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Wednesday, January 17, 2001
I haven't been on AIM a while, not that it's such a bad thing, but I do love online conversations. ^_^; I haven't much to blog about today, so I shall link some gorgeous sites. ^___^

* YumemugendaiNET has a new layout! Wai, how I love Vee's sense of design... I thought she was supposed to go on hiatus...? ^^ Aw, but whatever. I'm glad she overcame her layout block anyhow.
* Emily of NikoNikoNET has begun a new online comic strip named Okashina Okashi (or Strange Candy, it seems o_o). Go see!
* Incredible blog layout here... It's a group blog and a darn gorgeous one at that! *_*
* Removed has a new lime layout, featuring some extremely tasteful live Bishounen... :D~~~
* The Akabeko has been updated with two new takeouts! Oh, they're hilarious, especially the Aoshi one!! XD

I have so much I need to get done for Shizukesa. ;_; I hate rambling about it here, but hey--that's what a blog's for eh? Anyway, I regretted issuing the new layout without ANY proper updates, but hopefully that'll change very soon... Let's see, I want to have Hanakimi translations and maybe even character bios, new wallpaper and a makeover for my fanfiction site in the next update. *sigh* Now how long is that all gonna take? >.>;;
Alright, last two things before I go off to get started on my mountain of homework. =_=; One, I need to change this blog layout and quick *sweatdrop* and two, I desperately need to archive. ^o^

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 08:19 p.m.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2001
Argh! Why is the splash page not aligning right?! Why is not displaying the right page?! *tries hard not to scream* Or is brinkster acting up...?! *maniacal look*

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 09:09 p.m.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2001
Argh, just realized that the splash page on Shizukesa was aligned wrongly. >_<; Hope it didn't turn out too bad for 1024x768 users... ^^ On a brighter note, I went shopping again today and discovered the next two volumes of a series of RK doujinshi, two of which I own! XDD; Seeing as doujinshi is hard to come by around here, I was near ecstatic... However, I was also near bankrupt. ;_;
I really really wanted those volumes! In the fourth volume there's even a free pack of RK poker cards, not the original ones, the doujinshi ones... *sobs* Aw, but I'll be sure to drop by that place again soon. ^_^

Kenshin: Oro. Even though the first two were full to the brim of steamy SanoxME and MExSano (O.O;;) scenes?
Charlene: What're you talkin' about?! That's exactly why I want more! :D~

Anyway, Joey! That's a pretty blog layout! *_* I haven't watched or read CCS yet, but I'll be sure to as soon as I get the time and money. ^_^ And thank you for the nice comments, I'm still waiting for KiichigoNET's next layout... :D Yes, and I'm glad you like what you've seen so far of Hanakimi! Get it, or else...! >.> Ohohohoh! And I am glad you like the guy with the brown hair, his name is Izumi Sano! Droolsome ain't he? *sigghs*
And V-chan, thanks also for the comments. *NIKO* Even though your new layout was a while ago, I thought it was gorgeous! Tiger ga daisukii... *_*

Quote of the day: "Kenshee's flown the pagoda!"
Courtesy of AXN and their lousy subbers

*looks above* Well, at least I can get a laugh out of it, if only a bitter resentful one. >.>;; *looks right* Ohohoho!! More new links, one deserves a special mention: The Bishounen Diaries. Whoo hoo! XD

It's been raining the whole day now, and I'm not kidding. I think it rained late last night until it stopped a while ago... O.O; Aw, but I love rainy weather except when I get caught in it, like I did just now. >_<; Other than that, it's great when you're indoors and feeling lazy. :D

Oh wow. Everyone's gotten new blog layouts up while I didn't go online for like what--one day? >.> There's here, here and here!! Ohh, I am in layout candy bliss... :D Wow, this is a hell of an entry. o_o

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Sunday, January 14, 2001
Go visit this LOVELY wallpaper site NOW! The owner is a wonderful sweet person who linked me. ^^ Ahh, but I really do love her wallpapers. Especially her CLAMP ones... *nods* I still like her Kamui one the best... T_T
And her layout is so kawaii as well. ^___^ Happy Chinese New Year y'all!! (or Gong Xi Fa Cai to locals or my neighbours across the causeway! *niko*)

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 02:27 p.m.

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Saturday, January 13, 2001
New Suu layout up at Shizukesa! ^_~ I know I said I'd wait a while longer to write up content and all, but I thought aw, to hell with that and issued the layout as fast as I could cos I simply couldn't stand that Setsuna one any longer. >.>;;
So I just followed the link in Joey's blog and found this incredibly beautiful site! My god, it's beautiful! O.o;;; *envy envy* And she has an Ayashi no Ceres site! *_* Will add the link to her blog and a couple of others soon... I'm so lazy now... :P

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 07:19 p.m.

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Friday, January 12, 2001
Yoshi~~~! Picked up Namie Amuro's album "Break the Rules" as well as rented "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "The Sixth Sense" at seriously *amazing* prices! *_* I also got myself a lovely Fuuma poster... :D It's a picture of him which appeared in X Zero ... you know? The one where he's in a kendo outfit I think, with his weapon, ready to kick ass... *_* I still think he looks terribly--large in that pic but--hell, it is Monou-sama.

Yep, I've finished Shizukesa's 20th layout, just have the splash page to make and content to write up (=_=;;) before I issue it. It'll be a while though, I'm trying to make my layouts last longer than a week, even though I'm itching to put up new ones... ^^; And guess what? It's gonna be my promised dedication layout to Angie!!
I told her to look out for it, so she better. I kinda really like this one, even though it's a tad too green.
Ahhh, anyway, I'm yet again adding more new links. There are just too many cool blogs out there! *_* And...damn. Namie Amuro is one damn hot chick. O.O;; I'd die for complexion like that... *sweatdrop* Okaay, better go before people start throwing things at me. *scurries off*

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 08:23 p.m.

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Friday, January 12, 2001
Hi everyone! *waves* I'm in a good mood today, skipped the damn Bio course to go out with Angie, who, BTW, is sitting beside me right at this moment. Angie, say hi...
Angie: hi!!! =)
Ahaha. XD Me and her were just cracking up over Nick's blog which you can find on my links list to the right... XD XD XD Alright, we gonna go now. *_* Will blog later... :D

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 03:11 p.m.

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Thursday, January 11, 2001
You know what's been needling me for the past week or so? The terribly subbed AXN Asia Rurouni Kenshin series! *veinpop* They spelt Kenshin's name as "Kenshee," Kaoru's name as "Cori" and Yahiko's name as "Yoshi." Wtf?!?!
After the first few eps, I just got really disgusted and stopped watching totally. I also own quite a few of the earlier RK episodes, so I didn't have to rely on those disgusting subs, but now I have this insanely strong urge to watch RK again, so I'll probably be catching the show later on this evening... ^^;
But if they DARE screw up Saitou-sama's name, I'll rip my hair out and declare war upon AXN subbers (a pathetic lousy group of twits who can't spell shit)! >_<;;; I don't usually get like this, don't worry, but lousy subs just make me go craaa-zy!!
But I guess I should be the slightest bit thankful, cos in the past, AXN just kept on showing RK reruns which were DUBBED instead of SUBBED and those were just... *koff* awful. And that's putting it lightly. *rolls eyes* Almost every single frickin major male character in every single frickin anime series sounded like the guy who dubbed Tamahome in FY!!! And that was just completely annoying, cos he has this really weird whiny voice, which could even rival that of the 16 (?) year old emperor in "The Last Emperor"... ever seen that? Good show, except for the dude's icky voice. Haha! ^^ (...)
Man, I'm vicious in the morning. *roflmao*
*ahem* Okay, on to different things. Am currently adding most of the blogs in my Favourites folder to the link list here, and I sure hope it doesn't grow to monstrous proportions... ^^; I initially wanted to add them all at the beginning, but these blogs've been linked EVERYWHERE so I decided not to. On the other hand, these blogs' bloggers (!) are just the nicest/funniest people. :D

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 11:19 a.m.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2001
okaay... just came back from this horrible biology course our school has made us pay $100+ or so for, which I absolutely hate. >_< I love bio, but the things they make us sit through...!! *bleargh*

Am currently searching for a nice image to use for my next Shizukesa layout, but I can't seem to find anything and I keep going back to Angel Sanctuary and CLAMP!! >_<;; Why why why?! M-ust resi-st... >.>
Everything's so cutesy and I hate cutesy... =( The only other series which isn't as remotely cutesy as the countless others is Legend of Basara, but this gallery which I found has the tiniest and lousiest quality images... ;_; The worst thing is, they're all sooo pretty... *sighs*
Ugh... *blek* I seem to have run out of blogging steam. XD Oh well. And I *must* change this layout the next chance I get!! *looks aroud critically* Too blue... too CLAMP... ;_; Maybe I'll do a Dogz layout next! XD XD XD If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see below entries. ^_^
Am going off to re-read "To Kill a Mockingbird" for Literature, plus "The Romanovs: The Final Chapter" which I'm reading simply because that whole mystery about Anastasia being alive is too interesting for me. ^^; Yea, just label me "Russian Imperial Family Freak!"
Yes and if you're wondering, that Anna Anderson who claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, was nothing but a smooth-talkin imposter!! >_<

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 07:10 p.m.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2001
Ooohh... ^^;;; blogging three times consecutively.... *sweatdrop* I have this other browser window open, see, and I visit blogs using that one, and blog using this one, so when I see a blog linking me I feel so happy and special I *have* to blog in return... ^_^;;;
Anyway, guess who's the lucky one now?! *nikooo* Tin-san! Yes, I finally got a blog. ^^; And OH YEAH are you kidding?! I'd LOVE to read what you've gotten done so far on the S/A fic! *_*
From your entries I can tell you're online now--you are, aren't you? XD Too bad I can't go on AIM cos I'm logging off as soon as I check out Niaiserie's new layout, which I'm sure will be awesome, knowing you.
Okay, better end this last entry before readers start labelling me a blog freak (which I am, not that I'm denying it!! XD I mean--look three days and what? Nine entries?!). Ja~!

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 07:21 p.m.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2001
Oooh! Joey-san! Thanks for the link! *_* And *koff* Spinel? Ah uhm, well, the truth is, *looks sheepish* I don't really know what it is, either. ^^;
I might be getting a domain for my birthday see, and me and my friends were thinking up all kinds of names for it. Let's see... there was,,, and loads of other really nice (IMHO ^^) names. In the end ALL of them were either parked or already registered, so I was really disappointed... ;_;
However, one of my choices was (for no apparent reason at all) and I thought and still do think it sounds rather--interesting, so I thought I'd make do with it as my blog name. ^_^
It may not be the best blog name there is (hell, look there's a xiaoyanzi.pitas and even an ecchi.pitas! *laughs*) but it works for me. *nikoniko*

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 07:01 p.m.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2001
Ohh... I just read Ruby's blog and I realized that I received the strange spam email she did, as well! O.O Here's the complete message if you're interested. :P

I found your address on a site about wine, food and good living. I thought that you will be interested by the services that our site offers. is a virtual Club for all those interested in wine in both a professional and personal capacity.
We now have more than 4500 members, both amateur and in the trade who use our site to discuss wine, buy and sell it and tell us about the best sources.
Club members use the Newsgroup of to exchange information and experiences. Only the other day someone asked how much a certain rare wine was worth, I asked for more information about the grape variety, which doesn't grow in France. Currently there have been more than 773 questions and replies.
There is also the small ads. column.
Among the 17 adverts placed this week there have been some really good deals including a magnum of 1945 Pichon Lalande and a 1947 Cheval blanc!
Let me make it clear - itself does not sell or buy wine: we simply offer our members the facilites for making their own arrangements. is also a site supplying information in real time, particularly the latest news from winegrowers and makers via the French Press Agency (AFP). We also have a database of more than 21,000 wines with information supplied directly to the site by winegrowers co-operatives and specialist magazines.
I should be delighted if you would come and join us. At you will find similarly-minded people who just want to share their love of wine.

Kind regards
François Xavier Bodin, Manager of the Online Club

PS. Registering with the club is absolutely free and commits you to nothing.

Ororo... *sweatdrop* How weird izzat?! Oh, and I checked the hidden counter for this pita and guess what? People are actually reading this thing! *looks amazed*
Re-reads post. Well that was kinda pointless innit? ^o^;;;

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 06:40 p.m.

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Monday, January 8, 2001
One day I was feeling extremely bored and tired of waiting around for people to come online (^^), and decided to look through my old pc games to see if anything would interest me. Apart from FF8 (which is a far cry from FF7 BTW), I discovered my old "Dogz 3" game which I used to be really into a few years ago.

Before I go on, let me explain a little about "Dogz 3". It's a little like "The Sims" except you have a selection of dogz to adopt and to love, care and feed. ^^; Yeah, and I used to be into that... ^^;;; Anyway, you can also mate them and come up with outrageous excuses for dogz, which is (as you may have guessed) my favourite part of the game.

Well, so I took it out and started playing again for the heck of it and now I have two new families!! *_* I have taken a small screenshot of one which you can find here which shows Anso, my English Sheepdog, Ginny, my Scottish Terrier, and their little baby Kiro, which is a little absurd mix between the both of them (as you can see). XD

And the point is...? you ask. ^^; Well, there really is no point except to fill up space on my blog, as well as to let you all know a little about my past obssessions. *sweatdrop* I used to be really crazy about "Dogz 3" and played it hours on end. Once, they were even offering this hex editor which allowed you to play around with the dogz "DNA" and create new breeds, but all I could come up with was a Chihuahua with a green tongue. *roflmao*

Heck, almost all my friends were into it. I remember I had a friend named Holly (who has now migrated to Arizona BTW) who had this little persian cat (yes, there is a "Catz 3" as well) which she absolutely loved tormenting. She'd set all these spray bottles everywhere, (yea, getting sprayed is a terrible punishment for petz, apparently) so the poor thing would run into several at a time, and get sprayed over and over. O.O;;

In the end I felt so sorry for the poor cat that I offered to adopt it from her, but I never got the chance. I think we'd all simply grown out of it by then... *lol* Imagine one day years from now, I'll be talking about anime just like I'm talking about "Dogz 3" now... ^_^;

Okay, I'm getting all reminiscent, and Charlene reminiscing is just ... a really bad thing. *lol*

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 10:15 p.m.

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Monday, January 8, 2001
Oof! Back from school and feeling chatty! *_* To bad no one's on AIM or ICQ... ;_; Why do I go online at times when nobody's on? >_<
Anyway, TIIIN!! That is a helluva of layout!!! It's so purty!! ^_^ I was wondering where you'd gone. ^_^;

Dammit, when will my friends start reading this?! Snow Phoenix Lady: Maybe after you tell them, dear. Me: *sweatdrop* Riiight...
*still waiting for people to come on* Meantime, I'll just go check out some other blogs... ^_^ Oh! And I just joined the Otaku Webring at so I hope to have the code up pretty soon! Yeah, I'll go now. Maybe I'll blog a bit more later. It is addictive.... *nikoooo*

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 04:21 p.m.

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Monday, January 8, 2001
Oooh! Congrats on 20,000 hits Shi-chan! *glomp* Yes, and it was really fun talking to you the other day. Don't know if you read this (most probably not) but yeah, we should definitely go catch a movie together some time. =)

I'm in the school library now, feeling really bored and tired. After almost 2 months of lying around on my ass the whole day, last week of school was really exhausting. =_= And I awoke at 5.30am this morning. O.O;;;
My sleep schedule is just really messed up now that school has begun again. It's either I wake up really really early, sometimes even 4am or I just mooch around until I'm almost late. >.> Erk.
Well, I'm gonna go off and maybe get myself one of those cute imood thingys, or join the otaku blogs ring. Man, I'm sleepy. :P

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 10:14 a.m.

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Sunday, January 7, 2001
Oh, I just received an email concerning the judging for Shiyoji the Flame of Recca Fic Competition. I'm a judge XDDD; and I also volunteered to make the award plaques a while back. Now I'm not too sure. *blah* ^^;
Listening to Mel C's "I Turn to You" and "If That Were Me". ^__^ I love her voice, even though she's gotten a little--plump lately, and I absolutely detest the Spice Girls. :P
I haven't written any fics lately, have been an an all uncreative low lately when it comes to writing. I pondered the possibilities of an Enishi fic for a while, one in which the first battle between him and Kenshin was lost, and he found himself in the dojo a week later, with nurse Kaoru tending to his wounds. XDDD It could even become a Kaoru/Enishi pairing if I'm not careful! And that (to me at least) isn't such a bad thing...
Speaking of writing, I'd like to point out this site: which is absolutely pretty. The owner writes these fragments down (kind of like poetry, but not really) and archives them there, and all of them are really pretty and introspective. *_* I wish I could write like that...

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 02:21 p.m.

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Sunday, January 7, 2001
Ahhh! I finally got a pita!! *___* I've been thinking about getting one for a looong looong time, but was much discouraged by table html and the apparent troubles blogger has been having.
So, instead, I got myself a shiny new pita (like the layout?) which I spent almost 2 hours on last night. >.> I told you I was bad at tables. In the end I didn't even write the code myself, but turned to good old Frontpage to do it for me. *sigh*
Anyway, you can read a bit about me on the right, and I've got links to some of my fave blogs and pitas too. ^_^ Well, I'll add more entries soon--this is just a testing entry, so please visit again! ^_^

Charlene cut short her rambling @ 12:20 p.m.

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