manga) today... Happy now? :D *glomp*

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Thursday, January 18, 2001
Whee! I archived successfully!! ^^ Now I shall begin making a new blog layout. (yes, even though I have an extremely important Bio test tomorrow... *heaves sigh*) Maybe I'll even be able to finish it today! Anyhow, it definitely won't feature a CLAMP or even an anime character. :/ I think I had enough of those...

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Thursday, January 18, 2001
O.O;; Pitas says my next entry will archive the rest of my entries after I post another one... *test test* HEY, I'm not good with this stuff alright?!?! >_<;

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